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Hommel + Keller Quick® Knurling and Marking Tools Now Available From Platinum Tooling in North America

QUICK® knurling and marking tools used in various industries including medical, aerospace, automotive and fitness; to be shown at IMTS 2024

Platinum Tooling, the importer and master distributor of live tools, angle heads, marking tools, Swiss tools and multi-spindle tools manufactured by various global suppliers, is now the North American importer of the QUICK® knurling and marking tools from Hommel & Keller.  The announcement was made by Platinum Tooling president, Preben Hansen, at headquarters in Prospect Heights, Illinois, near Chicago.  The line will be displayed at IMTS 2024 Booth 432245 and will be running in the Marubeni booth 339419 on Miyano/Citizen lathes during the show.

A longtime global leader in high-end knurling and marking tools, Hommel & Keller manufactures the QUICK® line with a combination of function and innovation. Quality, precision and stability are the key principals used to make QUICK® tools successful. Furthermore, the company prides itself on a rich history of providing customized solutions for its customers.

The QUICK® product spectrum offers innovative solutions for diverse knurling technology applications. For both form knurling and cut knurling, QUICK® fulfills the most stringent quality standards and masters difficult tasks. Knurling tools are available for use on a wide range of workpiece diameters, including small tools for Swiss type lathes from Ø 1.5 mm.

QUICK® marking tools make it possible to mark workpieces in seconds on a variety of surfaces and part geometries.  Through single marking segments, the marking text can be individually customized. Tools are available in two diameters for interchangeable lettering, as well as custom logos.

These tools are used whenever absolute precision and first-rate surface quality are needed. Examples include medical and dental instruments, watches, fishing gear, windshield wiper shafts, barbells, screwdriver bits, fittings, connectors plus welding and cutting equipment.

To download the full catalog, click: https://platinumtooling.com/catalog/quick-catalog/

For further information, please contact:

Preben Hansen, President
16 E. Piper Lane
Suite 128
Prospect Heights, IL 60070
Phone:  847-749-0633
Fax:  847-749-2445
Email:  phansen@platinumtooling.com

Platinum Tooling Technologies, Inc. in Prospect Heights, IL, near Chicago, serves its growing North American customer base with an extensive inventory of machine tool accessories. Its experienced staff is dedicated to providing the most innovative tooling and technology. Platinum Tooling Technologies, Inc. serves the auto, aero, medical, woodworking, composites and other industries, as well as an ever-increasing number of machine tool OEMs, through its network of manufacturers’ representatives. Platinum Tooling is the master importer of Heimatec, Henninger, Tecnicrafts, Hommel + Keller QUICK tools and REV broaching tools in North America.  In addition, Platinum Tooling represents Rineck Shrink Fit Tooling in the United States and Mexico.

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FISCHER Announces Expansion of Repair Service Offerings For 3rd Party Spindles

Company to bring its machining, testing and assembly talents to work on non-Fischer spindles

Under the theme of “Technology Leader with Perfect Rotation,” FISCHER USA, Inc. will display its branded spindles plus offer a new service at IMTS 2024, Booth 237470, in Chicago, September 9-14.  With 85 years of experience in high-performance machine tool spindle design, in-house manufacturing and best-in-class repair services, the company will formally introduce the expansion of its repair services and exchange programs for non-FISCHER spindle brands to the North American market.

As Vice President Doug Kranz notes, “We have invested substantially in recent years in new machines, processes and, our most important asset, our people, to support our growth.  Today, we can now offer our full battery of services to work on non-FISCHER spindles most commonly found on high performance, high precision machines.”  Kranz further says that the company has curated a special niche in the machine tool market in North America, focusing on more complicated spindles that other repair shops may tend to avoid.  “We pride ourselves in taking on the spindles many others stray away from.”

For the immediate future, Kranz explains FISCHER USA will target Kessler spindles, commonly found on large format SW machines, typically used in the automotive market for high-production work.  In addition, the company is focusing on Makino spindles for several lines of that builder’s machines, specifically MAG3.  “Currently, MAG3 machines are well known to have spindles that only Makino repairs.  We have been asked to repair them for several years now and have decided to make a major commitment to this type of work.  As a result, FISCHER has invested in a pool of spindles and we will repair them, stock them and roll out our exchange program for MAG3 users Q1 2025,” says Kranz.

