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NIIGATA To Feature Two New All-Electric Injection Presses at NPE Booth W-1363

Longtime market leader in all-electric injection presses NIIGATA will introduce two new machines to the market at the upcoming NPE in Orlando, March 23-27.

Visit NIIGATA at NPE Orlando, Booth W-1363, March 23rd-27th with a free guest pass.

NEW: NIIGATA all-electric MDVR110S7000 (Vertical IMM with 2-station rotary table)

NIIGATA introduced the world’s first all-electric vertical IMM in 1996 and its latest model, the S7000, capitalizes on NIIGATA’s long history and 100% focus on making all-electric machines.

Highlights of the new MDVR110S7000 include:

~While many vertical machines have high table heights, forcing the customer to build a work platform around the machine, the NIIGATA patented vertical toggle system allows lowering the table height on this 110-ton model to just 3.4 feet from the ground, including leveling pads.

~The machine has a wider table than standard verticals, allowing larger molds to be placed on the platen. The MDVR110S7000 boasts a mold size capacity of 500mm x 500mm (33.64” x 33.64”).

~Fast table rotation of under 1 second.

~Ultra low-speed injection can be beneficial in molding thicker walled insert jobs. NIIGATA boasts an ultra low-speed capability of just .01 mm/sec injection speed.

~With a 2-station machine running separate “A” and “B” mold halves, a molder can often encounter problems with differences in mold halves causing part variations. With the NIIGATA Vertical, two completely independent injection profiles can be set for the “A” and “B” halves, allowing the molder to finish the job without making expensive and time consuming mold repairs or adjustments.

Niigata MD110S7000 horizontal all-electric injection press, NPE Booth W-1363

Niigata MD110S7000 horizontal all-electric injection press, NPE Booth W-1363

NEW: NIIGATA MD110S7000 horizontal all-electric IMM

Having introduced our first fully-electric machine at the Japan Plastics Fair in 1984, NIIGATA has devoted 100% of its R&D resources toward improving all-electric molding machine technology. Using the Japanese Kaizen system, we are now introducing our 7th generation of the all-electric machine, built entirely in Japan to tough quality standards.

A few NEW features of the MD110S7000 all-electric IMM include:

~Elimination of moving platen’s lower side tie bar bushings to improve the cleanliness of the part drop area.

~Addition of an FDA-approved grease supply system that allows medical cleanroom and food grade applications with fewer worries about part contamination.

~NIIGATA’s standard high nozzle touch force, similar to that of the hydraulic machines, can now be dialed down when the application allows, to promote longer sprue bushing life.

~Fully automatic and adjustable mold clamping force is continuously monitored by tie bar sensors.

~NIIGATA’s horizontal machines boast the industry’s shortest footprint, but heaviest overall weight to provide superior machine durability.

Also in the Niigata booth…

NIIGATA MD385W6000 all-electric IMM:

NIIGATA’s “workhorse machine”, the MD385 is being exhibited running a drink cup mold provided by a customer, together with an impressive IN-MOLD LABELING SYSTEM manufactured by Campetella of Italy. See and learn more about the MD385 HERE and at the show!

Also running during the show…

NIIGATA MD55S6000 all-electric IMM:

NIIGATA’s small size all-electric press will be exhibited at the booth of LUBE Corp. USA ( #W-2389). This machine will have clear covers, highlighting the automatic lube system of the machine. ( http://lube-global.com/english/)

Don’t forget! NPE, Booth W-1363

For more information on all these developments, please contact:

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E-mail: peter.gardner@niigata-us.com
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