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Providing Value to Clients in Old and New Ways

“At the speed of light” is a saying we hear often. In today’s world, everything happens fast. That’s why social media is a great investment for businesses to reach customers quickly and easily.

Social media management is just one of the many services offered at Bernard & Company. We make sure that our clients’ message is shared with their target audience through regular posts regarding new products, industry trends and events.

A strong social media presence benefits the client in several ways. First, it enhances their visibility. Many people who access a company’s website immediately visit the social media pages to get a better sense of what the company does. Thus, regular and relevant content will attract visitors to your pages and lead to new followers and opportunities. Videos are a highly effective way to encourage interaction as well as giveaways. Secondly, if someone would like to contact the company with a question or comment they can do so on social media and receive a response shortly. Thirdly, we can post in real time from trade shows, obtaining significant coverage for our clients. Fourthly, Bernard & Company helps establish clients as thought leaders in their industries by promoting articles where corporate management offer their insights on specific topics.

Market research is another useful tool that should be used on a regular basis to differentiate yourself from rival companies and ensure current customers and prospects choose you as their top choice. Competitive research includes company news, products, advertising as well as industry trends.  

Obtaining this information helps our clients know where their competitors fall short and what they can do to fill that void. For example, a rival company could take a long time to ship a product. If your company is known for fast service then you can promote this aspect on social media, your website and other advertising efforts.  Research also uncovers competitors’ key selling points, whether these are quality product design, good pricing, beneficial customer service, quick delivery or advanced technology. Being able to see what rival companies promote gives you a major edge. From there, you can start brainstorming about what your brand already offers and how you can make it better.

Both social media and market research can help improve your business and ensure your success in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Thank you!

Ioana Benea is a Marketing Information Specialist at Bernard & Company, an industrial advertising/marketing agency. Her responsibilities include translating technical press releases (English-Spanish) for magazines in Latin America, interviewing clients for stories, writing product releases, ads and success stories, conducting client research on the market/ competitors and managing and posting to clients’ social media pages.

She has worked at Bernard & Company for 9 years and is based Palatine, Illinois (Chicago). Ioana is a graduate of Benedictine University, holding a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies and Spanish. She received her Masters in Integrated Marketing Communications from Roosevelt University.