The MAG3 machines are used primarily in the aerospace sector, where FISCHER has a long history and strong presence directly with the aerospace manufacturers and their first and second tier suppliers.

Finally, FISCHER will target a repair and exchange program for Voumard multi-spindle, ID high-speed grinding machines.  The company will maintain a pool of those spindles in stock, ready for immediate exchange with fast delivery and a competitive price point.

In regard to pricing, Doug Kranz observes, “Our price points will be lower than the OEM’s in most cases, while we maintain the very high-quality standards FISCHER has long established in the American market.”

At the booth, FISCHER will also display its impressive array of branded spindles and head assemblies for milling, drilling and grinding operations.

Visit FISCHER at IMTS 2024 in the North building, Level 3, Booth 237470.

For more information, please contact:

3715 Blue River Avenue
Racine, WI 53405
Phone:  262-632-6173
Attention:  Doug Kranz, Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Email:  Doug.Kranz@fischerspindle.com

FISCHER USA, Inc. is the North American operation for FISCHER Spindle Group AG, based in Switzerland.  The company builds and markets milling head and spindle combinations, performs spindle analysis, repair and testing at its headquarters in Racine, Wisconsin. 

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Wenzel Gear Tec

WENZEL and Nidec Machine Tool America announce technical partnership for IMTS 2022

Closed loop between WENZEL gear inspection system and Nidec gear grinder

Utilizing VDI/VDE Gear Data Exchange format

Automatic process corrections

Wenzel GT 450

Wixom, MI – IMTS 2022 will host a variety of gear technologies that will set the tone for manufacturing innovation in the years to come. At the forefront is the integration of data for process control, providing outstanding solutions to manufacturers. WENZEL America and Nidec’s collaboration started with the mutual drive for serving their customer with excellence through data management. 

“Showing how easily WENZEL’s metrology systems integrate into any production process is what we would like to display at this year’s show. We are excited to have Nidec as a partner to demonstrate how we apply this to the gear industry,” said Drew Shemenski, President of WENZEL America. “Collaborations like this are a way we bring innovation to our customers.”

The successes achieved in the field of measurement technology solutions based on closed-loop processes are pushing the boundaries on throughput and delivery. Because of this, launching the technical collaboration between Nidec and WENZEL at IMTS 2022 was an easy decision. 

According to Scott Knoy, VP Sales at Nidec Machine Tool America, “Both Nidec and WENZEL are able to utilize the international VDI/VDE gear data exchange format. Our joint effort with WENZEL offers gear manufacturers the ability to automatically make corrections to the process based on inspection data. This will be shown at IMTS connected to Nidec’s internal gear generating grinder, the ZI20A-G.”

Speaking on integrated metrology at IMTS, WENZEL’s Chief Digital Officer, Prof. Dr. Heiko Wenzel will emphasize the solutions that WENZEL develops and works towards productivity success for their customers through integration.  

Interested parties can contact:

Scott Knoy, VP Sales
46992 Liberty Drive
Wixom, MI 49393

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ANCA’s AIMS integrated manufacturing demo showcases smart automation for whole factory connectivity

The future of optimized cutting tool production, AIMS, connects sequential tool production processes – see it at IMTS, Chicago in September

Once again ANCA is on the forefront of innovation with AIMS – ANCA Integrated Manufacturing System. An Industry 4.0 factory wide integration, AIMS is ANCA’s solution for considering the factory as a single machine. Rather than separating workflow into many different elements of design, blank preparation, grinding, laser marking, washing, packing and shipment – AIMS streamlines the entire tool manufacturing process and complementary technologies.

An interactive and fully operating AIMS cell will be on display at IMTS in Chicago, September 12-17, 2022. The demo showcases the main modules of the AIMS system – an AutoSet job preparation station, AutoLine for pallet and tool transfer as well as AutoFetch – a robot responsible for material transfer between processes — pallet and individual tools between job preparation, grinding and tool measurement on ZOLLER measuring machine.

With AIMS, ANCA is responding to common challenges in the tool manufacturing sector of labor cost and availability, as well as safety and production efficiencies. Access to skilled staff and the need for elimination of simple, repeatable tasks which could be easily automated – AIMS maximizes grinders’ productivity and, in general, improves Overall Equipment Effectiveness. Integration with ERP systems to streamline workflows is also one of the important AIMS features.

