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Public Relations

Our Public Relations team work closely with industry publications, journalists, reporters, and producers to create effective media exposure.

These established relationships allow our team to secure news coverage more efficiently, and generate buzz more effectively.

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Advertising and Design

Our Marketing team at Bernard & Company provide clientele with a modern perspective on their industry that is constantly evolving, delivering unsurpassed results by utilizing all branches of the marketing umbrella.

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Social Media Management

We develop strong and integrated social media strategies for our clients in many industries. We help our clients unite their brands with social media buzz, creating meaningful connections with their desired audiences.

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Please feel free to share any news stories you see here in any format (print, online, direct link, etc.) For official release documents and/or full-size, high-resolution pictures please contact us.

Guill Provides Helpful Terms for Extrusion

March 11, 2021

Guill’s Chief Engineer, Denis Finn,  provides this helpful glossary of

ANCA’s New EDG with ANCA Motion SparX Erosion Generator Decreases Cycle Time for PCD Tools by 50%

February 17, 2021

How the fox outsmarted the hare: using intelligence to outperform

InspecVision Planar: A High Speed Integrated 2D and 3D Measurement System

February 15, 2021

Exact Metrology, a comprehensive 3D metrology service provider and hardware


January 27, 2021

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