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Parrot-Beak® Drum Truck for Handling all Rimmed Drums

Buffalo Grove, IL Liftomatic Material Handling, Inc., an industry leading material handling equipment manufacturer, recently introduced a new 4-wheel hand truck, the Liftomatic 10HT-4W.

Parrot-Beak® Drum TruckThe Model 10HT-4W is a 4-wheel hand truck designed to handle all rimmed steel, fiber and plastic drums weighing up to 1000 pounds. It is designed with ergonomic safety in mind, eliminating the need for an operator to bear the weight of the load during transport.

The drum truck has two 10″ main wheels with full roller bearings, and two 4″ swivel casters to support the drum while moving through plants and warehouses, in addition to Liftomatic’s exclusive “Parrot-Beak®” clamping mechanism.  Other features include a clamping mechanism that can be adjusted to handle all drum sizes from 10 to 85 gallons.

Liftomatic Material Handling, Inc. is an acknowledged leader in the design and manufacture of drum handling equipment. Headquartered in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, Liftomatic maintains manufacturing, engineering and sales facilities around the globe. Liftomatic currently sells products in over 40 countries and sells to more than 400 of the Fortune 500 companies.

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