The principles of the AIMS system are flexibility and modularity. This means each system can be tailored to an individual customer’s needs using the right building blocks – or modules. It can scale from a purely software-based monitoring solution to a fully automated manufacturing cell.

AIMS is not a single product but rather a suite or ecosystem of interconnected building blocks which can be configured to satisfy an individual customer’s requirements. Manufacturers can build their AIMS system gradually using standalone AIMS Ready components, which can be easily upgraded to fully automatic when required. Customers can tackle their most pressing issues first and stagger implementation over a period of time. This staggered option makes AIMS a feasible solution for customers as they invest in this revolutionary technology and realize the potential for their business.

Jan Irzyk, AIMS Product Manager said: “We are delighted to present a physical, working model of AIMS for customers to understand the powerful potential of truly integrated manufacturing.”

“AIMS can be configured in many ways, the IMTS cell demonstrates an unattended manufacturing workflow of two varieties of endmills on one ANCA MX7 machine. An important part of this workflow is closed loop measurement and compensation process using ZOLLER Genius as a measurement station. Depending on an individual customer’s requirements, our system can automatically transfer a tool from the ground batch, clean it, measure required geometries and transfer the results to the respective grinder where grinding parameter compensation is taking place to achieve required dimensional tolerance of the batch.”

Visitors to ANCA’s booth at IMTS (Booth 237406, North Building, Level 3) can see:

  • Management of data flow for the AIMS cell with the AIMS Server – a software suite developed by ANCA
  • How to start building AIMS capability with a simplified and ergonomic solution for pallet transfer between processes or automated laser marking with AutoMarkX

Jan concluded, “In the not-too-distant future we will be able to demonstrate the AIMS capability in a production environment, which is very exciting – so watch this space, there’s much more to come!”

For further information, please contact:

Johanna Boland
Group Corporate Communications Manager 
M: +61 407799779

ANCA is a market leading manufacturer of CNC grinding machines. It was founded in 1974 in Melbourne, Australia, where the company still has its global headquarters. ANCA has offices in the UK, Germany, China, Thailand, India, Japan, Brazil and the USA, as well as a comprehensive network of representatives and agents worldwide.

ANCA CNC grinders are used for manufacturing precision cutting tools and components across a diverse range of competitive industries including cutting tool manufacture, automotive, aerospace, electronics and medical.

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ZI20A Internal Gear Grinder NIDEC

Nidec Machine Tool to Exhibit Two Gearmaking Machines at IMTS 2022, Booth 237036

Supply chain issues are driving more companies to bring manufacturing back in-house. Parallel to this trend in automotive manufacturing is the rise of electric vehicles and increasing automation. Nidec Machine Tool (Wixom, Michigan), responding to the needs of the industry, is debuting the new GE15HS gear hobbing machine at IMTS 2022 in Booth 237036. Emphasizing high speed, precision and efficiency, the new machine produces gears for electric and hybrid cars, as well as for robotic and automation applications.

GE15HS Gear Hobber NIDEC
GE15HS Gear Hobber NIDEC

The GE15HS model is designed for gears with a maximum diameter of 150mm, widely used in automobiles and motorcycles. The high-speed, high-torque direct-drive motor*1 for the main cutting spindle provides a maximum spindle speed of 6,000 min-1*2 – three times faster than previous models. The high efficiency spindle holding the workpiece uses a special table that provides high rigidity and high-speed rotation to handle the necessary thrust load*3 for high efficiency machining. Cutting gears with Nidec super-hard cutting tools yields a surface roughness of less than Ra0.4*4; on par with gear grinding. Scott Knoy, Nidec Machine Tool America VP of Sales says, “The GE15HS provides process efficiency, eliminating the finishing process of shaving prior to heat treatment, thereby improving productivity and reducing processing cost.” A larger machine, the GE25HS, is also available.

Used in combination with Nidec Machine Tool’s new materials and coatings for cutting tools, the GE15HS model provides stable mass production with a maximum cutting speed of 1,500m/min.

More than 2,800 Nidec GE Series hobbing machines have been delivered and installed since the product launch in 2004.

