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Intercoat® Chemguard – a New Type of Corrosion Protection

Permanent corrosion protection is more effective and less expensive than standard heavy-zinc galvanize

intercoat chemguard results

G235 treated with Hexavalent Chemtreat (top) vs. G40 treated with InterCoat® ChemGuard (bottom).Test: ASTM B117 salt spray test on hot dipped galvanized.

A leading coil coater and manufacturer of proprietary coating chemistries has recently introduced InterCoat®ChemGuard, a new type of corrosion protection for galvanized steel.

InterCoat®ChemGuard uses a new type of coating technology that utilizes covalent bonds and enhances the effectiveness of zinc and substantially improves corrosion protection on galvanized steel. Standard practice to protect metal from corrosion for approximately the last 70 years has been to coat it with zinc. Heavier zinc coatings have normally been applied to provide longer protection.  This was the industry standard practice, until now.

InterCoat®ChemGuard, instead, reacts with the zinc to form a permanent, covalent bond on the surface of the metal. The product is applied over a light layer of zinc, which reacts with the zinc to dramatically improve its corrosion protection properties. The bond which is formed at the molecular level cannot be washed or worn off. This is different and more effective than the typical barrier coating.  This revolutionary process allows bending, stamping, post-painting and even shearing, while providing self-healing characteristics that help protect newly exposed zinc that naturally occurs during secondary processing.

InterCoat®ChemGuard is a major development for any user looking to extend the corrosion resistance of galvanized steel.  The product is RoHS compliant and continues to protect during stamping, roll forming, shearing and is weldable. With a low coefficient of friction, it actually enhances these processes.  InterCoat®ChemGuard is designed to be applied on the galvanize line or, for custom formulas, by the original coil coater and developer of this unique compound.

Intercoat Chemguard Salt Spray Test

G40 bare (left) after 144 hours and G40 with InterCoat® ChemGuard (right) after 2520 hours. Test: ASTM B117 salt spray.

InterCoat®ChemGuard offers significant cost savings because it allows for lighter zinc to form the bond. It is not necessary to apply heavy zinc; it reduces the need for zinc coatings heavier than G30, in many applications on the market today. The product also eliminates the need for temporary corrosion protection coatings, often used in shipping and materials storage, including hexavalent chrome, a known carcinogen, making it more environmentally friendly for all building, architectural, transportation and consumer appliance applications.

It is applicable to many industries, including automotive, aerospace, construction, electrical conduit, wall studs, furniture, fixtures, appliances, outdoor and highway railing, agricultural, lawn and garden and other products using galvanize.

For more information on this product, please visit the website at: www.lowerzinc.com

To discuss, or arrange a trial, please contact:

Bill Capizzano, President
Chemcoaters, Inc.
700 Chase Street
Gary, IN 46404
Email:  BillC@chemcoaters.com
Phone:  219-977-1929


Mike Tieri, Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Email: MikeT@chemcoaters.com
Phone: 708-715-7759

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Chemcoaters Names Mike Tieri VP of Sales & Marketing

Longtime veteran of steel industry to lead sales and marketing efforts for major coil coater and coatings manufacturer

Mike Tieri, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Mike Tieri, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Effective immediately, Mike Tieri, 59, has been named Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Chemcoaters, Inc., a leading coil coater as well as a manufacturer of proprietary coating chemistries at its sister company, Eco Green, both based in the heart of the American steel industry, Gary, Indiana.  This appointment was announced by company president Bill Capizzano.

Mike joined Chemcoaters in 2013, following a long career in steel sales dating back to 1993 at Cresco Steel, then Viking Materials and Kloeckner Metals.   Subsequently, Mike was a Sales Manager for Chicago Tube & Iron, Kloeckner and JDM Steel.

Prior to this promotion, Mike served as Director of Sales & Marketing for Chemcoaters and Eco Green, spearheading the efforts on both companies’ sales initiatives, key account management, sales strategy and new business development.  He works closely with the company’s ad and PR agency on brand building and development of the messaging to the mills, service centers and OEMs in the industry.   Recently, he developed a highly successful campaign for the Chemcoaters coil washing service, using a “Car Wash” theme he developed with the agency.  Mike was also honored in 2016 by the Metal Service Center Institute for his innovative and clever social media campaigns.

Mike and wife Jill live in Tinley Park, Illinois, have five children and six grandchildren. They are members of Harvest Bible Chapel in Rolling Meadows, Illinois.


