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Stotz Air Gages and Measuring Systems Becomes Part of Advanced Machine & Engineering’s Family of Products

Advanced Machine & Engineering (AME) in Rockford, IL, is excited to announce that they have become the exclusive North American distributor for Stotz Measuring Systems, which includes air and electronic gaging devices.

Stotz Feinmesstechnik GmbH has been a leader in gaging technology for almost 60 years.  They design, manufacture and sell air-electronic gages and control devices.  They are constantly striving to improve their designs and develop new products to solidify their position as a leader in new measuring technology.  Numerous patents within the last few years have solidified their position as a trendsetter for new measuring technology and pneumatic measuring systems.  Their diverse customer base covers many industries, including manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive, aerospace and medical industries.  Stotz gages can be manufactured to measure I.D., O.D. out-of-round, straightness, parallelism, perpendicularity, flatness, taper, match grinding applications and many other geometric tolerances.  Air gaging is a very easy-to-use method of measuring and requires no special training, plus it is non-contact technology, so it does not mark the parts.  The measurements are extremely accurate and very fast.  There are no mechanical moving parts; therefore, air gages have a very long life expectancy.  The gages, coupled with the Stotz advanced line of air-electronic columns, make the integration into a user’s measuring system an easy transition.  This is true for both simple table top systems as well as more complex robotic measuring cells with feedback to machine tools as well as integrating with an SPC program.  Some common parts that are measured using air gages are fuel injection components, transmission components, hydraulic components, bearings, connecting rods, crankshafts, camshafts, valve seats, hip stems, surgical screws and many different tapers such as HSK, CAT, BT, KM, Morse and Jacobs, both the male and female portions.

Advanced Machine & Engineering Co., is a manufacturer located in Rockford, IL, serving the Machine Tool Industry with precision components and accessories, including spindle interface components, workholding devices, and, through our sister company, Hennig, machine enclosures, chip removal and filtration systems.  The Fluid Power – Safety markets are served with cylinder rod locks and safety catcher devises; and the Production Saw market with our Amsaw carbide saw machines and Speedcut blade products.  AME has manufacturing partners and customers around the world and across the U.S.  To learn more, visit www.ame.com.

Hennig, Inc. design and produces custom machine protection and chip/coolant management products for state-of-the-art machine tools.  Hennig products are designed to protect against corrosion, debris and common workplace contaminants.  Manufacturing facilities located in the U.S., Germany, Brazil, India, Japan, China and South Korea.  Repair centers are located in Machesney Park, IL; Chandler, OK; Livonia, MI; Blue Ash, OH; Mexico City, Mexico and Saltillo, Mexico.  To learn more, visit www.hennigworldwide.com.

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