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Rep Enjoys Successful Customer Open House, Introduces New Injection Press, Celebrates 10-year Partnership With Tung Yu

Corbas, France – On the occasion of the preview of its new V510 machine and the anniversary of its partnership with the Taiwanese company Tung Yu, Rep International hosted an Open House on June 17, 2014 at its headquarters in Corbas, near Lyon, France, resulting in a large number of customers coming together for the celebration.  

REP, the world leader in molding machinery for rubber and TPEs, has successfully demonstrated its ability to adapt to different markets and serve all the needs of their customers, bringing many of them together at the world headquarters here to present the company’s latest achievements and investments. Synthesizing the strategic choices made by REP in recent years, REP President Bruno Tabar observed, “Each market has its own needs, sometimes even opposing. Our goal is to adapt our offering to each segment by providing innovative solutions, neglecting none of the individual market needs.”  This includes further developing the range of high-tech molding machines ( REP Series G10) and modernizing production in Corbas to cope with a substantial increase of activity in the company’s core business, launching new product lines such as the micro-molding machine and the devulcanization equipment and developing industrial partnerships to access emerging markets, thanks to a complementary line of machines from our global partner, Tung Yu, the leading Taiwan builder of rubber molding and tiremaking machinery.

Visitors could see firsthand that the REP Group continues modernizing its production process at a steady pace by making major investments. The overall investment in the modernization of the plant in Corbas and in the product developments initiated represents almost EUR 4 million ($5.5 million).  REP has invested in high-speed machining equipment: 2 flexible machining centers, compatible with each other in terms of tooling and programming to complement the existing capabilities. As a result, gains in responsiveness, productivity and operating costs are expected. It is worth repeating that REP G9 and G10 presses, which make up the overwhelming bulk of sales, are entirely “made in France” as was shown on the product documentation of each molding machine exhibited at the Open House.

Visitors were shown the entire range of REP molding machines in the G9/G10 high-tech range, as REP continues to actively renew their product range with the development of the V510/300T injection press, which is the second G10 model (the first one, the V710 /500T, was unveiled at K2013 in Düsseldorf). New technologies are embedded on the G10 machines with a goal to improve performance and yield, production data communication (predictive maintenance, 3G link and auto-tuning for optimization of settings) and human-machine ergonomics. This further includes the low working height, especially for the V710, the improved visibility of the molding area and a double screen on the operator interface. Energy efficiency has also been emphasized and was the subject of a technical presentation during the event.  REP has improved each of the energy consumption sources on the machine: mold heating, injection unit heating and hydraulic power, while noting that cycle time is a major key directly linked to the energy required to produce one part.


Concerning the V510, which replaces the V59, it is important to note the increase of the clamping tonnage from 255 to 300T. The distance between columns is increased, as well, so that an operator can not only mount V59 molds, but may also fit larger square molds of 630x630mm into the press. A large number of specific custom-application machines developed for customers were also shown: dual-compound machines, stripping kits saving time by allowing hidden time demolding and rotary CMS machines with stations for operations including insert loading, molding, stripping etc.

In addition to launching the V510, the event gave REP the opportunity to explain to its customers its partnership approach with Tung Yu and to celebrate their 10-year collaboration. This partnership is built on two main principles: On one hand, REP ensures sales and after-sales service for Tung Yu compression presses, while on the other hand, shares manufacturing (partly in France, partly in Taiwan) of the RT9 basic molding machines. Shortly after the year 2000, as the industrial relocation to emerging countries accelerated sharply, REP chose the pursuit of this partnership. For a medium-sized capital-goods-producing firm in such a fluctuating business field, this was the best way to rapidly and safely set up a new offering, best-suited to local market conditions. This was achieved through the cooperation of a few close customers for Tung Yu, who as a leading manufacturer of compression presses with a strong presence in the Asian market was highly complementary to REP. As pointed out by Tung Yu’s President Chen Pin Yang in his speech on the evening of June 17th, “It was a real challenge for both our companies. Looking back through the history of us working together, it was nice but not always smooth sailing. A lot of dialogue and negotiations occurred between us and also internally in both our own companies, a natural situation. However, though our hard work, diligence and mutual understanding, we continue to move forward and achieve results beyond our expectations.”

Now, ten years later, the partnership has sold more than 1,000 machines, including over 400 RT9 injection molding machines.   The overall result has been very positive and justifies the continuation of this type of global partnership.

The evening was highlighted with live music in a festive and convivial atmosphere. Undoubtedly, this interesting and productive Open House will benefit both companies.

For more information on this event, please contact:

Tim Graham

8N470 Tameling Court
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Phone:  847-697-721
Web: repinjection.com
E-mail: tgraham@repcorp.com

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Devulcanization: REP Group Acquires Watson Brown HSM GmbH

Corbas – REP international, leader in the rubber injection molding machine with the head office being located in Lyon-Corbas, France, has just concluded the acquisition of the patented HSM devulcanization technology on an exclusive right basis, as well as the devulcanization center Watson-Brown HSM-Berlin. This center is equipped with an operational devulcanization line and a test laboratory operated by a team of 6 persons.


Bruno Tabar, CEO of the REP group announces that “REP International will carry on with the development of the HSM technology, its implementation in the center of Berlin and promote a sales offer of devulcanization machines and a devulcanization service on the international market with compounders and processors“.

A resolutely promising eco-process 

Watson Brown HSM Berlin becomes so far the 7th subsidiary of the REP group, the 6 others being involved in the sales and after-sales of REP presses throughout the world. This take-over confirms REP’s readiness to extend their offer, as accentuated through their new corporate baseline “Rubber in motion”.  Aiming to work beyond the injection of rubber and devoted to the tradition of innovation at customers’ service, REP has developed a technical and commercial partnership with Watson Brown HSM the purpose of which is to devulcanize rubber production scraps and reintroduce them into the production chain.