Based in Gary, Indiana, Chemcoaters, Inc. is a leading supplier of green coil coatings, as well as traditional prepaint and protective coil coatings such as dry film lubes and other RoHS-compliant coatings.  Virtually no VOCs or HAPs are present in the process. The company’s patented InterCoat® ChemGuard 300 coating is formulated with trivalent chrome vs. hexavalent chrome, making it environmentally friendly in all building, architectural, transportation and consumer appliance applications.   InterCoat® ChemGuard 300 coating has superior corrosion resistance, as well.  Chemcoaters offers a presentation on their unique and proprietary patented coating that evidences this fact to all interested parties.

For more information, please contact:

Bill Capizzano, President
Chemcoaters, Inc.
700 Chase Street
Gary, IN 46404
Phone:  877-411-2905
Email:  billc@chemcoaters.com

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Chemcoaters Addresses EQ Controversy Directly


Chemcoaters Comparison

ASTM B117 salt spray test results, performed on HDG G235 with hexavalent chemtreat vs. HDG G40 with InterCoat® ChemGuard 315, as exposed for 1500 hours. The RoHS compliant coating applied by Chemcoaters is made with trivalent chrome vs. hexavalent chrome, a known carcinogenic.

“G40 hot dip galvanized with Intercoat® ChemGuard will substantially outperform G235 and offer a much lower overall cost,” states director of sales & marketing Mike Tieri

In a forceful announcement made today, Chemcoaters, Inc. (Gary, Indiana) directly addressed the EQ (Equivalent Coating) controversy with the statement above, attributed to Mike Tieri, Director of Sales & Marketing for the company, a leading green coil coater based in Gary, Indiana.

Elaborating, Mr. Tieri cited the following example.

“For 16 ga coil (0.056 specifically), the zinc coating to a G30 thickness is currently adding $1.90 cwt. By contrast, G235 thickness zinc coating is $11.10 cwt. To apply our Intercoat® ChemGuard to G30 is no more than $4.00 cwt, so the economics are unquestionable. Since G30 is commercially available from many more sources, it means service centers, OEM’s and processors can use a lighter and obviously less-expensive zinc coating thickness, have a metal product that is considerably easier to form and shape, reduce SKU’s, increase inventory turns, increase corrosion resistance (see graphic) and save money immediately. Doesn’t get much better,” Tieri mused. He further noted that this example is not always applicable, given the size of the coils supplied to Chemcoaters.

The InterCoat® ChemGuard product can also remain bare, be painted or welded, plus it’s RoHS compliant and can even be tinted in a spectrum of colorations, according to Tieri.

Chemcoaters, Inc. is a leading supplier of various coil coatings and cleaning services for the coiled metals market. The company’s patented InterCoat® ChemGuard 300 coating is formulated with trivalent chrome vs. hexavalent chrome, making it environmentally friendly in all building, architectural, transportation and consumer appliance applications.   InterCoat® ChemGuard 300 coating has superior corrosion resistance, as well. Chemcoaters offers a presentation that evidences this fact to all interested parties.  


For more information, please contact:

Mike Tieri
Director of Sales Marketing
Chemcoaters, Inc.
700 Chase Street
Gary, IN 46404
Phone:  877-411-2905
Email:  miket@chemcoaters.com
Website: www.chemcoaters.com
Connect with Chemcoaters online: yt twit gplus fb li

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Chemcoaters Service Center Workshop & Plant Tour

Take a few hours to gather some great information and ideas to make your 2015 a great year!


Come on over to Chemcoaters for networking, lunch and to see new and exciting things to amaze your customers!

When: Thursday February 26, 2015

Where: Chemcoaters, Gary, IN (more details below)

Time: 11:00am – 1:00pm


  • Information about the products and processes that can help your customer
  • Learn all about Intercoat© ChemGuard and the customers it can help
  • Dry Film Lubricants, Thin Film Acrylics, Reclamation
  • Markets and the products that can help you succeed in them
  • Technical Experts to address all questions and concerns
  • Tour of the coating line and facility
  • Lunch will be served
  • Networking
  • Gift for participating

“If you’ve been to a workshop before, this will give you more insight and get you even more familiar with everything we do and how you can use it to develop more business.”

“If this is your first chance to learn about Intercoat© ChemGuard, you’ll be amazed at how this can help some of your current customers, and just may unlock the door that has been locked up this point!  Invest in yourself!”

