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ANCA launches its premium, next generation machine range to produce the highest accuracy and quality cutting tools in the world – the MX7 ULTRA

Introducing one nanometer axis resolution, the new MX7 ULTRA machine’s performance can maintain less than +/- 0.002mm line form accuracy of any profile which includes ballnose and corner radius endmills. See the ultra-performance machine at IMTS – Booth #237406. 

The new MX7 ULTRA can manufacture large volumes of endmills and other cutting tools of the highest accuracy and quality. The minute size of a micron is beyond the human eye, but in becoming even more precise and moving from micrometers to nanometers, ANCA will offer the highest accuracy and quality in a cutting tool in the market. New software, hardware and design features are combined to make significant advances in surface finish, accuracy, and controlled runout, to deliver batch consistency from the first ground tool to the thousandth.   

The MX7 ULTRA includes: 

  • nanometer control system, 
  • new servo control algorithm for smooth motion, 
  • system and mechanical upgrades enhance stiffness and rigidity,  
  • in-process measuring, balancing and runout compensation for consistent accuracy, 
  • Motor Temperature Control (MTC) – compensation for thermal expansion on the grinding spindle, and 
  • specialist training support in how to grind industry leading cutting tools. 

Pat Boland, ANCA co-founder says: “The MX7 ULTRA is a significant development in precision machine design and will change the industry expectations for accuracy and tool life. Achieving these outstanding results has only been possible because of our extensive experience working with customers to manufacture the highest quality cutting tools over many years. At ANCA we are always designing and innovating to find better customer solutions and I am very proud of the ANCA team that has developed the MX7 ULTRA.” 

“The ULTRA machine is truly market changing. It is the culmination of ANCA’s elite technology, deep industry knowledge, and customer experience in grinding,” says Thomson Mathew, ANCA product manager for the MX series and software products.  

Unlike its competitors, ANCA is vertically integrated. This provides a significant advantage as it means ANCA teams can develop and manufacture their own machines from base to canopy – including controls and drive systems, design and simulation software and even machine monitoring software. Owning all the technology means engineers and designers can consider the entire machine as a single system when developing new solutions.  

“We wanted to create technology that could produce premium cutting tools that are above the current market standard in both accuracy and tool life. We introduced nanometer resolution into our axis, which is new to the cutting tool market. The result is a perfect example of ANCA’s vertical integration capabilities as we have the in-house ability to fine tune or develop the new algorithms for our drives to make this happen.” 

“Cutting tools like ballnose, corner radius, barrel shape ballnose and double corner radius endmills are used widely across industries including diemold, aerospace, and power generation. The surface finish quality, accuracy and runout are critical for the performance and cutting life in all applications – so our customers want a guarantee that their first tool will be exactly the same as the hundredth, or thousandth. The MX7 ULTRA can produce high quality cutting tools to suit all customer needs to satisfy all industry types.”  

“With almost 50 years of expertise, we are experts in the field of cutting tools and we want to impart our knowledge through best grinding practices. As part of the ULTRA experience, skilled application engineers will be available to train and educate our customers to ensure the machine will produce high quality tools from the first day of production.” 

“It has taken years of research and development, and engineering excellence for us to develop this premium solution to grind high quality tools. In my 25 years in the industry, I believe this is one of the most outstanding innovations we have accomplished that will really change the cutting tool market. We are confident that our customers will be very satisfied with the life and performance of cutting tools produced on this premium machine,” Thomson concluded. 

The MX7 ULTRA superior performance highlights 

Greater control for the velocity and acceleration or deceleration along with machine jerk limits: To increase the stiffness of the C-axis, the MX7 ULTRA combines developments to the nanometer or micro degree resolution in the linear and rotary axis, tuning parameters, several system enhancements, and major mechanical changes.  

ULTRA-fast response to internal or external disturbances: ANCA’s newly designed servo control algorithm allows silky smooth motion of an axis with the use of a unique algorithm and nanometer measurement in the control system. This will create finer cutting edges and eliminating micro-chips making it more efficient while used in actual machining of materials. 

Better cycle time and higher productivity of high-quality cutting tools: The unique algorithm is key to the performance of the machine and ensures outstanding tracking performance. It also allows ULTRA-performance of the servo system without using a complex, complicated, or expensive mechanical system.  

Reduces setup times and scrap: Cutting-edge software has been developed by ANCA to ensure batch consistency in large volumes. LaserUltra is part of the MX7 ULTRA package to maintain consistency and accuracy of the grinding process which includes in-process measurement and compensation to accommodate wheel wear and other external variations during large batch grinding. Its analog capability can maintain less than +/- 0.002mm line form accuracy of any profile which includes ballnose and corner radius tools.  

Increased wheel life and better-quality tools: Tool and wheel performance can be further optimized by the iBalance software, which guides a user to the optimal grinding position and RPM for vibration monitoring and balancing the wheelpack inside the machine. Correctly balanced wheelpacks result in superior surface finish and reduced wheel wear due to the elimination of wheel vibration.  

Consistency in finished tool quality: A major inclusion in the MX7 ULTRA package is the total tool runout measurement and compensation operation in iGrind. When an endmill is in rotation it is important that each tooth hits at the exact same spot along the workpiece for longer tool life and efficient cutting. Every tool in the batch can be measured and compensated for runout to make sure the entire batch is within a tolerance of 0.002mm. It is another piece of assurance that the first endmill will be as good as the last. 

