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Reliable on-site service for Laser Blanking Lines

Customers can receive fast and efficient support for the new technology from local Schuler employees in the Americas

In the Americas, too, customers can receive fast and efficient support for the Schuler Laser Blanking Lines. © Schuler

The German press manufacturer Schuler has numerous manufacturing and service locations worldwide. This ensures that customers can receive fast and efficient support from local Schuler employees. In the Americas, for example, there are sites in the USA, Mexico, and Brazil, ready to support one of the company’s latest innovations: the Laser Blanking Line.

Laser blanking makes it possible to manufacture blanks completely without dies. Instead of using presses or shears, the geometries are cut by two or three high-precision laser heads. This has several advantages: no dies, die change, die storage or die maintenance, but also no costly press foundation and no loop pit. The technological development of laser performance, combined with intelligent line automation, enables Schuler to achieve cutting speeds of up to 100 meters per minute (approx. 328 ft/min).

The design of a Laser Blanking Line is very similar to a conventional press cutting line. “Simply said, the press is only replaced by a laser cell,” explains Oswald Schoenberger, Product Manager for Laser Blanking Lines. “Operators who already have experience with conventional blanking lines can learn to handle the system very quickly, but even the ones without blanking experience the system can be operated intuitively and reliably after completing our training program,” he continues.

Programming the lasers also requires no process know-how thanks to LBL Studio. The offline program is so intelligent that cutting contours for new parts are automatically created based on CAD files. The optimal cutting distribution of the lasers is taken into account and reliable predictions about the output can be calculated in advance. Of course, changes can be made manually at any time.

With several lines around the world and production experience since 2012, Schuler is by far the leader in terms of laser blanking lines. “This is also related to our strong local service,” explains Telvi Zanin, Vice President of Service. In addition to Europe and Asia, Schuler also has long established service and manufacturing locations in North America. Schuler Inc. was founded in 1978 in Columbus, Ohio, and now has its headquarters close to Detroit in Canton, Michigan.

“With our team of 80 qualified service employees we are ready to provide high quality technical support to all our customers in North America”, says Telvi. A team from the U.S. has been sent to the product centers in Europe to join the in-house assembly where they can learn firsthand the laser blanking technology. “Our trained employees can thus react quickly and provide optimal on-site service”, says Telvi. “In addition, remote service like with Schuler Connect offers the possibility of immediate assistance from our headquarters in Canton, Michigan or from our experts in Germany if required – for established products as well as for innovations such as the Laser Blanking Line.”

For more information, please visit:


About the Schuler Group – www.schulergroup.com

Schuler offers customized cutting-edge technology in all areas of forming—from the networked press to press shop planning. In addition to presses, our products include automation and software solutions, dies, process know-how and service for the entire metalworking industry. Our customers include automobile manufacturers and automotive suppliers, as well as companies in the forging, household appliance and electrical engineering industries. Presses from the Schuler Group mint coins for more than 180 countries. When it comes to the digital transformation of forming technology, we support our customers worldwide as a supplier of innovative system solutions. Founded in 1839 at our headquarters in Göppingen, Germany, Schuler AG has approx. 5,000 employees at production sites in Europe, China and the Americas, as well as service companies in more than 40 countries. The company is majority-owned by the Austrian ANDRITZ Group.

For further information on Schuler Inc., North America, please contact:

Guido Broder, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Schuler Incorporated
7145 Commerce Blvd.
Canton, MI 48187 USA

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The Australian Government's ambitious project requires large machines, such as the Droop+Rein gantry 110TT supplied by Starrag.

Starrag Supplies a Droop+Rein 5-Axis Gantry Machine With an 11-Meter (36 FT) Rotary Table to the Other Side of the World

The Australian Government (Commonwealth of Australia) selected French company Naval Group to deliver a fleet of 12 regionally superior submarines, to be known as the Attack Class, for the Royal Australian Navy. The Attack class fleet will be built in a modern submarine construction yard in Osborne, South Australia.

The Australian Government’s ambitious project requires large machines,
such as the Droop+Rein gantry 110TT supplied by Starrag.

The Future Submarine Program will deliver Australia a capability that can be built, operated and maintained autonomously, which maximizes opportunities for Australian industry throughout all phases of the program.