Call Mike Tieri to reserve your spot for a fun, interesting and informative session!

Mike Tieri
Director of Sales Marketing
Chemcoaters, Inc.
700 Chase Street
Gary, IN 46404
Phone:  877-411-2905
Email:  miket@chemcoaters.com
Website: www.chemcoaters.com
Connect with Chemcoaters online: yt twit gplus fb li

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Chemcoaters Hosting Ongoing Cigar Fest Sessions

Metal service centers and other key customers of Gary, Indiana coil coater hear company updates, enjoy great cigars and camaraderie

As Chemcoaters Director of Sales & Marketing Mike Tieri puts it, “We might not be politically correct, but we have a great time and it’s a very productive session, as the interaction is just what we wanted.”  He’s referring to the ongoing Cigar Fest sessions, being hosted by Mike and Chemcoaters President Bill Capizzano, on a recurrent basis at a local area establishment in Countryside, Illinois, namely the Casa de Montecristo (www.casademontecristo-chicago.com)

Held every other month, Mike Tieri gathers 10-20 customers, mostly from the company’s metal service center base, to enjoy a meal, hear a presentation on the Chemcoaters service package of coil coatings, plus engage in a lively exchange of topics relevant to the business world of the service center, the market conditions and the future outlook for business development between service centers, their suppliers and their customers. The sessions conclude with an assortment of cigars and lively conversation. Tieri notes, “We have intentionally planned these events, so there’s a good mix of small and large firms, plus the service centers often bring their customers, so we gain that extra perspective on the market and we learn a lot about how to serve it better. Every session so far has yielded some great ideas for our customers and our company alike.”

Based in Gary, Indiana, Chemcoaters is a leading supplier of green coil coatings, as well as traditional prepaint and protective coil coatings, dry film lubes and RoHS-compliant coatings. Virtually no VOCs or HAPs are present in the process.

The company’s patented InterCoat ChemGuard® is formulated with trivalent vs. hexavalent chrome, making it environmentally friendly for all building, architectural and mechanical appliance applications. Superior corrosion resistance and documented cost reductions are provided, as well. Chemcoaters offers a presentation that evidences these facts to all interested parties.

Any companies interested in attending an upcoming Cigar Fest can contact Mike Tieri (details below).

For more information, please contact:

Mike Tieri
Director of Sales Marketing
Chemcoaters, Inc.
700 Chase Street
Gary, IN 46404
Phone: 877-411-2905
Email: miket@chemcoaters.com
Website: www.chemcoaters.com
Connect with Chemcoaters online: yt twit gplus fb li

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EQ Coatings: Codes, Standards and Corrosion Protection

Contact us to receive this whitepaper as a WordDoc.

Why an Interest in EQ Coatings?

The Steel Industry is a highly competitive world market.  The industry is always in search of innovative and fresh manufacturing methods to improve quality and lower costs.  One wouldn’t automatically think the metal stud industry utilizes cutting edge technology to create their products, since studs are well hidden and only visible during construction, but this is a common misconception.  Progression in the engineering of stud design and stud manufacturing processes has followed a challenging path similar to that of the more well-known automotive industry.  Throughout the years, the automotive industry has seen the approval of countless regulatory guidelines, pressuring automotive manufacturers to become innovative in their processing, leading to the creation of better operational processes, new metallurgical steels, new technology development in roll forming and stamping methods, plus the creation of new coatings to provide better corrosion resistance and impart specific characteristics, such as weldability and improved formability.  Just as these regulatory guidelines pushed automotive manufacturers to innovate, the metal stud manufacturers were driven by the need to remain competitive against alternative building materials (eg. wood and concrete).  Metal studs are sold and priced by the pound, so the need to be market competitive added pressure for stud manufacturers to engineer innovative designs and processes that drive out costs while creating products that are equal to or superior to the products already available.  These innovations can be seen through many advancements; one such example being the creation of special tooling that imparts specifically designed shapes and ridges which work to improve strength (yields) while reducing both gauge and weight.

