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ANCA Expands Its Global Footprint Opening a New Technology Center in Korea

ANCA, a leading innovator in precision grinding solutions, is thrilled to announce the grand opening of its new state-of-the-art Technology Center in Korea. ANCA has offered local sales and service to customers across diverse industries for more than 30 years in the Korean market and opening the new facility is a significant milestone for the company as it expands its presence in the Asian market.

Jake Farragher, General Manager of ANCA Asia, says, “ANCA’s newest technology center is a commitment to our customers in Korea. This investment in our global infrastructure enables our team to deliver premium sales and service support to this important and growing market. We understand the importance of offering customers local support and at our new facility we can showcase the capability of our flexible grinding machines, world-leading software, and market-first automation solutions.”

“Thanks to our long-standing partnership with SH International in Korea, we have a legacy of innovation with our customers in the market, and our local team at our new ANCA office is poised to facilitate our customers’ success into the future.”

“We are excited for our new center to serve as a hub for grinding excellence, innovation and collaboration, confirming our position as a global leader in the tool and cutter grinding industry and medical tools industry.”

For 50 years ANCA has committed to providing cutting-edge grinding solutions worldwide, and ANCA Korea, located near Seoul, is equipped with the latest technologies, such as ANCA’s ULTRA technology with nanometer resolution control.

The demonstration facility provides the ULTRA experience with ANCA’s MX and FX ULTRA machines, as well as automation solutions with ANCA’s Integrated Manufacturing System (AIMS). The facility additionally includes support and training services.

The grand opening event was attended by key stakeholders and customers, industry partners, and local dignitaries.

Celebrating 50 Years and Innovating the Future with ULTRA Technology

Pat Boland, ANCA Co-founder said: “50 years ago, Pat McCluskey and I did not anticipate ANCA to be what it is today. We embarked on a business journey that felt in hindsight like stepping onto a treadmill, with our customers driving the speed. Yet we have not only kept pace with the market, we’ve surged ahead, introducing cutting-edge innovations. I am proud of the technology we are still releasing, such as the ULTRA and GCX packages and the many innovations that underpin these product releases.”

Edmund Boland, General Manager of ANCA CNC Machines and son of Pat Boland, highlighted ANCA’s agility as a privately owned company, enabling swift decisions to support ANCA’s people and customers.

“ANCA has always endeavored to stay ahead of the curve, anticipating market trends, and delivering cutting-edge solutions that enable our customers to thrive,” Edmund said. “With 50 years of innovation behind us, our product and technology portfolios are perfectly positioned to meet the challenges of the future.”

ANCA’s 50th anniversary marks a half century of the company’s relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to pushing the boundaries of precision grinding technology. The ULTRA machine range, with its nanometer technology, allows customers to produce the best tools in the market through superior accuracy, quality and surface finish.

The ANCA Integrated Manufacturing System (AIMS) is a groundbreaking advancement in grinding technology. AIMS connects, automates and creates all processes required to manufacture a cutting tool, ensuring maximum accuracy and consistency while minimizing downtime – enabling end-to-end digitally connected and automated production systems for cutting tools.

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About ANCA:

ANCA is a market leading manufacturer of CNC grinding machines. It was founded in 1974 in Melbourne, Australia where the company still has its global headquarters. ANCA has offices in the UK, Germany, China, Thailand, India, Japan, Brazil, Korea and the USA as well as a comprehensive network of representatives and agents worldwide.

ANCA CNC grinders are used for manufacturing precision cutting tools and components across a diverse range of competitive industries including cutting tool manufacture, automotive, aerospace, electronics and medical.