As the design of the Attack Class progresses, Naval Group continues to deliver on its commitment and achieve this goal in cooperation with their suppliers that now includes the Starrag Group. Dr Marcus Queins, Manager for the Large Parts Machining Systems business unit at Starrag, explains, “We are proud to be involved in this prestigious project in Australia.” Starrag has been selected to supply a Droop+Rein G 110TT HR100 C vertical gantry machine, capable of handling both large hull elements and high-precision components for submarine construction. With traversing paths of 14,000 x 13,000 x 3,500 mm (45.93 x 42.65 x 11.48 ft) in the X/Y/Z axes and an 11 m (36 ft) turntable, the gantry will be the largest machine tool ever put into service in Australia.

Starrag is collaborating with the Australian machine tool manufacturer H&H Machine Tools Australia to deliver this critical equipment. H&H will manufacture key components, supply qualified personnel to help install the gantry and provide technical support for the entire life cycle of the machine, securing an ongoing role in servicing and maintenance in the future. Starrag will provide H&H with the necessary expertise through onsite training and quality control, transferring critical skills and autonomous ability to Australian industry.

The contract was awarded following a complex selection process. Noting its many years of experience and its extensive, as well as technical, expertise in handling large, complicated projects, the Starrag Group was deemed a worthy selection for this contract. Few machine suppliers can manage an order of this magnitude from over 15,000 kilometers (9320 miles) away — but this was not a problem for the Starrag Group, as Australian sales partner H&H Machine Tool Solutions will facilitate local work, ensuring that everything runs smoothly onsite. A previous project carried out in South Australia, for which Starrag supplied four machines for aircraft construction, demonstrates a proven track record, in this regard.

Looking forward to collaborating in Australia: (from left to right) Marcus Queins, Head of the Large Parts Machining Systems business unit at Starrag; John Davis, CEO of Naval Group Australia; Thomas Hegmann, Managing Director of H&H Machine Tools Australia.

Gantry machine for precise heavy-duty cutting of large and heavy workpieces

The size and efficiency of the milling machine being supplied, which is also capable of turning components thanks to the integrated rotary table – tried and tested as part of the Dörries range of lathes from the Starrag Group – was of fundamental importance. The Droop+Rein G 110 TT HR100 C owes its high precision to features such as the hydrostatic guides in all linear axes, as well as the thermo-symmetrical design of the milling unit with its integrated C axis. Milling heads can be changed automatically via a head change interface. The team responsible selected five different machining heads to use on this project. The high-performance fork milling head features not only the ability to use the tool at any angle but also the necessary prerequisites for heavy-duty machining on five axes simultaneously. Alternatively, the machine can be used with one straight and one angled 100-kW (134HP) milling head with a torque of 7,500 Nm (5531 ft-lb). A turret and a horizontal facing head are available for turning operations on the components.

The large, multifunctional machine supplied by Starrag from its Bielefeld plant gives the operator optimum access. The operator can reach any point on the workpiece thanks to the spacious cabin, which travels along the gantry and features the latest Siemens operator panel. The cabin can reach a height of 8 m (26 ft) and be moved towards the center of the table.

The last but by no means the least decisive factor in favor of the Starrag Group was that, having already supplied machines to reference customers, the company could prove that the installed machine technology is very robust. This ensures that, with proper maintenance, the machine will be operational for the entire duration of the submarine project. The first of the Attack Class submarines will be delivered in the early 2030’s and continue into the early 2050’s.

Company profile:  Starrag

High-precision machine tools for greater productivity

Starrag Group is a global technology leader in manufacturing high-precision machine tools for milling, turning, boring and grinding workpieces of metallic, composite and ceramic materials. Principle customers are internationally active companies in the Aerospace, Energy, Transportation and Industrial sectors (Industrial Components, Luxury Goods, Med Tech). In addition to its portfolio of machine tools, Starrag Group provides integrated technology and maintenance services that significantly enhance customer quality and productivity.