Consistent spindle thermal stability: Motor Temperature Control (MTC) is a patented (US PAT. 11,394,331) innovation built into the motor spindle drive firmware. Smart control algorithm actively manages and maintains the temperature of motorized spindles in the MX7 ULTRA. Dramatically reduced machine warmup time means production can start sooner, once the machine has reached thermal stability. This improves productivity and machine use. Consistent thermal stability of the spindle over time regardless of changes in load or speed, or coolant temperature, greatly improves the dimensional stability of grinding results. 

Post grinding processes: The smoother, finer cutting edge and surface finish as a result of the combination of all the above including the nanometer control will assist in all post grinding applications like edge preparation and coating. A finer edge that has been properly prepared has greater stability, which reduces the likelihood of it chipping, while also decreasing surface roughness which can cause increased friction between the tool and the workpiece.  

For further information, please contact: 

Johanna Boland 
Group Corporate Communications Manager   
M: +61 407799779 

ANCA is a market leading manufacturer of CNC grinding machines. It was founded in 1974 in Melbourne, Australia where the company still has its global headquarters. ANCA has offices in the UK, Germany, China, Thailand, India, Japan, Brazil and the USA as well as a comprehensive network of representatives and agents worldwide.  

ANCA CNC grinders are used for manufacturing precision cutting tools and components across a diverse range of competitive industries including cutting tool manufacture, automotive, aerospace, electronics and medical. 

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Beaumont Machine Reacquired by Founders

Global EDM supplier also moves to new location to enhance production and service capabilities

FH Series, the standard line of Beaumont EDM drilling machines

Batavia, Ohio- Beaumont Machine is a world-class builder of Electrical Discharge Machines (EDM) for the aerospace, power gen and electronics production industries.  Founded by Ed and Tanya Beaumont over 30 years ago, the company was recently repurchased, after the owners had sold the business in early 2013. As Ed Beaumont explains, “We had a great relationship with the new owner but we believed the company needed a revitalization to benefit our customers, employees and the evolving EDM industry. In addition to repurchasing Beaumont Machine, we have reassumed the day-to-day operation of the company.  In addition, we have moved the operation into a larger location to increase production and expand our service capabilities.”  That new location is 2010 Glenn Parkway in Batavia, Ohio, just outside Cincinnati.   

Beaumont Machine’s contributions to the aerospace and power generation industries are many and, with this buyback, the company is ready to meet the needs of the changing EDM industry. “We pride ourselves on not only understanding the applications in the various industries we serve but also on building the best machines for the applications we encounter, from small hole to large workpieces,” adds Tanya Beaumont.   

New facility for Beaumont Machine, located in Batavia, Ohio near Cincinnati

From the standard mill style EDM to machining cells with complete robotic operation for large aircraft engine and launch vehicle sections, Beaumont has built machines with an 8’ part rotation, a robotic arm with 10’ reach, and machines as small as 36” in width. A new 7-axis EDM drill has just been developed. All Beaumont machines feature the most advanced CNC technology and user interface.   

With customers worldwide, as Ed Beaumont observes, “We are committed to innovation and customer partnerships in various industries, in countries around the globe.  It’s a testimony to the fact that the world is still hungry for American technology and ingenuity.  We’re very proud of that.” 

Ed and Tanya Beaumont founded the company, Beaumont Machine, 30 years ago. Beaumont Machine focuses on building a line of standard EDM’s as well as custom machines plus repairing and retrofitting machine tools of all types. The company started building Fast Hole EDM in 1997 and has been specializing in EDM technology since that time. In 2013, they turned over the ownership of the company to a new owner.  With this reacquisition of the company, Ed and Tanya Beaumont are again actively involved in day-to-day operations.   

Among its recent successes is a custom robotic EDM work cell for SpaceX, as shown in the below photo.   

SpaceX custom EDM robotic work cell, entirely designed, engineered, built and commissioned by Beaumont Machine

For more information on these developments, please contact:  

Ed Beaumont, President 
2010 Glenn Parkway 
Batavia, OH 45103 
Phone: 513-701-0421 

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Exact Metrology Named Distributor of #HandsOnMetrology

Exact Metrology: A Division of In-Place Machining Company and a comprehensive 3D metrology service provider and hardware sales company, recently announced they have become the North American distributor of HandsOnMetrology. The new digital platform HandsOnMetrology.com was set up to share the benefits of 3D metrology with a global community. As a representative of this new 3D scanning network, Exact Metrology will be an official contact for companies in the US who want to optimize their quality control processes with new, state of the art 3D scanning and automation solutions. 

Available at both the Brookfield (Milwaukee), Wisconsin and the Cincinnati, Ohio location, the #HandsOnMetrology portfolio offers measuring systems including GOM Scan 1, ATOS Q, T-SCAN 10/20 and the hand-held T SCAN hawk. Exact Metrology also offers the GOM ScanCobot automation solution. 

GOM Scan 1 delivers the foundation for detailed and accurate 3D meshes with industrial standards such as GOM fringe projection technology and Blue Light Technology. The sensor is built to deliver 3D data with high precision. Easy to operate, the scanner is ideal for simple and fast measurements of small to medium-sized parts, even in confined spaces. With pre-installed GOM Inspect software, users can generate precise meshes and obtain 3D data easily and quickly.  

