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Once Upon A Time…

Edge Technology
AI (Artificial Intelligence)
WFH (we all know that one by now)

Such terms were not even in our lexicon a few years ago. One of our new clients deals EXCLUSIVELY with a few of the above concepts, so we needed to update the team on much of this terminology for that client, who’s niche is bringing those services to industry vs. the commercial/retail sector. And that’s the good part here.

It is precisely due to the fact industrial terminology is in our DNA at Bernard & Company that we’re so good for our clients. In the above case, we hit the ground running (a very OLD expression) for this new client, as a result of 49 years doing it. 

This fact results from many others, including our unique Special PR service, wherein we gather and amass a matrix of editorial topic ties from among THOUSANDS of trade magazines, covering all the vertical markets and functions our clients need to address, each season. We then contribute content to maintain their top-of-mind awareness and stature as thought leaders on various business topics in various industries. 

By doing this, we also remain on a very high awareness level of the topics relevant to each market…and ALL markets…which helps us better devise a strategy for business development and marcom tactics with our clients. 

Budgets and objectives change, as does our methodology in developing them and maximizing their value in the overall biz plan of each client. 

All these services, coupled with unmatched copywriting and graphic art abilities make our agency a truly full-service, industrial leader. No brag, just fact. 

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