The umbrella brand Starrag unites the product ranges Berthiez, Bumotec, Dörries, Droop+Rein, Ecospeed, Heckert, Scharmann, SIP, Starrag, TTL and WMW. Headquartered in Rorschach, Switzerland, the Starrag Group operates manufacturing plants in Switzerland, Germany, France, UK and India and has established a network of sales and service subsidiaries in the most important customer countries.

The shares of Starrag Group Holding AG are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

For further information:

Michael Schedler
Head of Marketing
Tel. +49 2166 454 0

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Schuler Accepts High One-Off Burdens on 2019 Earnings for Future Concept

With products like servo press lines, Schuler reached consolidated sales of € 1.136 billion in 2019. © Schuler

With products like servo press lines, Schuler reached consolidated sales of € 1.136 billion in 2019. © Schuler

As expected, the strategic realignment of press manufacturer Schuler resulted in high one-off burdens on earnings in 2019. Due to cyclical effects, new orders were down but performed much better than the German machine tool industry as a whole. Consolidated sales reached € 1.136 billion (prior year: € 1.212 billion). Earnings before interest, taxes and goodwill amortization (EBITA) fell to minus € 75.5 million (plus € 45.3 million).

As part of its future concept, Schuler invested heavily in 2019 in the restructuring of its manufacturing sites; in its focus on core competencies in press construction, automation and service; and in the strengthening of the Group’s innovation capabilities. The company has thus responded to the far-reaching structural changes taking place in the global automotive industry.

“Group’s inner strength permits extensive realignment”

“As a press manufacturer, Schuler is part of the dramatic transformation of the global automobile industry toward electromobility, autonomous vehicles, and digital networking. In 2019, we identified and began to implement the resulting strategic and structural consequences for our company,” stated CEO Domenico Iacovelli at the presentation of the company’s results for fiscal year 2019 in Göppingen, Germany.

“This obviously had a significant impact on earnings. However, there was no alternative. Schuler has the financial strength, the global footprint, and the technological quality to be able to withstand such a one-off burden for the workforce, the balance sheet, and earnings in a market environment characterized by challenging transformation processes and political risks. This makes us confident that we can expand our leading position in metalforming technology in the medium term and thus achieve better results once again,” added Iacovelli.

Normal operating business slightly profitable

Together with the previously announced writedowns on the intangible goodwill of subsidiaries AWEBA and Yadon, the structural measures to realign the company amounting to € 84 million, and other one-off items, Schuler recognized negative special items of almost € 96 million in 2019. Net income after taxes was minus € 121.9 million (plus € 13.5 million). In its normal operating business – in other words EBITA before restructuring costs – Schuler generated a slightly positive result of € 8.5 million in a very challenging business environment.

New orders well above one billion euros

In the future, Schuler will strengthen its offerings in the field smart networking, among others. © Schuler

In the future, Schuler will strengthen its offerings in the field smart networking, among others. © Schuler

Schuler started its fiscal year 2020 with an order backlog of € 868 (€ 926) million. New orders received in 2019 amounted to € 1.092 (€ 1.255) billion. Europe accounted for the largest share of new orders (€ 562 million, thereof Germany € 293 million), followed by the Americas region (€ 253 million), and China (€ 221 million). With a decline in consolidated new orders of 13 percent in 2019, Schuler performed much better than the German machine tool industry as a whole, which suffered a decline of 22 percent according to the latest figures of sector association VDW.

Schuler CFO Thomas Kamphausen explained that the company had borne the full load of costs incurred by its structural adjustments in 2019. “We do not anticipate any further significant additional special items in 2020. Major cost reductions resulting from our structural adjustments are to be expected as early as 2021,” he said. “As far as our regular business development in 2020 is concerned, it is too early to estimate any effects of the Corona virus disruptions on our revenue and profits at this point.”

At the end of 2019, Schuler’s equity ratio amounted to 35.4 (40.1) percent – and was thus still above the industry average. The number of Group employees fell to 6,276 (6,574). At year-end 2019, headcount in Germany amounted to 3,962 (4,195).

Future concept: focus, localization and innovation

Announced in summer 2019, Schuler’s future concept is based on three main pillars. As the name CORE suggests, Schuler will focus in the future on its core business of building cutting-edge presses, as well as the optimization and digitalization of automation systems for the manufacturing processes of its internationally operating clients in the automotive, industrial, hydraulic and other sectors. In addition, Schuler is systematically strengthening its offerings in the field of service and smart networking.