After a series of validation tests conducted in REP’s customer plants it was established that the process is technically performing and economically efficient. That’s when REP decided after many years of collaboration to integrate Watson Brown HSM in their group.

But what is the HSM devulcanization process? 

This patented process applies to any kind of uncontaminated rubber production waste. Once the compound is devulcanized, it is reintegrated into the basic compound. This results in significant savings on both compound and waste disposal costs.

Watson Brown has developed a patent for devulcanizing cured rubber. Controlling the strain applied to the compound by the HSM machine causes the rubber to be devulcanized by preserving properties which are very close to the initial compound.

This is a 100% thermo-mechanical process without adding any further substances or chemical agents and is performed at low temperature, in order to prevent the characteristics of the devulcanized rubber from being altered.

From the devulcanization service to the series machine

REP relies on their industrialization capacities, their experience and geographical international presence to develop the commercialization of HSM machines.  The HSM structure and its components being very close to those of a press, REP has the capacities to industrialize and manufacture these machines.

With the acquisition of the intellectual property and the plant of Watson Brown in Berlin, REP is developing a devulcanization machine offer intended for compounders and rubber processors in addition to the existing devulcanization service.


What do the activities of Berlin’s center consist in?

Berlin’s devulcanization center is equipped with a laboratory to run tests on samples intended for customers who are willing to test the process based on their own compound, so as to validate the properties before running industrial HSM tests. The existing capacities grant the center the ability to service all customers who want to devulcanize and reintegrate their scraps back into production, in order to substitute them for one part of the basic compound, resulting in a drop in operating cost.

For companies interested in implementing the tests, a few kilograms of scraps will be sufficient to conduct the lab tests resulting in data on the elongation, tensile strength and rheology of the samples. After the test, the customer receives back the processed compound for assessment. It is then possible to conduct production tests to test the final parts on an industrial scale.

logo_k2013_14_B57_e_low_resTaking the green path towards responsible production; making upgraded scraps become raw material!

Rendezvous at the K2013, Hall 14, Booth B57, October 16-23!

For more information on this announcement, please contact:

REP Corporation
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Rep Names New Regional Sales Manager

Responding to growth in sales and expanded market opportunities, industry leader in rubber injection presses adds to staff 

John “JR” Mohl REP Corporation

John “JR” Mohl
REP Corporation

Bartlett, IL – REP Corporation announces the appointment of John “JR” Mohl to the position of regional sales manager, effective immediately.  JR will cover select regions of the country, representing the full line of rubber/TPE injection presses and other processing equipment built by REP, the longtime world leader in rubber molding technology.

Commenting on the appointment, REP Corporation President Tim Graham observed, “We have been experiencing considerable growth in our business, with new machine orders from many of our longtime customers and also the acquisition of new customers who’ve come our way as the result of the new equipment offerings in our suite.  We know JR will be a real asset to our efforts in the field.  He also obviously has the right genes for the job,” Graham joked in reference to the new employee’s father, John Mohl, also a REP regional sales manager and an acknowledged expert in rubber molding technology.  John will be speaking at the upcoming International Elastomer Conference in Cleveland on various aspects of the molding and curing process.

A resident of Kalamazoo, Michigan, JR Mohl comes to REP with 15 years experience in various customer service and sales roles.  He holds a degree in Aviation Flight Science from Western Michigan University, where he is currently enrolled in the MBA program.

For more information on this announcement, please contact:
8N740 Tameling Court
Bartlett, IL 60103-8146
Phone:  847-697-7210
Fax:  847-697-6829
Web:  www.repinjection.com
Email:  tgraham@repcorp.com
Attention:  Tim Graham, President

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REP CALLS FOR A PITCHOUT! Injection press builder offering molders up to $40,000 credit for scrapping old machines

REP Corporation, the longtime leader in injection presses for rubber and TPE molding, announces the start of a new credit program, effective immediately and running through July 31, 2010.  Molders who validate the scrapping of their older presses can earn up to $40,000 in credit against the purchase of any new REP machine, during this period.  The announcement was made today by REP President Tim Graham, at the company’s Bartlett, Illinois headquarters, near Chicago.

Graham detailed the offer, saying it would apply to any make or model of rubber or TPE injection press.  REP requires the molder to validate the scrapping of their old machine, thereby earning a predetermined credit, based on the old machine’s age and condition.  The credit, up to $40,000, can then be applied to the purchase of any new REP injection press in the G9 series.

He further noted the advantages of a new machine.  “Besides the higher quality parts a molder can produce, owing to the level of mold mechanics, material flow and control sophistication, a new press consumes less energy, has less downtime and less maintenance requirements, so it stays in production.  Even REP presses from our earlier generations cannot match the productivity and resulting profitability of a new G9 machine.  That’s not a brag, it’s a fact and it’s one we can document,” he said, noting the new machines offer better molding strategies, improved ergonomics and faster payback for the customer.

“It’s an offer you can’t refuse,” Graham joked.

REP Corporation is responsible for all sales and service in North America.  However, this offer is being made to rubber molders worldwide by REP, based in Lyon, France.

For more information, please contact: REP CORPORATION 8N470 Tameling Court Bartlett, IL 60103-8146 Phone:  847-697-7210 Fax:  847-697-6829 Web:  www.repinjection.com Email:  tgraham@repcorp.com Attention:  Tim Graham, President

PR agency contact: Tim Daro Bernard & Company 847-934-4500 tdaro@bernardandcompany.com

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