The Nidec booth will also feature the ZI20A-G Generating Internal Gear Grinder. Hard finishing of internal ring gears in mass production is the final frontier for automotive and truck transmission applications. For quiet, smoothly meshing internal ring gears, the ZI20A-G utilizes patented technology for threaded wheel grinding. This breakthrough process delivers fast and very cost-effective production of internal ring gears for planetary gearsets.

ZI20A Internal Gear Grinder NIDEC
ZI20A Internal Gear Grinder NIDEC


*1: Direct-drive mechanism motors utilize the torque coming from a motor without passing through a gear box or other mechanism in order to control driving loss due to friction and reduce wear on parts.

*2: The “min-1” notation is a unit expressing the number of turns in one minute, synonymous with “revolutions/rotations per minute” (rpm).

*3: Thrust load is the force applied to the shaft in a horizontal (parallel) direction (the axial direction of the rotor).

*4: In-house machining result with GE15S (Workpiece data: Module 1.6mm; No. of teeth 19; helix angle: 24°; face width: 24mm)

Max. workpiece diameter150㎜250㎜
Max. cutting module4㎜6㎜
  Max. hob diameter90㎜130㎜
Max. hob length190㎜230㎜
Mount of hob shift150㎜180㎜
Max. spindle rotation speed6,000 min-1 Direct drive mechanism2,300 min-1
Main motor rated output24 kW25 kW

For more information, please contact:

Scott Knoy
Nidec Machine Tool America LLC
46992 Liberty Drive
Wixom, MI 49393

Demand for mass production of high-precision gears is continuing to rise with the shift to electrification of vehicles. With the need for improvements in NVH and fuel efficiency, plus the move toward low-cost manufacturing, Nidec Machine Tool, with its expertise in both gear machine tools and cutting tools, offers a full lineup of gear production machines. By delivering precision cutting tools and processing solutions to achieve high-precision, high-efficiency processing, Nidec Machine Tool provides comprehensive support for manufacturing in a wide variety of industries.

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Milling Head D27 and Milling Spindle MFW-2714/20 HSK-100 being featured at IMTS

FISCHER to Feature New Milling Head Spindle Combination at IMTS 2022

Under the theme of “Technology Leader with Perfect Rotation,” FISCHER will showcase its D27 milling head paired with their newest technology for high-volume material removal in their MFW-2714/20 HSK-100 at IMTS 2022, Booth 237470, in Chicago, September 12-17.  With 80 years of experience in high-performance machine tool spindle design, in-house manufacturing and best-in-class repair services, the company will present this new design, a combination milling head-milling spindle that provides maximum stability and precision for aerospace and other 5-axis machining operations. 

Features on this advanced milling head and spindle combination include:

Perfect Rotation – Powerful, heavy milling while maintaining accuracy and repeatability requires perfect rotation in not only the spindle but also the milling head.  This is achieved by precisely calculated mono-block structures made of high-grade cast iron paired with two cross-roller bearings for A-axis and YRT for C-axis provide the highest load capacity to handle the cutting forces in all directions during power milling.

Technology Leader – Always developing and implementing industry leading technology with customer focus is a FISCHER operating principle. Highest power, highest speed, highest precision to provide our customers with the leading edge.

Milling Head D27 and Milling Spindle MFW-2714/20 HSK-100 being featured at IMTS

New Milling Head – The FISCHER D27 milling head is specifically designed for the most powerful, as well as long-tooled, milling applications. With the high power and torque output, the D27 milling head still maintains its sleek symmetric outline while being dynamic and robust. To ensure accuracy and repeatability, the unit incorporates direct optical encoders, dual motors and dual clamps on the A-axis. The D27 milling head is intentionally designed to utilize the maximum power and torque capacity of our FISCHER 275mm spindles for the highest chip removal rate.

New Spindle Design – Paired with the D27 is the spindle type MFW-2714/20 HSK-100. FISCHER is raising the bar for highest volume chip removal.  The unit offers machine builders and end users a robust HSK-100 interface, max speed of 20,000 rpm and an S1 continuous power rating of 200kW.  

Visit FISCHER at IMTS 2022 in the North building, Level 3, Booth 237470.

For more information, please contact:

3715 Blue River Avenue
Racine, WI 53405
Phone:  262-632-6173
Attention:  Doug Kranz, Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Email:  Doug.Kranz@fischerspindle.com


FISCHER USA, Inc. is the North American operation of FISCHER Spindle Group AG, based in Switzerland.  The company builds and markets milling head and spindle combinations, performs spindle analysis, repair and testing at its headquarters in Racine, Wisconsin. 

