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Siemens offers Sinamics G120C drives in new smaller frame size AA (FSAA)



New Sinamics G120C FSAA — the “Tiny Drive” in frame size AA from Siemens Industry, Inc.

Siemens announced today immediate availability of its popular Sinamics G120C drive in AA size, which replaces the previous G120C frame size A in power ratings up to 2.2 kW
(3 hp), including communication variants for USS, PROFIBUS, PROFINET and EtherNet/IP. Offering high power density in a smaller footprint, the new “tiny drive” offers fully compatible replacement for the equivalent power ratings on the previous version.

On new control cabinet designs, the G120C FSAA has significant size advantages, up to 32% less overall volume, for the OEM or integrator, but requires no re-engineering, when migrating from the G120C FSA on current jobs. Overall dimensions on the smaller unit, designed for use with PROFIBUS and USS variants are only 173mm high x 73mm wide x 155mm deep (6.8” x 2.8” x 6.1”).

Other benefits of the new G120C FSAA include use with increased motor cable lengths,
up to 50m (165 ft) for shielded and 150m (495 ft) for unshielded, plus identical voltage ratings, current ratings, load cycles and compatibility with all standard Siemens options such as operator panels, input and output chokes, as well as external Class B EMC filters.


Sinamics G120C FSAA has smaller footprint, up to 32% less volume, but delivers comparable features to previous version of this Siemens drive.

The G120C FSAA offers UL open type, IP20 protection in the 0.55–2.2 kW (0.75–3 hp) range.

Through the introduction of this new tiny drive, Siemens can now offer machine builders another economical, space-saving and easy-to-operate standard AC drive with a wide range of functions, according to Robert Soré, product marketing manager for general purpose drives at Siemens. Typical applications for this product span a broad machine and equipment range, including smaller test stands, mixers, conveyors, fans, pumps, compressors and basic production machinery.


For more information about the Sinamics G120C drive platform, please visit: www.usa.siemens.com/sinamics-g120c-pr


For specific product information and inquiries, call (800) 879-8079 ext. Marketing Communications or send an e-mail to: mc.us@siemens.com

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Siemens Offers The North American Markets Conveyor Technology For Material Handling

Siemens brings a full complement of solutions and services with its value proposition to the North American conveyor sector of the material handling industry

Siemens brings a full complement of solutions and services with its value proposition to the North American conveyor sector of the material handling industry

Siemens is offering conveyor technology for material handling, to all builder, system integrator and end-users of both discrete and process manufacturing markets.  An integrated drive system with Siemens motion control and drives products, along with communication protocols, is available.  It spans the range of drives, motors, gear motors and automation technology, plus machine safety, power supply and circuit protection.

As a longtime supplier to the global conveyor and material handling industry, Siemens brings this offering to the North American market with the full support of its global network of engineering, sales, service and technical support.

Advantages for machine builders

Siemens brings a flexible and field-tested portfolio of products and software services to the builders of material handling equipment in all industries.  Free design tools allow a more efficient process in customer design, configuration and product selection, plus communication and energy calculation.

When a large or multi-unit system is needed, the advantages of Siemens distributed control and common DC bus afford many with an economical solution to material handling.  This translates to a lower installation and commissioning cost.

Through the OEM Partner Program, machine and equipment builders benefit from the global experience of Siemens.  Machine conversion services, design tool-kits, global coordination for companies seeking more international business including full standards compliance, co-marketing opportunities and assistance in emerging markets are among the many services provided by the global team of Siemens.

Advantages for system integrators and end-users

Whether a greenfield project or brownfield expansion of an existing material handling machine or full production line, Siemens integrated drive systems bring a full portfolio of products and automation solutions to the task.  In the field, fast commissioning is provided by a team of qualified personnel, resulting in quicker start-up and less downtime.

The preventive maintenance and remote diagnostics software combine to keep equipment running more productively.   The recent expansion of our popular drives platform to include PROFINET, PROFIBUS, EtherNet / IP and AS-interface allow Siemens drives to communicate with other brands of existing products or new components on the customer’s line, resulting in cost savings and greater efficiencies.