In 2019, Schuler sold its die construction unit for the production of car body panels to Deutsche Werkzeugbau, a company set up by a strategic investor group. However, its core business of cutting-edge die construction for customers in the metalforming industry was spun off from Schuler Pressen GmbH and established as a separate growth business under the umbrella of the AWEBA Group, a subsidiary of Schuler.


Schuler Innovation Rate 2019 grows to 45.4 percent

The second pillar of Schuler’s future concept is a significant acceleration of new development and time-to-market processes in the field of press construction. The Group’s calculation basis for this objective, the Schuler Innovation Rate (SIR), doubled to 45.4 (prior year: 22.9) percent in 2019. This figure indicates that current product innovations accounted for almost half of all new orders received in Schuler’s main business fields of Automotive, Hydraulic and Industry during the past fiscal year. This enabled Schuler to offset a large part of the reduced demand from the automobile industry for classic forming technology products.

The third pillar of the future concept is a strict focus on localizing production and added value. Together with Group investment Yadon, Schuler China mainly serves customers throughout Asia. Schuler’s Brazilian operations focus in particular on the North and Latin American markets. Germany remains the location for machines and equipment produced for Schuler’s European customers. The high quality standards at all sites create a manufacturing network which can flexibly balance out peaks in demand between the regions. Within Germany, Schuler has pooled its press production in Erfurt and is expanding its home base in Göppingen to become a central innovation site. In the coming months, an additional service center with its own production and assembly capabilities serving customers throughout Germany will also be set up in Göppingen.

Schuler Group at a glance (IFRS)Schuler Fiscal Table

About the Schuler Group – www.schulergroup.com

Schuler offers customized first-rate technology in all areas of forming – from the networked press to press shop planning. In addition to press, our product includes automation and software solutions, dies, process know-how and service for the entire metalworking industry. Our customers include automotive manufacturers and suppliers, as well as companies in the forging, household appliance and electronics industries. Press from the Schuler Group mint coins for more than 180 countries. When it comes to the digital transformation of the forming technology, we support our customers worldwide as a supplier of innovative system solutions. In its fiscal year 2019, Schuler posted sales of € 1.136 billion. Founded in 1839 with headquarters in Göppingen, Germany, Schuler AG has about 6,000 employees at production sites in Europe, China and America, as well as service companies in more than 40 countries. The company is majority-owned by the Austrian ANDRITZ Group.


For further information on Schuler Inc., North America, please contact:

Guido Broder, VP
Schuler Incorporated
7145 Commerce Blvd.
Canton, MI 48187 USA

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Dukane Announces Acquisition of Aurizon, LLC.

Dukane Booth at IDEA Show - Acquisition of AurizonDukane acquired all the assets and intellectual property of Aurizon, LLC in Kimberly, Wisconsin. Aurizon is a global leader in developing high-power rotary ultrasonic systems for converting nonwoven materials, bonding textiles & films and sealing packages. With 30+ years of R&D in product design and application experience, Aurizon holds a significant patent portfolio. These patents and the team’s experience have significantly improved the speed and capabilities of the ultrasonic continuous bonding process. Over the years, Dukane and Aurizon have worked together closely to develop a generator solution for continuous ultrasonic bonding, sealing and converting.  This collaboration advanced the core technology and application knowledge of Aurizon, Dukane and our customers.

This acquisition will create significant synergies and opportunities for Dukane and Aurizon, allowing both companies to share their technical expertise in the hygiene, personal care, medical disposable and packaging industries. For the hygiene market, Aurizon’s product line will expand with Dukane’s fixed (blade) sonotrode technology for customers who don’t require continuous rotary bonding.  For the packaging industry, both Dukane and Aurizon have developed several applications and will combine their sales and engineering efforts to better meet the demands of our packaging customers. Dukane’s product portfolio includes the ultrasonic, vibration welder, spin welders, laser welders, hot plate welders, hot gas welders and infrared welders. These products will now be complimented by Aurizon’s rotary ultrasonic technology. This addition to the product portfolio will be supported through Dukane’s worldwide sales and service network in conjunction with the team at Aurizon. With Dukane products installed at manufacturing facilities all over the world, Aurizon’s rotary ultrasonic technology will be a welcome addition for existing and future customers.

