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Forest City Gear’s green efforts

Forest City Gear went green in a number of ways.  Here is a picture of their “Zen” bench and sitting area.

In addition to an aggressive recycling program, Forest City has implemented a number of other changes:

  • Changing lights from T-12 to T-8, using 25, 28 and 32 watt lamps.
  • Tinting windows with low-E film, to minimize heat and lower energy costs during the summer months.
  • Replaced several heating/AC units with high energy efficiency units (Energy Star).
  • Installed programmable thermostats throughout the building, and a large ceiling fan in the plant.
  • Sun reflecting covers for skylights.
  • Replacement of less efficient air compressors.
  • Strategically planted shade and fruit trees, shrubs and plants, all around the building’s grounds.
  • Turning off plant lighting during the lunch period, and as required in bathrooms, lunch room, conference room and warehouse.
  • Adding sophisticated power factor optimization devices on factory motors.