ATOS Q is a flexible 3D scanner for complex measurement and inspection tasks in different industries. The scanner delivers fully traceable measurement results, especially in harsh conditions. Optical and electronic systems of the robust, optical 3D sensor are dustproof and splashproof. ATOS Q captures quality information quickly and with a high degree of detail, providing a reliable basis to easily interpret the information. Its Triple Scan Principle offers advantages for measuring reflective surfaces and objects with indentations. The Blue Light Equalizer enables high-speed fringe projection and is so powerful that, on dimensionally challenging surfaces, short measuring times can be achieved.  

The compact hand-held 3D scanner T-SCAN hawk is designed to capture data whenever needed. It includes technical features such as: photogrammetry of large objects, multiple laser sources and three scanning models. This makes it the perfect solution for fine detail. Thanks to the GOM Inspect onboard, the T-SCAN hawk offers a complete solution to simplify your entire workflow from scanning to evaluation and reporting.  

The GOM ScanCobot, a mobile automated 3D scanning system, easily integrates with ATOS Q. With the high-precision quality of ATOS combined with an automated robotic arm, the GOM ScanCobot is cost-effective and easy to use. It improves efficiency in quality control of small to medium-sized parts, including plastics, fabricated metals and castings. The combination of the GOM ScanCobot and the proven ATOS performance results in fast fringe projection, data processing, high throughput and a design ideal for industrial use.  

In-Place Machining Company: On-Site Machining Solutions In-Place, Any Place in the World. 

In-Place Machining Company, with facilities in Wisconsin, Washington, Virginia, Ohio, and Ontario, Canada, is the premier provider of high-precision engineered on-site machining, metrology, and large scale cutting & drilling services for a wide range of renewable energy, aerospace, industrial, and military customers throughout the world.  

Exact Metrology: A Division of In-Place Machining Company, is ISO9001, AS9100 Certified as well as ITAR Registered.  

Exact Metrology: A Division of In-Place Machining Company, with facilities in Cincinnati, Ohio, Moline, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, plus affiliated offices throughout the country, is a comprehensive metrology services provider, offering customers 3D and CT scanning, reverse engineering, quality inspection, product development and 2D drawings. The company also provides turnkey metrology solutions, including equipment sales and lease/rental arrangements. 


#HandsOnMetrology is a new global 3D scanning network and provides a digital go-to for everything you always wanted to know about 3D scanning on the platform HandsOnMetrology.com. The platform is operated by GOM Metrology that sets new standards in optical 3D metrology. From step-by-step setup instructions to more advanced tutorials and expert hacks: the platform is made for learning and for getting inspired. It gives users all the information they need to deliver 3D scanning excellence. HandsOnMetrology.com supports the community of designers, technicians, engineers, scientists and specialists with valuable knowledge to increase product quality, optimize processes and expand possibilities. 

For more information, please contact:  

Exact Metrology: A Division of In-Place Machining Company 
Dean Solberg 
20515 Industry Avenue  
Brookfield, WI 53045  
Local: 262-533-0800 

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World leading chair manufacturer FAMEG invests in ANCA machines to produce cutting tools in-house and achieves major production improvements

See ANCA’s specialized grinding solution for greater flexibility and capability for unattended production of wood tools at IWF – Booth B8285 

FAMEG is one of the biggest chair manufacturers in the world. Established in 1881, FAMEG has dominated the market with a wide variety of product and commitment to quality. The company now has customers in 50 countries worldwide, an 800 strong production team and is headquartered in Radomsko, Poland. 

Andre Bronowski, Sales Director at FAMEG said: “The chair design is similar to a fashion business. The product needs to be attractive, but it also needs to be strong enough for use. We work with many designers, from Poland and abroad from Germany, Sweden, Spain and Switzerland.” 

“The process to manufacture a chair is not so simple. First, you have to source round wood, cut and bend the wood or make as plywood. For these processes we need cutting tools, a lot of cutting tools. After cutting, we assemble the complete chair – staining and lacquering to produce a final product.”  

“Two to three years ago, we decided that we would make all our own woodworking tools in house and that’s why we contacted ANCA. Nowadays, production requires a lot of flexibility and short lead times. We calculated that it would be best to control this process ourselves.”  

“Furthermore, to ensure our quality standards we try to control all steps during production.  Having the ANCA FX7 in-house means that we can now supply all the tooling for ourselves, save money and are even looking at manufacturing cutting tools for other companies,” Andrea stated.  

Ireneusz Idzikowski, FAMEG Product Manager said, “We decided to purchase an ANCA machine because of how long it was taking to source cutting tools. We need our cutting tools fast. Our manufacturing deadlines are very short, so if we couldn’t get the tools we needed quickly, it was a big problem.”  

“A second reason was diversity of cutting tools. Our production requires using specialized tools that have unusual dimensions. Obviously, we also use standard cutting tools, but the majority were specials. Tools made for special request and of special construction are not always perfect. Often you have to make a correction, which doesn’t have to be related to the tool itself but the production process of the used machine, which we can now do in real time – rather than shipping it back to a supplier.” 

“We use the ANCA FX7 for both production and resharpening. For production we have equipped the machine with a robot to produce tools in an automatic cycle, replacing the operator’s work.”  

“The machine has solved a lot of production problems. Now we can access cutting tools when we need them. It means we have stock or can manufacture the required cutting tool pretty much immediately, which wasn’t possible until now. It completely changed our work quality production wise.”  