Dukane and Aurizon Banner - Acquisition of AurizonAurizon will continue sales, support, manufacturing and design at the Kimberly, Wisconsin facility. This facility houses a state-of-the-art application laboratory for rotary ultrasonic applications. The plan is to expand the capabilities of the lab to handle fixed blade horn technology as well. Moving forward, both Dukane’s and Aurizon’s electrical and mechanical engineering groups will be working together in bringing new products and advanced technologies to the market.

President and CEO of Dukane, Mike Johnston says, “I have personally worked with Aurizon’s team for over 25 years. Knowing their technical capabilities and seeing the products they have developed makes me very proud to have Aurizon part of the Dukane organization.  The rotary technology for continuous applications and Aurizon’s capabilities far exceed any supplier in the industry. Rotary technology expands Dukane’s current wide range of ultrasonic processes. Whatever your bonding needs, Dukane has a solution.”

For more information:

2900 Dukane Drive
St. Charles, Illinois 60174 USA
Tel: (630) 797-4900

 Shivani Singh
Marketing Associate

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Suhner Has a New Location

Exterior View of New Suhner Building LocationSuhner is excited to announce that they have moved to a new marketing and sales office. Originally located in Buffalo Grove, the company’s new office is in Barrington, Illinois.

This new office has sample models of Suhner’s products such as their tapping and drilling units. In addition, they have real-world examples on the walls that show where the tapping and drilling units can be used and what they’re used in.

Mike Ricketts, the regional manager of the machining division, feels that the new office offers a more professional environment. He believes that “Customers can come into my office or sit down in the conference room and we can go through a presentation showing them what Suhner offers. Likewise, they can come in with their own presentation and let us know what their needs are.” This setup promotes open communication between the company and its customers.

In this location, Suhner runs two divisions. These are the machining division led by Mike Ricketts and the transmission division, led by Tom Dunn, the company’s national account representative. Dunn is a specialist in the field of orthopedic surgical tools. Suhner’s flex shafts have particular advances in the medical industry, as they do in the company’s primary automotive market for power windows, seats, side view mirrors and roof retraction.

The new office is only 30 minute away from O’Hare International Airport, a central location that allows Suhner to better serve its current and future customers.

For more information, please contact:

Mike Ricketts
Suhner Industrial Products
Regional Manager – Machining Division
777 Lake Zurich Road
Suite 110G
Barrington, IL 60010
Mobile: 224-545-2014
Email: mike.ricketts@suhner.com

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Suhner and Velocity Products Form Partnership

Suhner has teamed up with Velocity Products to maintain the SU-matic line at the highest level of quality and functionality

Partnership with Velocity ProductsSuhner has just announced their partnership with Velocity Products on the repair and maintenance of SU-matic tooling. Velocity is the premier distributor of Tooling for Okuma, as well as innovative machine tools throughout North America. Velocity/SU-matic tooling is designed and manufactured by SU-matic, a worldwide leader in tooling technology. SU-matic works closely with engineers from Okuma when designing new tools. The collaboration ensures flawless tooling performance on lathes, multi-tasking machines and machine tools.

Velocity has experienced staff who can maintain tools at the highest standard required by OEM clients. Walter Scheppe has over 30 years of experience in maintaining and repairing tools. He has fixed lathe tooling, angle heads, multi-spindle heads and specialty tooling. The Velocity/SU-matic Preventive Maintenance Program uses the expertise of Walter and his team to keep the SU-matic tools running smoothly.

The Preventive Maintenance Program offers 72 hour inspection turnaround, inspection of radial and axial play and a six month guarantee on repairs.  In addition, Velocity/SU-matic tooling is guaranteed for two years; at the end of the two years, you can send your tools to the Velocity/SU-matic repair center for inspection, and if needed, return your tools to original factory specifications. The repair center is in Suhner’s new location, at 43 Anderson Road, Rome, GA 30161.

