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Our History

Since 1976, Bernard & Company has remained a full-service industrial ad, public relations agency because it’s exactly what our clients need to help them succeed.

You have competition on price, service, delivery and technology. This means your company must expend every effort developing new markets, new products and new applications, while maintaining your corporate lifeblood, the current customer base.

Bernard & Company can enter your marketing picture with three strengths you won’t find in many other agencies:

  1. A short learning curve to make us productive from the outset. After 25 years in business, there isn’t an industrial company whose product, equipment or even software type we haven’t encountered or handled as a client.
  2. A full service menu of creative and market-keyed strategies to accomplish your objectives. Print ads, literature, direct mail, social media, PR, sales presentation materials, trade show assistance, even lead management to close the loop on the sale with you…all from one source who’s NOT on your payroll. We’ll help you do your job better and more effectively.
  3. Personal service from a team of professional, full-time, experienced ad agency people who understand what it takes to get and keep good clients.

For starters, over half our current clients are the #1 or #2 company in their product, equipment or machinery category. By no coincidence, these clients average 17 years with Bernard & Company.

As baseball great, Dizzy Dean, opined, “If you can do what you say, it ain’t braggin’.”


At Bernard & Company, we are eager to get you and your company the coverage you deserve. Please contact us to find out more about how we are becoming the best PR agency Chicago has available.

Our Mission

Nobody really likes mission statements, as they all pretty much say the same thing … we exist to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations, providing superior creative thinking, marketing insight and professional execution of all program elements to bolster client value propositions on the market. Blah, blah, blah.

Here’s what you want and what we offer:

  1. You want creativity you can’t get inside your company. We’re writers and artists, who do it for our livelihood, not as an afterthought or when time allows.
  2. You want marketing insight from an experienced source. We’ve had decades in your market and dozens of clients who compete with or complement your company. Don’t believe it, just ask us.
  3. You want either a no-ups-no-extras price on a project or a fair and equitable fee that benefits both parties. Our work product and your fee will be of equal worth in all negotiations. Fair enough?
  4. You want proof of performance. We literally wrote the book on tracking all forms of marcom tactics, including ads, PR, shows, direct mail, webcasts etc.
  5. Lastly, you want to know the agency will give you top-notch service, regardless of your budget. We’ve had our longest client relationship for 50 years. We’ve stood by them in good times and bad. Both their company and our agency have prospered. Plus, they call and we know what they need, almost intuitively. Is your agency doing that for you?
A Bit About Us
Tim Daro

Tim started with Bernard & Company originally as an account coordinator, way back when and since then he has helped this public relations company grow to the success that it is today. He is privileged to lead the team at one of the premier industrial ad/PR agencies in the country. Our expertise is based on 36 years helping manufacturers of all types succeed in their markets, nationally and internationally.