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Advertising and Design

In the age of search engines, social media and digital marketing, your company is defined by the content you publish and image you project, PLUS your availability in front of the RIGHT eyeballs.

While media outreach in the best publications and online portals remains the critical component of any successful ad program, your customers aren’t just turning to magazines and blogs to make informed decisions or seek out new products and technologies. They’re also doing Google searches, following brands on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, watching YouTube videos and relying on reviews and recommendations.

Will they find you at their moment of need, or will your competitor be there to engage the new business?

Bernard & Company offers advertising and other creative services that help you reach target customers directly so you don’t need to rely solely on the media to tell your story through PR. By developing a strategic content marketing plan that aligns with your business goals, we establish you as a trusted resource on the topics critical to the growth of your company.

Our artists and writers live in the industrial world, so a machine tool, chemical coating, laser welder, power tool, flex shaft, helical gear, hydraulic stamping press, polyurethane bumper pad, tubemaking machine, live tooling, circuit breaker and the complex world of molding and extrusion are all familiar territory to us! Doesn’t that make you feel better about us already?   Yes, it does.

We’re experts at developing great content that boosts search rankings, increases Web traffic, drives social shares and generates sales leads. We’ll work closely with your team of internal experts on a content marketing plan and editorial calendar that includes:

  • Literature and ad development
  • Press releases optimized for search detection
  • Contributed articles in leading trade publications
  • Blog posts on timely topics
  • White papers and data studies showcasing your expertise
  • Case studies highlighting real-world results
  • Infographics with high social sharing potential
  • Social media content that engages customers
  • Videos that generate buzz
  • Websites, microsites and online profiles that expand your online footprint

By our development of solid content that can easily be found by buyers and decision-makers, you won’t just be establishing your brand as authoritative and authentic. You’ll also give reporters and bloggers plenty of reasons to write about your brand. By tying your content marketing process to news trends, you become an in-demand media thought leader with new insights to share.

Get in front of customers by creating compelling content that makes you discoverable, useful and relevant with Bernard & Company as your partner.

We’re strictly i2i (industrial to industrial) and that makes us a sure winner…for you!