Commenting on the partnership, Bob Bauer, the Vice President of Velocity Products, said, “I’m proud for the partnership we have formed with Suhner, as this allows us to provide a timely and high-quality service to Okuma.”

For more information, please contact:

SUHNER Industrial Products Corp.

Lee Coleman, National Sales Manager-Machining Division
43 Anderson Road SW
Rome, GA 30161 USA
Direct: 706-314-2927
Mobile: 706-409-1876
Fax: 706-235-8045

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Suhner Launches New Tool Repair Center

Suhner’s North American service center has larger capacity, new equipment, better organization and more staff

Suhner Repair Center Team

Suhner proudly announces the opening of its new North American center. Located immediately next to the existing repair center on the company campus in Rome, Georgia, this facility offers customers several benefits. While the actual size is about the same as the previous repair center, there is 40% more workspace, thanks to better storage and materials handling operations. The center’s repair area has increased by 50% and there are new repair function areas, as well as new repair equipment. Suhner’s new center also features improved training facilities and a test area. The North American center has substantial room for expansion, as well, according to company sources.

Suhner Repair CenterOrganizationally, the center has shelving for vertical storage (18’ racking), industrial cabinets for organized parts storage and separate and dedicated stock areas. Further, Suhner has hired additional staff to offer better customer service to clients. This service includes onsite training in operations and maintenance of Suhner automated tooling equipment and other products in the line.

This new factory service center repairs spindles, multiple spindle heads, slides and live tooling. In the near future, Suhner will also service rotary index tables for CNC machines. Additionally, Suhner repairs its own line of abrasive power tools and competitive brands of spindles, multi-heads and live tooling.

For more information, please contact:

SUHNER Industrial Products Corp.

Lee Coleman, National Sales Manager-Machining Division
43 Anderson Road SW
Rome, GA 30161 USA
Phone: 706-314-2927
Fax: 706-235-8045

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AMF Marking and Cleaning Tools Now Available from Heimatec USA

Andreas Maier products now offered by live tooling importer 

Marking tools from AMF (foreground) and cleaning tool (background), now represented in North America by Heimatec Inc.

Marking tools from AMF (foreground) and cleaning tool (background), now represented in North America by Heimatec Inc.

Heimatec Inc., the North American importer of precision live tools, angle heads and multi-spindle drill heads, announces immediate availability of marking and cleaning tools from its European partner Andreas Maier, under the AMF brand. The announcement was made by the president of Heimatec Inc., Preben Hansen. “This development brings additional products to our current customers and responds to the market needs for quality marking and cleaning tools for workpieces in CNC machining,” he observed.

AMF marking tools are used for the permanent marking of workpieces made from all types of metal and thermoplastic substrates. They are typically mounted in Toolholders for use in the spindle of a CNC machine tool. Marking surfaces is achieved by a combination process of pressure and material displacement. These tools can function with or without rotation and usually without height adjustment on the spindle, resulting in a high-speed, highly efficient marking process and no degradation of the substrate. Very thin material as well as cylindrical workpieces can be easily marked, using AMF tools. Cost savings are said to be substantial, compared to conventional marking or labeling. Key design feature of the AMF marking tool is its needle, which achieves the surface marking with clarity and at high speed.

AMF cleaning tools are used for the cleaning of workpieces, tooling and the interior of CNC machines. They are typically clamped in Toolholders and mounted directly onto the machine spindle. Using through spindle coolant or compressed air, the cleaning tool removes swarf and other debris from workpieces, clamping tools, rotary tables and other fixtures before the next workpiece blank is loaded. The machine spindle can remain stationary or in slow rotation mode during the cleaning process. Models are available in horizontal or vertical styles to suit the machine spindle configuration and feature adjustable jet nozzles for precise cleaning and coolant or compressed air conservation. Kits can be furnished complete with tools, gauge and all fastening hardware or sold separately.

These new products from Heimatec Inc. are available immediately and are described in the literature available on request or at the company website.