“We are also very happy about the service, ANCA service technicians help us in solving various technical questions and we know who to call and that they won’t leave us alone with our problem,” Ireneusz concluded.  

Duncan Thompson, ANCA Special Projects Manager said: “FAMEG approached ANCA to see if we could find a custom solution for our FX grinding machine to have greater flexibility and capability for unattended production of wood tools. In partnering with FAMEG, we now have developed a machine package ideally suited to companies operating in the wood cutting tool industry.” 

“The solution has a special tooling system that can be used on our highly affordable and versatile FX7 machine. With its inbuilt robot and dedicated tooling, the FX7 can easily change automated production between woodworking profile blades, used to form skirting boards and architraves, and solid round shank tools such as routers and drills used in production of furniture and nested flat panel applications.”  

FX7 includes an inbuilt robot for tool and wheel pack changing, making it the ideal foundation for FAMEG’s application.  Two systems of work holding are offered: one for flat profile blades and another for round shank routers. Changeover between the two is designed to take less than 15 minutes. To support unattended production, a new robot head changes not only wheel packs (up to six for ultimate grinding flexibility), but also loads profile blades, or round shank routers without the need to make any changes to the robot tooling.  Changeover of the machine from profile blade grinding setup to routers takes less than 30 minutes.    

Production of different tool types is supported by dedicated tool software packages for programming profile blades, compression routers, standard and profile routers and drills.   All these grinding programs can be verified offline on the ANCA CIM3D package, ensuring the first tool produced is exactly as expected.  


ANCA offers a variety of CNC grinding application solutions to suit the woodworking tool industry. Through collaboration with different companies, such as FAMEG, ANCA offers a range of CNC Tool and Cutter Grinders, along with dedicated woodworking software and automation solutions, to suit a range of tool types. 

With ANCA, manufacturers can diversify wood tool applications on FX machines. ANCA’s woodworking solution for the FX7 offers outstanding flexibility for unattended production. At IWF, visitors can see ANCA’s FX7 grinding compression routers.  

Diversify your wood tool applications on ANCA FX machines: 

  • Workholding solutions with quick changeover times 
  • Option for up to six wheel packs with automatic changing 
  • Dedicated application software 
  • LaserUltra can be applied to guarantee router diameter is accurate and consistent in unattended production 

Visit ANCA at IWF at Booth B8285. 

For further information, please contact: 

Johanna Boland 
Group PR and Communications Manager, ANCA 
M: +61 407799779 

ANCA is a market leading manufacturer of CNC grinding machines. It was founded in 1974 in Melbourne, Australia where the company still has its global headquarters. ANCA has offices in the UK, Germany, China, Thailand, India, Japan, Brazil and the USA as well as a comprehensive network of representatives and agents worldwide.  

ANCA CNC grinders are used for manufacturing precision cutting tools and components across a diverse range of competitive industries including cutting tool manufacture, automotive, aerospace, electronics and medical. 

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Smart and Economical Laser Blanking Solutions

The technology offers maximum flexibility, efficiency and part quality, as well as material savings of up to one million USD per year 

Canton, Michigan, July 27, 2022 – A blanking line is usually made up of a coil line, an uncoiler, a threading unit, leveler, roll feed, the cutting area and the stacking unit. This holds true with laser blanking lines, but the material is cut by a laser cell instead of a shear or press. Justine Fonteyne, Schuler’s Area Sales Manager of the Americas, has recently explained the technology’s multiple advantages in an online seminar. 

There has been a rising interest for laser blanking lines, given the die-free blanking capabilities. Schuler has sold 15 worldwide, including five in North America. With the frequent changeover of new car models, vehicle manufactures are happy to avoid investing in expensive dies – especially new players within the EV market, for which ramp-up production may be slower. “And die change time costs production time,” Fonteyne underlined. Additionally, no dies equate to no die storage or maintenance, and less initial infrastructure investment as no heavy press foundation or loop pit is required. Apart from that, no noise or vibration is emitted. 

Schuler’s Justine Fonteyne explained the various advantages of laser blanking technology in an online seminar.

Overall equipment efficiency of up to 80 percent 

Because of Schuler’s Dynamic Flow Technology (DFT), Schuler’s laser blanking lines are also much faster than conventional stop and go laser cutting systems like flatbed lasers. The material runs continuously without the need to stop-and-start before cutting. The output can reach 45 parts per minute, depending on the geometry of the blank. Due to no die changes, the overall equipment efficiency (OEE) is up to 80 percent. 

“Depending on the part mix, Laser Blanking can be the cheapest way of blanking,” Fonteyne stated. “Due to digital nesting solutions, the technology has much greater material utilization.” In contrast to conventional lines, the parts can be designed independently from die restrictions. Also separation strips can be avoided with edge-to-edge nesting. Improvements in material utilization of an outer body part mix of approximately 1 percent quickly add up to material savings of up to one million USD per year.  

No wear of dies and presses 

Schuler’s laser blanking lines produce homogenous cutting edges with hardly any burr. “This is relevant for aluminum because the flitter in the die is reduced to almost zero,” Fonteyne explained. The rising number of high-strength steel pose further challenges to conventional lines regarding the wear of dies and presses, but the lasers are not affected by this at all. Schuler offers workshops for part simulation and optimization as well as business calculation. 