When the discussion turns to materials, metal stud manufacturers primarily utilize galvanized substrates.  These materials have worked well for manufacturers as zinc premiums have been stable over the past several years. However, in 2014 and 2015, experts project that zinc premiums will drastically increase.  As the gauges of the metal studs are reduced, a correlation can be observed where the percentage of reduction in the thickness of the metal studs increases the percentage of zinc to the overall metal stud thickness and therefore increases the zinc premiums.  These higher zinc premiums have also contributed to pressuring stud manufacturers to innovate, leading to some metal stud manufacturers taking advantage of purchasing excess automotive, high quality Galvanneal substrates and subjecting those substrates through the process of cold-reduction in order to drive yields up while obtaining equal strength from light gauges.  The creation of new processing techniques such as this one led to the design and creation of coatings that were specifically formulated for the metal stud industry and are best known as EQ Coatings.  EQ Coatings have been shown to significantly outperform standard metallic coatings such as:

  • G40/G60/G90 Hot-Dip Galvanizing and A40/A60 Galvanneal
  • 60G/60G, 90G/90G Electro-Galvanized
  • GF20/GF30/GF45 Galfan

EQ Coatings were developed to provide equivalent or superior corrosion protection, compared to approved metallic coatings that are listed in the ASTM A1003 standard for metal studs.  While the “EQ” stands for Equivalent, EQ Coating manufacturers and test data insist that EQ Coatings are nothing short of being superior coatings.

Interior Drywall Steel Stud Framing – Codes and Standards

Over the past several years, there have been countless discussions between metal stud manufacturers and metal stud industry associations over the acceptance of EQ studs and whether or not EQ Coatings conform to industry standards.  Some regulating bodies have dealt with these discussions for several years, mostly due to the confusion caused by the distribution of misinformation in the marketplace.  The SFIA (Steel Framing Industry Association) Technical Director Pat Ford explained in a recent Webinar, co-sponsored by the SFIA and AWCI associations, that EQ Coatings conform to the many codes within IBC, ASTM, AISI and ICC.  Though there are many ASTM standards associated with manufacturing and specifying Cold Formed Members (metal studs), the key standards that are applicable to EQ Coatings are:

  • ASTM C645; Per Section 4.2:

Members shall have a protective coating conforming to Specification A653 – G 40 minimum or have a protective coating with an equivalent corrosion resistance.

(Note that this “equivalent” provision has been in the standard for over 20 years.)

  • ASTM A1003; per sections 9.1.3 for Metallic Coated Sheet Steels;;  No more than 10% loss of coating… at the end of the prescribed test duration.;  Minimum exposure for type NS steels is 75 h.

  • ASTM A1004; per section 6.2 Procedures for Metallic Coated Products;

6.2.1:  Use Practice ASTM B-117 (Accelerated Salt Spray Test) to evaluate corrosion conformance…

These standards and requirements have been adopted into the SFIA QC program and serve as the basis for performance requirements for this program.  In short, this program states, the requirements for a metallic G40 EQ (Equivalent) coating are:

  • The manufacturer must show that the EQ coating is more than 50% metallic.
  • It must submit to ASTM A1004 and ASTM B-117 Salt Spray tests per the listed protocols and sample quantities.
  • It must pass the ASTM required 75 hour minimum test duration with less than 10% coating loss (i.e. – relative area of red rust)

In summary, for drywall framing, the IBC Code refers to ASTM standard C645 for guidelines.  Relative to EQ Coatings, the other standards that reference guidelines for the performance are ASTM A1003, ASTM A1004 and ASTM B117.

How do EQ Coatings Work?

EQ Coatings are primarily (or entirely) composed of metallic compounds and are highly conductive.  Due to their unique chemical nature, EQ Coatings require zinc, zinc alloy or zinc-iron alloy metallic coated base substrate to effectively work.  EQ Coatings are Not Barrier Coatings, unlike more common coatings such as pretreatments, sealers, TFA’s (Thin-Film-Acrylics), primers and/or prepaints.  EQ Coatings permanently (chemically and covalently) bond and integrate into the zinc, zinc alloy or zinc-iron alloy metallic coated substrate and become a singular composite coating system.  It is this characteristic that provides the tremendous corrosion resistance properties.  In some EQ Coating systems, cut edge and scratch resistance are so enhanced, compared to traditional standard metallic coated systems, that some EQ Coatings can provide self-healing characteristics.