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Series TMRT Rotary Tables

HIWIN Features Torque Motor Rotary Tables at IMTS 2022

HIWIN Corporation, a leader in motion control and system technology, will feature families of precision motion control components this year at IMTS, with their Torque Motor Rotary Tables, (TMRT), as a highlight of their booth. IMTS will be held September 12-17, 2022, in Chicago.

HIWIN Corporation

Designed for machine tool OEM’s and retrofitters, the TMRT series enables 3 axis machine tools to be readily upgraded to 3+1, 3+2, 4+1 or even 5 axis capability. High speed, high torque, built-in high-rigidity high-precision bearings, absolute encoders and a powerful brake system ensure excellent acceleration capabilities and high precision when machining complex part geometries.

HIWIN’s TMRT series rotary tables incorporate direct-drive torque motors.  This innovative design eliminates any gear reducers, resulting in the highest dynamic performance and multi-axis path accuracy.  Directly coupled encoders and zero backlash enables tighter part tolerance.  Direct drives provide smooth motion, resulting in improved part surface finish. 

The TMRT series incorporates integral liquid cooling in the table, ensuring thermal stability even during high duty cycle, high load conditions, yielding consistent part quality.

Series TMRT Rotary Tables

The TMRT series is compatible with most major CNC brands, making control integration straightforward.

HIWIN Torque Motor Rotary Tables utilize HIWIN’s torque motor components, which are also available for engineers who prefer to design and build a unique table.

Since 1992, HIWIN Corporation has focused on components, systems and expertise in the motion control industry. HIWIN will be celebrating their 30th anniversary in America at IMTS

Visit Hiwin at IMTS 2022 in the East building, Level 3, booth 134514.

For more information, please contact:

Andy Choi, Product Specialist
12455 Jim Dahmer Road
Huntley, IL 60142
Email:  a.choi@hiwin.us

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Heimatec Named North American Distributor for Tecnicrafts

Effective immediately, Heimatec Inc., will be selling products from Tecnicrafts Industries, a manufacturer of collets and guide bushings for Swiss Type CNC Lathes.

Tecnicrafts is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company, with its manufacturing plant in South India with state of the art machine tools and 115 technicians. Tecnicrafts collets and guide bushings are exclusively used for Swiss Turning applications on Citizen-Cincom, Tsugami, Star, Tornos, Hanwha, Traub, Hardinge, Manurhin-Kmx, Miyano, Nomura and other popular machine brands and are widely recognized and accepted by customers in Europe and Asia.

COLLETS: The collets are offered in Steel and Carbide lined versions with Grooved, Smooth, Serrated Bores in Standard and Long Nose Types. Tecnicrafts produces special collets such as V-Line, U-Line, Over-grip Collets, for positive gripping of delicate parts without marks.  The Ultra Precision (XP) W-Type collets are available for tool grinding applications on machines like Rollomatic, Anca, Ewag  and others.   Other collets offered includes 5C and 16C types.

GUIDE BUSHINGS: Tecnicrafts Guide Bushings are generally offered in carbide lining having Super Finish bore with roughness value of less than 0.4 micron. These special guide bushings include U-Line, Extended Nose and Long Carbide Bores (Max Land) for special turning applications.

BAR FEEDER COLLETS: The Bar feeder collets are available for various bar feeders like Fedek, LNS, Ikura-seiki, Iemca, Citizen, FMB and other popular brands.

All Collets and Guide Bushings are offered in Standard and Ultra-Precision grades. The bore profile includes Round, Square, Hexagon, Rectangular and Profile bores as per customer drawings.

Heimatec Inc., with its expertise in precision tooling and having customer representatives throughout North America, is ready to meet the work holding tool needs for Swiss Turning applications with this new Tecnicrafts product line on its roster of quality tooling.