Fonteyne provided insight into Schuler’s Track & Trace solution that has already been implemented at the Smart Press Shop in Germany, a joint venture between Schuler and Porsche. “Being the first station for the material in the press shop, we start the tracking of the production data here,” said Fonteyne. “The production data is connected to every part and can be tracked easily and continuously. For example, data pertaining to the thickness of a blank or the amount of oil distributed can be transmitted to the press line in order to achieve a perfect forming process. 

Watch the complete video of the online seminar here: https://youtu.be/oC59OzaCW0c 

Listen to Carla Bailo, President & CEO of the Center for Automotive Research (CAR), and Justine Fonteyne discuss laser blanking via CAR’s podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-car-podcast/episodes/Laser-blanking—featuring-Justine-Fonteyne-of-Schuler-Group-GmbH-e1krdmp/a-a8799jm 



About the Schuler Group – www.schulergroup.com 

Schuler offers customized cutting-edge technology in all areas of forming—from the networked press to press shop planning. In addition to presses, our products include automation, dies, process know-how and service for the entire metalworking industry. Schuler’s Digital Suite brings together solutions for networking forming technology and is continuously being developed to further improve line productivity and availability. Our customers include automotive manufacturers and suppliers, as well as companies in the forging, household appliance and electrical industries. Presses from the Schuler Group mint coins for more than 180 countries. Founded in 1839 at our headquarters in Göppingen, Germany, Schuler has approx. 5 000 employees at production sites in Europe, China and the Americas, as well as service companies in more than 40 countries. The company is part of the international technology group ANDRITZ. 

For further information on Schuler Inc., North America, please contact: 

Jaime Bartholomai, Marketing & Communications Manager 
Schuler Incorporated 
7145 Commerce Blvd. 
Canton, MI 48187 USA 

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Zimmermann Displays Three New Machines at IMTS 2022

Zimmermann Milling Solutions, a leading global high-tech supplier of portal milling machines, will virtually show three new gantry machines at their booth. IMTS will be held September 12-17, 2022, in Chicago. 

When discussing rigidity, nothing beats mass. Our biggest double bridged gantry sets new standards for dynamic roughing while maintaining high precision. The FZ42 CNC gantry milling machine represents power at its best, combining work areas of different sizes, travels, milling heads and CNC controls. Regardless of weight and size, the milling process is exact. Furthermore, the gantry design is particularly suitable for the entire range of component machining. The structurally rigid center-guiding gantry, cross and Z-Ram, and dynamic milling head enable a consistent, efficient milling process. This combination of high thermal stability and rigidity meets industry-specific requirements in tool and die making, aerospace and automotive industries.  

Just as strength and agility make an athlete perform at his/her best, the same is true for the newest high-performance gantry FZ37. Due to its modular system concept, the FZ37 is available in various sizes, custom configuration and CNC controls. The newly designed gantry with center guided Z-Ram in combination with Zimmermann’s dynamic milling heads ensure an efficient and consistent milling process. The high thermal stability and rigidity meet industry-specific requirements in model, tool and die making as well as in the aerospace and automotive industries.  

The FZ32 is the high-performance athlete for dynamic machining of aluminum, fiber composites, plastics and tooling board. Its thermosymmetrical design results in high surface quality and accuracy. The rigid center-guiding gantry allows the company to meet the increasing demands in model and mold making as well as aerospace. Additionally, the flexible design of the FZP machine line offers various sizes and configurations through its modular system as well as extensive equipment options and a fully enclosed work area, including effective dust extraction systems and more.  

Visit Zimmermann at IMTS 2022 in the South building, Level 3, booth 339336. 

For more information, please contact:  

30587 Century Drive  
Wixom, MI 48393 
Phone:  248-956-8511 
Mr. Cornelius Kiesel, President  

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Nidec Machine Tool Exhibirá Dos Máquinas de Fabricación de Engranajes en IMTS 2022, Stand 237036

Los problemas de las cadenas de suministro están impulsando a más empresas a fabricar internamente. Paralelamente a esta tendencia en la fabricación de automóviles se encuentra el aumento de los vehículos eléctricos y el aumento de la automatización. Respondiendo a las necesidades de la industria, Nidec  Machine Tool (Wixom, Michigan) está presentando la nueva máquina de talladura  de engranajes en IMTS 2022 en el Stand 237036. Haciendo hincapié en la alta velocidad, la precisión y la eficiencia, la nueva máquina produce engranajes para automóviles eléctricos e híbridos, así como para aplicaciones robóticas y de automatización.

El modelo GE15HS está diseñado para engranajes con un diámetro máximo de 150mm, ampliamente utilizado en automóviles y motocicletas. El motor de accionamiento directo de alta velocidad y alto par de torsión*1 para el husillo principal proporciona una velocidad máxima del husillo de 6,000 min-1*2 – tres veces mas rápida que modelos anteriores. El husillo de alta eficiencia que sujeta la pieza de trabajo utiliza una mesa especial que proporciona alta rigidez y rotación de alta velocidad para manejar la carga de empuje necesaria*3 para un mecanizado de alta eficiencia. Los engranajes de corte con herramientas de corte super duras Nidec producen una rugosidad superficial de menos de Ra0.4*4; a la par con el rectificado de engranajes. Scott Knoy, Nidec Machine Tool America VP de Ventas dice, “El GE15HS proporciona eficiencia de proceso, eliminando el proceso de acabado del afeitado antes del tratamiento térmico, mejorando así la productividad y reduciendo el costo de procesamiento.” Una máquina más grande, la GE25HS, también está disponible.

