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Guill Expands Its Team with Design Engineers

Guill Tool, global leader in extrusion tooling, recently announced the hire of two new employees. Nick Comeau and Brandon Ribeiro join Guill as Design Engineers. The announcement was made by Chuck Paull, Chief Marketing Officer, at the company’s West Warwick, Rhode Island headquarters.

Nick Comeau

Nick Comeau obtained his Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Hartford, Connecticut, where he worked part-time as a senior machine shop manager. As a Design Engineer at Guill, he has several responsibilities including new product design concept generation and research and defining customer requirements using job quotations, purchase orders and customer interactions (emails, phone calls, conference calls). He also develops the design concept for customer requirements, works on the detailed design using SolidWorks (Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) programs), database searches, along with proprietary design tools. Next, Comeau prepares the design to release it to operations for manufacture by ensuring accurate and complete drawings and Bill of Materials (BOMs), performs project reviews to define and implement process/product improvements and presents to customers at trade shows.

Brandon Ribeiro received his Mechanical Engineering degree from Roger Williams University, in Bristol, Rhode Island.  Before joining Guill, Ribeiro held several positions including metal fabricator, press brake operator, design engineer and automation engineer. His work at Guill involves creating extrusion die assemblies to the requirements specified by the customer. The details are acquired by the sales team along with reference assembly previously created. Once the assembly is completed, Ribeiro contacts the customer to get approval before sending the job to the shop floor for production.

Brandon Ribeiro

Asked what he likes about working at Guill, Comeau said he’s enjoyed the hands-on-experience and that operating and cleaning assemblies shows the strengths and area for improvement of the current assemblies Guill uses.  Discussing what he’s looking forward to learning he said, “I’m looking forward to learning more about CFDs and how similarly we can replicate real world application within a simulation.”

Ribeiro appreciates seeing the friendly faces at Guill that are always ready to lend a helping hand. He’s enjoyed learning how to create complex geometry using the company’s 3D CAD software, SolidWorks.

Commenting on the new hires, Paull said, “We are excited to have Nick and Brandon join the Guill family. They are young professionals eager to learn all they can about the extrusion process to better serve our customers.”

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