Typical G40 HDG or A40 Galvanneal metallic coated substrates are manufactured according to the ASTM A653 Standard for Galvanized Sheet Steel and are expected to have .40 oz./ft² (total for both sides) of coating weight (mass).  The standard (A653) allows for a range in the galvanized coating weights but must have a minimum coating weight of .30 oz./ft² (total both sides).  In closer review of the standard, the actual coating weight can be as low as .12 oz./ft² on a single side.  The photo below shows the full coating weight range of a typical G40 HDG metallic coating that can be purchased from a steel mill and still be within the approved specification range.  In review, the coating weights at the lower end of the G40 specification do not perform very well in an ASTM B177 salt spray test.  Even coating weights at the high end of the G40 standard show 100% white rust at 48 – 75 hours.

The galvanizing process can create vast valleys, fractures, pits and porosity in the zinc metallic surface.  EQ Coatings are applied via a reverse roll coating application on a coil coating line and then cured with an IR or conventional oven.  The combination of the coating and the process allows the EQ Coating to penetrate deep into the fractures and valleys within the zinc metallic coating, where it proceeds to chemically react with the zinc, sealing it off from the environment.  It is this unique process and reaction that provides the tremendous corrosion protection associated with EQ Coatings.  EQ Coating and a zinc metallic coating are more than just a basic coating.  When combined, they become a singular permanent integrated composite coating.  The unique level of corrosion protection provided by an EQ Coating allows metal stud manufacturers to utilize substrates that do not meet minimum metallic coating weight (mass) requirements of ASTM A1003 but when enhanced with a singular composite integrated EQ Coating system, they can provide extensive corrosion protection that meets or exceeds the corrosion expectations associated with the metallic coating weight ranges referenced above.

Superior Performance of EQ Coatings

As mentioned earlier, EQ Coatings were specifically designed and created for the metal stud industry.  They were designed to be applied to excess automotive Galvanneal, HDG or Electro-Galvanized, be cold-reduced by 20% to 50% after coating, slit down and then roll-formed into finished metal studs.  EQ Coatings have been shown to outperform other mill applied or other post applied coatings.  Some EQ Coatings are formulated to provide superior cut-edge and scratch protection.  In the photo, the flat test panels on the top show cut edge and scribe performance, as compared to the G40 control pictured at the bottom.

EQ Coating formulations can be modified to meet the needs of many specialized requirements or applications, such as:

  • Hexavalent Chromium Product
  • Trivalent Chromium Product (RoHS Compliant)
  • Chrome-Free Product (RoHS Compliant)
  • Lubricity (to aid in the roll forming and stamping applications by improving productivity, increasing tool life and reducing the level of wet lubricants used – translating to cost savings for the customer)
  • Tints that can be added for desired appearance or product recognition

Other Advantages of EQ Coatings

In accordance with the ASTM A1003 Standard; 9.1.1  Not all coatings will react the same under a given set of environmental conditions.  These minimum coating designations assume normal exposure conditions and construction practices.  When more severe exposure conditions are probable (for example:  in coastal areas), consideration should be given to specify heavier coating weights (mass).” 

In this section of the ASTM A1003, the standard recommends specifying substrates with better corrosion performance when in severe environments, such as G60 or G90 HDG.  EQ Coatings can easily accommodate this requirement at a fraction of the cost, compared to zinc premiums on substrates above G40.

Since September of 2011, when Eco-Green Coatings, a division of Chemcoaters, developed their EQ Coating known by the trade name as InterCoat®ChemGuard,  there have been over 500 million linear feet of EQ coated studs sold in the marketplace without a single claim for corrosion in the field.

Other steel product industry segments have found an interest and have accepted the EQ coatings due to their field performance, as depicted in the data above, and the tremendous corrosion resistance.  Some of these applications include:

  • Transportation; one large vehicle manufacturer has specified InterCoat®ChemGuard into the floor of their vehicles.  They now offer a 10-year warranty over the traditional 5-year warranty for corrosion protection.
  • Service Centers are specifying InterCoat®ChemGuard to eliminate transient rust when coils are shipped from the Midwest to Mexico.
  • Major U.S. Appliance manufacturers are testing InterCoat®ChemGuard to improve corrosion issues in dishwashers and laundry applications.
  • Major HVAC manufacturer utilizes InterCoat®ChemGuard as a hybrid primer for roof-top units to improve corrosion protection.
  • Major U.S. steel door manufacturer is testing InterCoat®ChemGuard to improve corrosion and reduce field corrosion claims.
  • Major U.S. steel mill is currently running InterCoat®ChemGuard trials to replace hexavalent chromium chemtreatment with a RoHS compliant trivalent non-hazardous InterCoat®ChemGuard 300 coating and still gets the same corrosion (or better) than the hexavalent chromium Chemtreat.