Utilizado en combinación con los nuevos materiales y recubrimientos de Nidec Machine Tool para herramientas de corte, el modelo GE15HS proporciona una producción en masa estable con una velocidad de corte máxima de  1,500m/min.

Desde el lanzamiento del producto en 2004, se han entregado e instalado más de 2,800 máquinas de talladura Nidec GE Series.

El stand Nidec también contará con ZI20A-Generación de Rectificadora de Engranajes Interna. El acabado duro de engranajes de anillo interno en masa es la frontera final para aplicaciones de transmisión automotriz y de camiones.    Para engranajes de anillo interno silenciosos y de malla suave, el ZI20A-G utiliza tecnología patentada para el rectificado de ruedas roscadas. Este proceso innovador ofrece una producción rápida y muy rentable de engranajes de anillo interno para engranajes planetarios.


*1: Los motores de mecanismo de accionamiento directo utilizan el par de torsión proveniente de un motor sin pasar a través de una caja de cambios u otro mecanismo para controlar la pérdida de conducción debido a la fricción y reducir el desgaste de las piezas.

*2: La notación “min-1” es una unidad que expresa el número de vueltas en un minuto, sinónimo con “revoluciones/rotaciones por minuto” (rpm).

*3: La carga de empuje es la fuerza aplicada al eje en una dirección horizontal (paralela) (direccion axial del

*4: Resultado del mecanizado interno con GE15S (Datos de la pieza de trabajo: Módulo 1.6mm; Nu. de dientes 19; ángulo de hélice: 24°; ancho de la cara: 24mm)

Diámetro max. de la pieza150㎜250㎜
Módulo de corte max.4㎜6㎜
Diámetro max. de herramienta de corte90㎜130㎜
Longitud max. de la herramienta de corte190㎜230㎜
Montaje del eje de la herramienta de corte150㎜180㎜
Velocidad max. de rotación del husillo6,000 min-1
Mecanismo de accionamiento directo
2,300 min-1
Salida nominal del motor principal24 kW25 kW

Para más información, por favor póngase en contacto con:

Scott Knoy
Nidec Machine Tool America LLC
46992 Liberty Drive
Wixom, MI 49393

La demanda de producción en masa de engranajes de alta precisión continúa aumentando con el cambio a la electrificación de los vehículos. Con la necesidad de mejoras en NVH y eficiencia de combustible, además del movimiento hacia la fabricación de bajo costo, Nidec Machine Tool, con su experiencia tanto en máquinas herramienta de engranajes como en herramientas de corte, ofrece una línea completa de máquinas de producción de engranajes. Al ofrecer herramientas de corte de precisión y soluciones de procesamiento para lograr un procesamiento de alta precisión y alta eficiencia, Nidec Machine Tool proporciona un soporte integral para la fabricación en una amplia variedad de industrias.

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Platinum Tooling Introduce Un Nuevo Programa de Herramientas Para Tornos Automáticos

La compañía ofrece una nueva línea de herramientas vivas y estáticas para Tornos Automáticos CNC de tipo suizo   

Platinum Tooling Technologies, Inc., el importador exclusivo de herramientas vivas, cabezales de ángulo y cabezales multihusillo de Heimatec,  líder mundial en herramientas vivas y cabezales angulares, se complace en anunciar su oferta de productos extendida al actual programa de Citizen. Además de las herramientas estándar vivas y estáticas, ofrecerán  aumentos de velocidad 1:4 para los modelos de máquinas Citizen más actuales. Diseñados para optimizar los parámetros de la máquina, estas herramientas de precisión son eficientes y rentables.

Desarrollado originalmente para la fabricación de piezas de precisión  en la industria relojera, los tornos automáticos CNC de tipo suizo ahora son ampliamente utilizados en toda la industria para producir componentes automotrices, tornillos y pernos para la industria médica y piezas de precisión para ingeniería eléctrica.     

El objetivo de Platinum Tooling y Heimatec  durante el desarrrollo de esta línea era construir una serie de herramientas que ofrecieran la mayor calidad de procesamiento posible y una  vida útil más larga.  Para lograrlo, Heimatec incorpora  rodamientos, componentes de engranajes de tierra, husillos y carcasas de la más alta calidad para producir herramientas superiores con máxima rigidez.  

Además de Citizen, Platinum Tooling se esfuerza constantemente  por ampliar sus programas de herramientas para incluir productos de calidad superior para mejorar las operaciones de mecanizado, aumentar la productividad y crear oportunidades de ahorro de costos.  

Visite Platinum Tooling en IMTS 2022 en el stand 432245

Para más información y literatura, por favor póngase en contacto con:  

Preben Hansen, President
16 E. Piper Lane
Suite 128
Prospect Heights, IL 60070
Teléfono:  847-749-0633

Platinum Tooling Technologies, Inc. en  Prospect Heights, IL, cerca de  Chicago, sirve a su creciente base de clientes en Norteamérica  con un amplio inventario de accesorios para máquinas herramienta. Su personal experimentado se dedica a proporcionar las herramientas y tecnologías más innovadoras.   Platinum Tooling Technologies, Inc. sirve a la industria automotriz, aero, médica, carpintería, compuestos y otras industrias, así como  un número cada vez mayor de  OEMs de máquinas herramienta en todo el mundo, a través de su red de representantes de los fabricantes. Platinum Tooling es el importador principal de Heimatec, Henninger, Tecnicrafts, AMF Tooling y Hommel + Keller QUICK® para Norteamérica.  

