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Hi. I’m new here.



Here I am. Marketing Information Specialist/Director of Social Media/Blogger all rolled into one – a perfect storm dynamic combo of job titles and caffeine.

Social media 101: Social media is, um – social. It’s engagement – it’s a conversation and I’m finding it difficult to have that conversation in 140 characters or less (à la Twitter). So, Hi. I’m new here. Offer me greetings of salutations below or on Twitter or Facebook. As an extended voice of our advertising/PR agency, I want to show you that there’s more than meets the “i” in our industrial world [haha – get it?]! And I’ll show it to you one blog post at a time. I mean for these posts to vary in levels of information and entertainment. After all, we’re not just PR robots here at Bernard & Co!


Say ‘hi’ NOW! Do it!


I just used 745 characters and it felt glorious. I love you, Twitter – but you can’t hold me back!