Innovation and Change

It is important for steel driven industries to continue to innovate and stay ahead of the competition provided by alternative materials.  The Automotive industry is faced with aluminum and carbon composites competition.  The Appliance and HVAC industries are utilizing more plastics.  The Building & Construction industry has wood, concrete and composite products to compete against.  Many of the EQ Coating manufacturers and applicators service all of the various steel industries.  The synergies that exist between all of these steel markets produce unique opportunities for technology advancements, such as EQ Coatings, to service multiple industries rather than a single market.  It is advancements like this that will ultimately lead to driving down costs and allow steel products to remain competitive among these vast and diverse marketplaces.  Despite some resistance to change, the quality and performance of these innovative coatings are clearly defined in the ASTM standards that have been in place for over a decade and that is because these standards were written to accommodate innovation in coating technologies and provide defined test methods to insure adequate levels of performance for the application.

William R. Capizzano, is President and board member of Eco-Green Coatings, LLC and Chemcoaters, LLC in Gary, IN and has been employed in the coil coating industry since 1978. 













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Webinar Originally Presented on Oct. 15 and 17, 2013 by:
Bill Capizzano, President
Chemcoaters, LLC & Eco-Green Coatings, LLC
Input from Patrick Ford, P.E. Matsen Ford Design, Technical Director, SFIA
Presentation converted to paper by Bill Capizzano on June 13, 2014

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InterCoat®ChemGuard now a Registered Trademark of Eco-Green Coatings, LLC, a Division of Chemcoaters, Inc.

Family of high-performance, corrosion-inhibiting coatings, used as stand-alone coating or hybrid pre-treatment

Effective immediately, InterCoat® ChemGuard is now a registered trademark of Eco-Green Coatings, LLC a division of Chemcoaters, Inc., the Gary, Indiana-based coil coater in service to metals producers, service centers and OEMs nationwide.   This announcement was made today by company president Bill Capizzano at Chemcoaters headquarters.

The InterCoat® ChemGuard family of stand-alone coatings and hybrid pretreatments is highlighted by the ChemGuard 300 Series, a RoHS-compliant (hexavalent chrome-free) coating that features the unique chemistry of trivalent chromium vs. the standard hexavalent chromium used for decades in the metals coating industry.  With comparable or, in many applications, superior corrosion resistance to hexavalent chrome treatments, this coating bridges the long-standing divide between performance and environmentally-friendly product in the market.

InterCoat® ChemGuard is a highly corrosion-inhibiting and adhesion-enhancing coating technology that creates a permanent covalent reaction with any zinc or zinc-alloy coated substrate.   Used as a hybrid pretreatment, the product enhances corrosion resistance in a 20%-50% thinner coating onto the substrate, while exceeding the prevalent corrosion standards in industry, ASTM A1003/A1003M.

Since its development in 2011, the InterCoat® ChemGuard family has grown to include a RoHS compliant trivalent chrome product with many color tinted versions of the product now available.

Used as a pretreatment, InterCoat® ChemGuard is an ideal complement to pre- and post-paint, powder and other surface coating requirements.

Originally developed for the metal stud and other building/construction applications, InterCoat® ChemGuard coatings are now used extensively in end products for the transportation (automotive, bus, truck and RV), consumer products (appliance, power-gen, and HVAC), agricultural and off-highway vehicle markets, among others.

Based in Gary, Indiana, Chemcoaters, Inc. is a leading supplier of green coil coatings, as well as traditional prepaint and protective coil coatings such as dry film lubes and other RoHS-compliant coatings.  Virtually no VOCs or HAPs are present in the process.

The company’s patented InterCoat® ChemGuard 300 coating is formulated with trivalent chrome vs. hexavalent chrome, making it environmentally friendly in all building, architectural, transportation  and consumer appliance applications.   InterCoat® ChemGuard 300 coating has superior corrosion resistance, as well.  Chemcoaters offers a presentation that evidences this fact to all interested parties.

See the video to learn more HERE.

For more information, please contact:

Mike Tieri
Director of Sales Marketing
Chemcoaters, Inc.
700 Chase Street
Gary, IN 46404
Phone:  877-411-2905
Email:  miket@chemcoaters.com
Website: www.chemcoaters.com
Connect with Chemcoaters online: yt twit gplus fb li


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