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FISCHER Presentará una Nueva Combinación de Husillo de Cabezal de Fresado en IMTS 2022

Bajo el lema “Líder tecnológico con rotación perfecta,” FISCHER exhibirá su cabezal de fresado D27 junto con su tecnología más reciente para la eliminación de material de alto volumen en su MFW-2714/20 HSK-100 en IMTS 2022, stand 237470, en Chicago, del 12 al 17 de septiembre. Con 80 años de experiencia en el diseño de husillos de máquina herramienta de alto rendimiento, fabricación interna y los mejores servicios de reparación de su clase, la empresa presentará este nuevo diseño, un husillo combinado de cabezal de fresado que proporciona la máxima estabilidad y precisión para aeroespacial y otras operaciones de mecanizado de 5 ejes.

Las características de esta combinación avanzada de cabezal de fresado y husillo incluyen:

Rotación Perfecta – Fresado potente y pesado, manteniendo la precisión y la repetibilidad requiere una rotación perfecta no sólo en el husillo sino también en el cabezal del fresado.  Esto  se logra mediante estructuras monobloque calculadas con precisión hechas de hierro fundido de alta calidad combinadas con dos rodamientos de rodillos cruzados para el eje A y YRT para el eje C que proporcionan la mayor capacidad de carga para manejar las fuerzas de corte en todas las direcciones durante el fresado de potencia.

Líder Tecnológico – Siempre desarrollando y implementando  tecnología líder  en la industria con un enfoque en el cliente es un principio operativo de FISCHER. La más alta potencia, la más alta velocidad, la más alta precisión para proporcionar a nuestros clientes la vanguardia.

Nuevo Cabezal de Fresado – El cabezal de fresado FISCHER D27 está  diseñado  especficamente para las aplicaciones de fresado  más potentes y de herramientas largas.  Con la alta potencia y la salida de par de torsión,  el cabezal de fresado D27 aún mantiene su elegante contorno simétrico a la vez que es dinámico y robusto. Para garantizar la precisión y la repetibilidad, la unidad incorpora codificadores ópticos directos, motores duales y abrazaderas dobles en el eje A. El cabezal de fresado D27 está diseñado intencionalmente para utilizar la máxima potencia y capacidad de par de torsión de nuestro husillos FISCHER 275mm para la mayor tasa de eliminación de virutas.

Nuevo Diseño de Husillo – Junto con el  D27 está el tipo de husillo  MFW-2714/20 HSK-100. FISCHER está  subiendo  el nivel para el volumen de virutas eliminadas. La unidad ofrece los fabricantes de máquinas y usuarios finales una interfaz HSK-100 robusta, velocidad máxima de 20,000 rpm y  una potencia nominal continua S1 de 200kW.  

Visite FISCHER en IMTS 2022 en el edificio Norte, Nivel 3, Stand 237470.

Para más información, por favor póngase  en contacto con:

3715 Blue River Avenue
Racine, WI 53405
Teléfono:  262-632-6173
A la atención de:   Doug Kranz, Vicepresidente, Ventas & Marketing
Correo electrónico:  Doug.Kranz@fischerspindle.com

FISCHER USA, Inc. es la operación  norteamericana de  FISCHER Spindle Group AG, con sede en  Suiza.   La empresa construye y comercializa combinaciones de cabezal de fresado y husillo, realiza análisis, reparación  y pruebas de husillos en  su sede en Racine, Wisconsin. 

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El Taller Digital: Siemens presentará CNC nativo digital y más en IMTS 2022, stands 133346 y 433028

Embarcase en el viaje digital con  SINUMERIK ONE reduce el desarrollo de productos y el tiempo de comercialización, además de que la empresa  mostrará una cartera ampliada de hardware,  software y servicios para ayudar a allanar el camino hacia la digitalización  

Siemens impulsa la transformación digital en la industria de las máquinas con una nueva generación de CNC, SINUMERIK ONE.

Durante IMTS 2022, Siemens presentará su cartera de tecnología de software y automatización de hardware, destacada por la primera plataforma CNC nativa digital, SINUMERIK ONE, para aplicaciones de máquina herramienta. Además, Siemens presentará sus soluciones y servicios para la industrialización de la fabricación aditiva. En stands 133346 y 433028, la empresa destacará cómo los usuarios de máquinas pueden embarcarse rápida y fácilmente en sus viajes de digitalización, desde el concepto de la pieza hasta el diseño, el gemelo digital hasta la simulación, la producción de piezas y máquinas, así como la integración total de estos procesos en la empresa digital para talleres de trabajo y departamentos de producción por igual.

En el pabellón de Controles y CAD-CAM (East Hall) en el stand 133346, Siemens demostrará la producción e instalación de extremo a extremo de una carcasa de transmisión y un soporte para el eRod, un vehículo eléctrico autónomo que estará en el stand para la inspección de los visitantes. Las piezas se fabrican mediante procesos de mecanizado aditivo y sustractivo. En cada etapa del desarrollo de la pieza, incluyendo el mecanizado, los quioscos de visualización llevarán a los visitantes a través del proceso digital. Desde el  popular software Siemens NX CAM, que permite el uso de modelos, datos y procesos 3D para conectar sin problemas la planificación y las operaciones de  taller en un hilo digital hasta el potente SINUMERIK ONE, el nativo digital CNC que permite  un gemelo digital de la máquina herramienta y su operación completa  en produccion.  Siemens ha  optimizado las operaciones de taller así como  las principales instalaciones de producción de piezas  de automoción, aeroespacial, fuera de carretera y médica en todo el mundo.

