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ANCA Machine Basics: Machine Overview and Kinematic Layout

In this episode, Hugh Ingham from ANCA takes viewers back to to basics through an in-depth overview of machine fundamentals including the human machine interface (HMI), general machine layout and kinematic layout. The video is below.

Hugh Ingham started at ANCA as an applications engineer in 2015, and for three years, was involved in testing and the development of new standard products, as well as grinding applications for custom solutions. In that time, he had multiple opportunities to travel to Thailand, Japan and South Korea gaining firsthand knowledge of customers’ experiences.

Hugh Ingham
Hugh Ingham, ANCA

In 2018, Hugh was seconded for two years to ANCA Germany, functioning as both an applications and mechanical design engineer to deliver custom solutions to customers. This experience proved invaluable, as working directly with customers in Europe and seeing how they used ANCA’s products and how they could be improved – helps shape the way he approaches his job today. The scope and encouragement to explore new ideas, build new skills and develop as an engineer has driven Hugh’s passion for ensuring end-users get the most out of their technology.

In 2020, Hugh returned to Australia and since then has been continuing to develop custom solutions for a wide range of applications including medical, automotive, aerospace and more. Hugh is the host of ANCA Academy – a dedicated TV show for customers to learn more about ANCA’s products and solutions.


ANCA is a market leading manufacturer of CNC grinding machines. It was founded in 1974 in Melbourne, Australia where the company still has its global headquarters. ANCA has offices in the UK, Germany, China, Thailand, India, Japan, Brazil and the USA as well as a comprehensive network of representatives and agents worldwide.

ANCA CNC grinders are used for manufacturing precision cutting tools and components across a diverse range of competitive industries including cutting tool manufacture, automotive, aerospace, electronics and medical.