For further information and literature on this new product line, please contact:

Preben Hansen, President
Heimatec Inc.
16 East Piper Lane, Suite 129,
Prospects Heights, IL 60070
Tel: 847-749-0633
Email:  phansen@heimatecinc.com

Heimatec Inc. in Prospect Heights, IL, near Chicago, serves its growing North American customer base with an extensive inventory of machine tool accessories. Its experienced staff is dedicated to providing the most innovative tooling and technology. Heimatec serves the auto, aero, medical, woodworking, composites and other industries, as well as an ever-increasing number of machine tool OEMs worldwide, through its network of manufacturers’ representatives.

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RedViking Announces New Business Unit

Added Manufacturing Quality Systems business unit provides dedicated team for long-term growth.

RedViking, a Plymouth, Michigan design and build company for manufacturing and testing solutions, today announced the creation of a new business unit, Manufacturing Quality Systems (MQS) based at the company headquarters in the Greater Detroit area, effective January 1, 2018.

RedViking’s MQS group provides unique solutions utilizing the latest technology and innovative ideas to effectively validate and test our customer’s product with extreme accuracy and repeatability resulting in indisputable data.  The three key product offerings are Dimensional Gaging, Leak Testing, and Component Assembly Validation which are incorporated within our customer’s new or existing production and assembly lines. The formal announcement was made by RedViking President, Randy Brodzik.

As Vice President of MQS, Greg Cameron, explained, “We have been providing part validation, and gaging systems to our customer’s for nearly 25 years working within the Automotive, Off-Highway and Aerospace markets. RedViking started by providing Tier 1 Automotive Exhaust Manufacturers with gaging, leak test, and validation equipment comprising of bar code traceability, pin stamping, torque guns, banding install, shield detection and dimensional measurement.  Over the years, RedViking has evolved in providing similar systems to other customers with products such as Drive shafts, Prop shafts and half shafts and today we’re integrating technologies to verify and validate assembly processes.”

Cameron further noted.  “All MQS solutions will be MES Ready using our new Argonaut software.  In the industry, there is more requirement to store part data and create a traceability profile of every part that is being manufactured by our customers.  Working In conjunction with our Argonaut MES group, we can now can integrate all the data into a central location either onsite or externally in a hosted Cloud. ”

As Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Josh McNeely stated, “RedViking customers will benefit from a dedicated team of applications, engineers, service and sales support on these very complex systems.” This new business unit will perform needs assessment, system engineering, system build, install, commissioning and ongoing support services to its customers.

Brodzik summarized, “We see this new business unit as a further enhancement to the relationship with customers as it makes RedViking a true end-to-end partner, offering our engineering and manufacturing capability for production and assembly systems along with our established dynamic test stand, manufacturing solutions and manufacturing execution system (MES) groups.”

Key individuals for management of the new MQS business unit at RedViking are Randy Brodzik, President, Greg Cameron, Vice President for MQS and Josh McNeely, Vice President for Sales and Marketing.

For more information, please contact:

46247 Five Mile Road
Plymouth, MI 48170
Phone:  734-454-0500
Lexi Vargo, Marketing & Communications Manager

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Heimatec Offers Live Tools for New Haas BMT Turret

Market leader in live tooling can supply complete range of products for new Haas BMT Turret

Heimatec Radial Tool

Radial tool 8 030 66 097

Heimatec, a market leader in live tooling for the North American machine tool industry, announced today that it has an extensive line of tooling available for the new Haas BMT turret.

The line includes a variety of driven tools (axial and radial drilling & milling heads) as well as static tool holders.  Heimatec also offers specialty tools for this turret including multi-spindle, adjustable angle, and speed multipliers.  For detailed download catalogs, please see the Heimatec website at: http://heimatecinc.com/catalogs/

Heimatec Axial Tool

Axial Tool 8 010 66 079

Heimatec already offers the most complete line of live tools available in the machine tool industry today, with over 40,000 designs in its database. These BMT turret tools are already proven and in production allowing Heimatec to provide immediate support and the most innovative tooling technology possible.

Heimatec North American distribution headquarters are located in Prospect Heights, Illinois (Chicagoland area) with world headquarters and all manufacturing based in Germany.  A team of manufacturers’ representatives covers the North American market for Heimatec.


For more information please contact:

Preben Hansen, President
Heimatec Inc.
16 East Piper lane, Suite 129,
Prospects Heights, IL 60070
Tel: 847-749-0633

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