El SINUMERIK ONE ahora permite capacidades de extremo a extremo desde el diseño de la pieza y la máquina herramienta para pasar por la puesta en marcha completa, la capacitacion y la validación de la producción en la planta y el taller. La digitalización se convierte en realidad.

En el pabellón Aditivo (West Hall) del stand 433028, Siemens demostrará su implementación CNC en los mundos de producción de aditivos y aditivos / sustractivos, mostrando los procesos de producción de piezas desde el diseño hasta la pieza acabada. Los visitantes pueden discutir sus retos de fabricación con Siemens para determinar el método óptimo de diseño y fabricación de piezas, ya sea de producción única o completa, todo ello realizado con métodos de digitalización para la validación y la contención de tiempo/costo.

Los fabricantes de máquinas herramienta se benefician de la tecnología Gemelo Digital al acelerar los tiempos de desarrollo y puesta en marcha a nuevos niveles de calidad y eficiencia.

Otros aspectos destacados de los stands de Siemens serán:

  • Las soluciones de digitalización acortarán el tiempo de comercialización del fabricante  de máquinas herramienta, a través de tecnología Digital Twin donde se simula todo el diseño de la máquina y la cinemática operativa antes de  cualquier fabricación. Este desarrollo permite ahorros sustanciales tanto para el constructor como para el usuario final, en el diseño, construcción, puesta en marcha, inicio y formación de la implementación de la máquina.    
  • Con SINUMERIK ONE,  el primer CNC nativo digital, Siemens está impulsando la transformación digital  en la industria de máquina herramienta. El nuevo controlador trabaja con software para crear el contralodor de la máquina y el gemelo digital asociado a partir de un solo sistema de ingeniería y, por lo tanto, contribuye a la integración total de hardware y software. Gracias a su  perfecta interacción entre el mundo virtual y el real, incluyendo PLC de alto rendimiento, motor y hardware de accionamiento, SINUMERIK ONE está estableciendo  nuevos estándares  en términos de productividad, rendimiento y digitalización. Es el controlador de máquina preparado para el futuro en el mundo cada vez más digital de la fabricación.    
  • Con  Create MyVirtual Machine para fabricantes de máquinas herramienta y Run MyVirtual Machine para usuarios de máquinas, esta nueva plataforma CNC está provista de software para crear el concepto universal del gemelo digital, hardware potente y seguridad de IT integrada, lo que convierte a SINUMERIK ONE en un CNC con visión de futuro, que está impulsando la transformación digital en la industria de la máquina herramienta.  

Para obtener más información sobre Siemens  en  IMTS 2022, por favor visite www.usa.siemens/cnc

Contacto para periodistas:

John Meyer
(847) 952-4158                                                       

Para obtener información y consultas específicas sobre productos, mande un correo electrónico a: cnc.marketing.us@siemens.com  

Síguenos en las redes sociales:

www.twitter.com/siemens_cnc_us                 www.facebook.com/Siemens.CNC.US  

Siemens Digital Industries (DI) es un líder innovador  en automatización y digitalización. Colaborando estrechamente con socios y clientes, DI maneja la transformación digital en las industrias de proceso y discretas.  Con su portafolio  Digital Enterprise, DI proporciona a las empresas de todos tamaños  un conjunto integral de productos, soluciones y servicios para integrar y digitalizar toda la cadena de valor. Optimizada para las necesidades específicas de cada industria, la cartera única de DI apoyo a los clientes a lograr una mayor flexibilidad y productividad.   DI está añadiendo constantemente inovaciones a su portafolio para integrar tecnologías futuras de vanguardia.  Siemens Digital Industries tiene su sede   global en  Núremberg, Alemania y tiene alrededor de   72,000 empleados a nivel internacional.

Siemens Corporation es una subsidiaria estadounidense de Siemens AG, una potencia tecnológica  global que ha sido sinónimo con excelencia en ingeniería, innovación, calidad, confiabilidad e internacionalidad durante más de 170 años.  Activa en todo el mundo, la empresa se centra en la infraestructura inteligente para edificios y sistemas de energía distribuida y en la automatización y digitalización  en las industrias de procesos y fabricación. Siemens reúne los mundos digitales y físicos para beneficiar a los clientes y a la sociedad. A través de Mobility, un proveedor líder de soluciones de movibilidad inteligente para el transporte ferroviario y por carretera, Siemens está ayudando a formar al mercado mundial de servicios de pasajero y mercancías. A través de su participación mayoritaria en la empresa que cotiza en la bolsa Siemens Healthineers, Siemens también es un proveedor líder  mundial de tecnología médica y servicios digitales de salud. Además, Siemens posee una participación minoritaria en Siemens Energy, un líder mundial en la transmisión  y generación de energía eléctrica que cotiza en la bolsa desde el 28 de septiembre de 2020. En el año fiscal 2020,  Siemens Group USA generó unos ingresos de  $17 mil millones y emplea a aproximadamente  40,000 personas que atienden a clientes en los 50 estados y Puerto Rico.

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