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Profilator S150

GMTA Demonstrates Profilator Capabilities with Scudding® Videos

GMTA (German Machine Tools of America) in Ann Arbor, Michigan represents the Profilator line of gear pointing, rounding, cutting, Scudding®, Hard Scudding®, deburring and polygon machine tools in North America. These highly modular machines are used for polygon and slot facing, shifter stop machining, chamfering and deburring of highly complex automotive and other powertrain gears.

Profilator also developed the S-type machine. This is a compactly and modularly designed, vertical single spindle pick-up gear cutting machine.  Machines in the S Series are better than broaching and most applications feature a dry machining process. All machine components are designed for especially high static stiffness and optimal dynamic behavior. Furthermore, the machine’s twin spindle arrangement speeds up the process considerably. S-type machines are available in three sizes, namely Profilator S-150,  Profilator S-250 and Profilator S-500. Profilator S-150 has a part diameter up to 150 mm, while Profilator S-250 and S-500 have a part diameter up to 250 mm and 500 mm, respectively. 

The Scudding® and Hard Scudding® process offers a marked improvement on skiving technology. To see our series of Profilator videos, click here:  

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