For more information please contact:

Preben Hansen, President
Heimatec Inc.
16 East Piper lane, Suite 129,
Prospects Heights, IL 60070
Tel: 847-749-0633

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Heimatec Releases Four New Catalogs Showcasing Dedicated Tooling Lines

New catalogs for Mori Seiki, TSUGAMI and Miyano machines offer standard tools from live tooling leader

Heimatec Dedicated Tooling Catalog

Montage of new machine tool brand-specific tooling catalogs from Heimatec

Heimatec, a market leader in live tooling for the North American machine tool industry, has released a series of four new catalogs showcasing the company’s lines of machine brand specific tooling.

Already offering the most complete line of live tools available in the industry, with over 40,000 designs in its database, Heimatec machine brand specific tooling includes products for the following popular brands:

  • Mori Seiki BMT 40 NZ/NZX 1500-2000
  • Mori Seiki BMT60, NL/NLX 1500-4000 MC/Y/SMC/SY
  • Miyano ABX 64 TH/TH2/TH3, BND 51 S/SY, BNJ 42 SY3, BNE 51 SY5, BNJ 51 SY3

Heimatec sets the standard for the highest precision and most advanced technology in the machine tool accessory market. The company is acknowledged as a world leader in live tools, angle heads and multi-spindle drill heads.

In addition to its standard tooling and machine brand specific line, Heimatec also offers custom designed tooling. Heimatec tooling experts work directly with customers to design solutions to suit specific requirements for all CNC lathes, helping to solve the most challenging applications in multiple markets served by the company, ranging from orthopedic devices to oil & gas drilling equipment.   

Heimatec North American distribution headquarters are located in Prospect Heights, Illinois (Chicago) with world headquarters plus all manufacturing based in Germany.  A team of manufacturers’ representatives covers the North American market for Heimatec. 

Visit Heimatec at IMTS 2016, Booth # W-2054 in Chicago. 

For more information or to receive a PDF copy of the new dedicated tool catalogs, please contact:

Preben Hansen, President
Heimatec Inc.
16 East Piper Lane, Suite 129
Prospect Heights, IL 60070

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New Tooling For Specific Turning Center Brands From Heimatec

Standard and custom styles available for Hyundai, Miyano and Nakamura machine tools; offered for all tapers, including HSK and BT30; fixed and adjustable models; many in stock for immediate delivery

Heimatec live tooling is now available in stock for all the popular models in the Nakamura, Hyundai and Miyano lines.  

Heimatec live tooling is now available in stock for all the popular models in the Nakamura, Hyundai and Miyano lines.

Heimatec, a world leader in live tools and multi-spindle drill heads, today announces immediate availability of live tooling for all popular models in the Hyundai, Miyano and Nakamura turning center lines. According to Preben Hansen, Heimatec president, “We’re carrying a substantial inventory of live tools for our customers’ machines now and it represents a substantial financial and warehouse space commitment we’ve made to support them in the North American market.”

Hansen added that the company will be announcing its in-stock arrangement for many other lines of machine tools, moving forward, as the company commits a major investment to the market. Heimatec Inc. serves its North American customers with a full team of manufacturers’ rep firms, plus its Chicagoland facility offers stocking, repair, application engineering and service for the company’s line of live tools, multi-spindle tool, adapters, UTEC® right angle heads and other items offered.

Literature detailing all the Heimatec products now available in stock for Hyundai, Miyano and Nakamura machining centers is offered at the company’s website, www.heimatecinc.com.   Interested parties may also contact the company directly with inquiries.

CAT 40, BT 40, BT 30, HSK 63A, CAT 50, BT 50, HSK 100A and many other taper styles are available, as well as custom modifications such at 18” extension shafts. Offset, Slim, Dual and Adjustable styles. Heimatec offers a full one-year warranty on all parts and labor.

For further information and brand-specific literature, or to arrange a demo on any Heimatec tools, please contact:

Preben Hansen, President
16 E. Piper Lane
Suite 129
Prospect Heights, IL 60070
Phone: 847-749-0633
Fax: 847-749-2445
Email: phansen@heimatecinc.com

Heimatec is an international tooling manufacturer, based in Renchen, Germany. Its experienced staff is dedicated to providing customers the most innovative tooling technology possible. In 2010, the company opened Heimatec Inc. in Prospect Heights, IL, near Chicago, to serve its growing North American customer base with sales and service, plus an extensive inventory of products. Heimatec serves the auto, aero, medical, off-highway, rail, energy, woodworking, composites and other industries, as well as an ever-increasing number of machine tool OEM’s worldwide.



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