Siemens can satisfy an array of typical material handling scenarios, as it supplies a full range of products and services to create the ideal solution for the customer.

Siemens products for material handling applications include:

Gear motors

Recently established in Greenville, S.C. to better serve the North American market, the Simogear gear motor facility assembles energy-efficient gear motor units commonly found in material handling.  Simogear can be combined with Sinamics drives to suit a broad range of applications — from the low-speed uses (0.1–1000 rpm) to the most challenging, high-torque demands.

Siemens is in the forefront of the evolution from worm to helical bevel gear motor utilization in the material handling world, as this technology means less motor power is needed to produce the same output torque and speed. This translates to smaller units with higher efficiency and overall lower cost.


The complete family of Siemens Sinamics drives means a single source for a broad assortment of product solutions, globally recognized and capable of controlling virtually every application in material handling, from basic roller tracks to multi-axis, high-bay racking units, all with high-dynamic performance.

Central and decentralized drives are highlighted by the Sinamics V20, G120C and G120D.  All are space-saving and offer a variety of communication, programming and control capabilities.  In addition, the decentralized Sinamics G120D can be machine-mounted and is suitable for tough environments.

Controllers, I/O and Software

Simatic S7 PLCs offer both PAC and PLC reliability in their performance with modular and PC-based options.

Distributed I/O from Siemens is useful in all conveyor, sorting and assembly operations, plus is offered in space-saving compact or modular form factors.

Simatic software includes operator control and monitoring systems with a single software environment for every automation task.  Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) means over 100,000 Siemens products share a core intelligence.


Additional products available in the Siemens suite include RFID code systems, industrial PC’s, various HMI options for panel mount and portable use, full wireless automation and motion control communications hardware, safety devices and power management switchgear, measuring and monitoring.

For more information, videos and to download the relevant brochure, please visit:  www.usa.siemens.com/conveyor-pr

For specific product information and inquiries, call (800) 879-8079 ext. Marketing Communications or send an e-mail to: SiemensMTBUMarCom.industry@siemens.com.


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Siemens Enhances Sinamics G120 Drive Platform with Industrial Ethernet Connectivity

siemens_sinamics_g120engSiemens announced that its versatile Sinamics G120 drive system has been enhanced to include EtherNet/IP connectivity, thus providing maximum flexibility for industrial Ethernet communication while offering innovative concepts for those wanting a single network for the entire plant.

“In many instances, plant managers have the requirement for a single-plant network, particularly with large automotive, packaging, plastics, metals, food and beverage as well as material handling companies,” says Robert Soré, Siemens product manager, Sinamics G drives.  “Our Sinamics G120 drive provides communications without limits to a specific network type.”

The Sinamics G120 drive platform supports, as standard, Profibus DP and Profinet to ensure seamless communications between every component involved in a typical automation solution, including HMI (operator control and visualization) and I/O.  Additional higher-level functions, including Safety Integrated telegrams and synchronized mechanisms for even the highest-level control applications, are
also included.

Profinet can transmit operating and diagnostics data simultaneously to enterprise-level systems using standard IT mechanisms (TCP/IP) for an integrated factory environment.  The new addition of an EtherNet/IP stack offers another option for Sinamics G120 users.  Having the flexibility to communicate with the most common automation systems via Profinet or EtherNet/IP makes the Sinamics G120 drive system easily adaptable to the current Industrial Ethernet boom.

With a wide power range (0.50 – 350 hp), highly scalable solutions, including safety integrated functionality and convenient start-up with Siemens Starter software, the Sinamics G120 drive is a powerful solution for a variety of applications, including packaging, plastics molding and extrusion, textile, printing and paper machines, handling and assembly systems, rolling mills and test stands.

See the SINAMICS Drives video on YouTube here.

For more information about the Sinamics G120 drive platform, visit www.usa.siemens.com/sinamics-g120.

For specific product information and inquiries, call (800) 879-8079 ext. Marketing Communications or send an e-mail to: SiemensMTBUMarCom.industry@siemens.com.


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