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Maya HTT and Siemens PLM sponsor premier showing of “First Man” movie in Montreal

250 aerospace supply company representatives enjoy hospitality, educational presentation and exclusive movie showing at Colossus de Laval in the Cosmodome

On Friday, October 12, approximately 250 suppliers to the bustling Montreal aerospace community gathered at the Colossus de Laval theater and entertainment complex for a premier showing of “First Man,” the new movie which traces the history of the first moon landing in 1969.  The film focuses on the life of Neil Armstrong, the American astronaut who took that “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

This event was sponsored jointly by Maya HTT and Siemens PLM, partners in service to the aerospace industry in Montreal.  Hosting the event was Ms. Rita Azrak, marketing director for Maya, who began the technical presentation portion of the day by musing that the actual “first foot” on the moon was Canadian, as the landing leg cones on the lunar excursion module Eagle were fabricated in Canada, a comment which aroused the crowd’s enthusiasm.

The three main speakers gave insights on their companies’ involvement in the industry and were quite optimistic for the future, as funding for renewed space exploration by both Canada and America is in the works with the respective countries’ governments.  Before the first speaker, a recorded message was shown from the first Canadian astronaut, Marc Garneau, now Minister of Transport in Canada and a veteran of three flights on the Space Shuttle.  He was followed by Mike Greenley, group president for MDA Corporation, a major aerospace supplier, George Rendell, senior director at Siemens and Marc Lafontaine, vice-president of Maya.  All spoke of the longtime benefits derived in our daily lives from the space program, over the decades, as well as the next major project now under way, the Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway, a lunar orbit space station which, according to NASA documents, will serve as a solar-powered communications hub, science lab, short-term habitation module and holding area for space rovers and other robots.  They detailed some of the advancements and planned developments in artificial intelligence.

The program also included a variety of successes achieved with Siemens PLM products, especially NX CAD and NX CAM through the Teamcenter of product lifecycle management.  Maya is the Siemens partner in Montreal and brings further value to these products and others in the Siemens suite as a Platinum Level VAR, serving a broad spectrum of industries, including aerospace, defense, automotive, marine and commercial building.

Many in the audience were quite moved by the touching story of Neil Armstrong and his Apollo journey to the moon and back.

For more information on this interesting event or the sponsoring companies, contact:

Ms. Rita Azrak, Marketing Director
Maya HTT Ltd
4999 Ste-Catherine Ouest, Suite 400
Montreal, Quebec QC H3Z 1T3
Phone:  514-369-5706, ext. 236

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AeroDef 2014 Siemens Round-Up: Siemens introduces enhanced SIMATIC IT for Assembly and Complex Manufacturing

Did you miss Siemens at AeroDef 2014? Here’s what you missed!

AeroDef 2014 – Siemens Industry Software announced today availability of a new version of their leading Operations Management System for Assembly and Complex Manufacturing.

Already an established benchmark in the market, the introduction of version 3.2 of this comprehensive suite consolidates Siemens at the forefront of production optimization software for the discrete manufacturing industry.

SIMATIC IT ACM Closed-Loop Integration Built to deliver value right at the heart of the manufacturing facility, this powerful environment inherits the agility, speed, scalability and performance of the SIMATIC IT platform, providing customers with unparalleled out-of-the-box functionality and the flexibility to extend and tailor the solution to their needs.

Whether you are looking to reduce the complexity of your IT landscape, increase the agility and flexibility of your manufacturing facilities, render your production processes transparent and measurable, shorten time-to-market, streamline the link between shop-floor and supply chain or adapt to new regulations, SIMATIC IT is the right choice for your business.

The biggest opportunity for manufacturers lies in their ability to Continuously Innovate in a Consumer-driven market on a Global basis.  This requires that manufacturing facilities are seamlessly integrated into both the PLM and Supply Chain processes, and this is where SIMATIC IT is of unique interest, for only Siemens has a comprehensive portfolio of Industry Software seamlessly integrating PLM, MOM and Automation functionality.

Siemens Industry Software presents the new version of its SIMATIC IT Suite for Assembly and Complex Manufacturing

Siemens Industry Software presents the new version of its SIMATIC IT Suite for Assembly and Complex Manufacturing


SIMATIC IT ACM functionality includes:

  • Order and Task Management
  • Routing and operational constraint Management
  • Operation Work-booking
  • Work in Progress Reporting
  • Automatic As-Built Reporting
  • Composite materials checks
  • Material Pre-Kitting
  • Tool Management and
    Usage Tracking
  • End-to-end Material Genealogy
  • Electronic Work Instruction Authoring and Display
  • Manual and Automatic
    Data Collection
  • First Article Inspection (FAI)
  • Time and Attendance Management
  • Non Productive Activity Registration
  • Defect Tracking
  • Non-Conformity Declaration
  • Corrective Action Management
  • Rework process Management
  • Change Management
  • Audit and Certification
  • B2MML-based, bi-directional ERP Integration
  • Native PLM Integration

SIMATIC IT ACM is part of the full Siemens Manufacturing Operations Management portfolio.  The full range of SIMATIC IT products includes:

  • Finite Capacity Scheduling
  • Mechatronics Execution Management
  • Manufacturing Intelligence
  • Quality & Compliance Management
  • The world’s leading SCADA
  • Comprehensive solutions for Process and Pharma markets

For more information about SIMATIC IT, please visit www.siemens.com/simaticit

Download this article as a PDF: SIMATIC IT ACM

Download the SIMATIC IT Assembly & Complex Manufacturing Brochure: SIM ATIC IT ACM

Download the SIMATIC IT Line Monitoring System Brochure: SIMATIC IT LMS

For inquiries, send an e-mail to: industrymanagement_simatic.it@siemens.com

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