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Back to Marketing 101

In this struggling economy, we have clients who’ve actually gone back to Marketing 101 and decided that tough times require more aggressive presence in the market.

Old customers and prospective new ones are being courted more often, both in print ads, direct mail (making a nice comeback as it’s now unique!) and online via blast email, regular newsletters and the inexpensive if rather impersonal vid conference.
The impact of such activity has had the collateral if unintended consequence of making our agency quite busy, this year.  So thanks for that, clients!

Much more important is the fundamental tenet of marketing being applied here.  They can’t buy from you if they don’t know you’re on the planet, to be blunt.

And, whether they’re currently buying or not, the ones who’ll stay in business are the targets of our messages for clients.

Having lived through four major recessions in business in my time, the theory has been proven true, time and again.  Namely, companies who continue to maintain a presence in their market, by whatever means, come back faster and stronger than those who don’t.  This is a fact and we have the evidence to prove it, for anyone interested.

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