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MAE Straightening and Wheelset Presses on Display at AISTech 2012

Major German supplier joins with new master distributor for North America; variety of presses to be marketed to iron & steel industry sectors

Ann Arbor, Michigan – During the upcoming AISTech show, May 7-10 in Atlanta, MAE Maschinen-und Apparatebau Götzen GmbH (Erkrath, Germany) will display its various press technologies for the iron and steel industry and related business sectors in Booth 1536.  MAE recently announced its formation of a partnership with American Wera here for representation throughout North America.

Wheelset Press

Built on three pillars:  The MAE product portfolio

In the last decades, MAE has developed increasingly from a manufacturer of standard hydraulic presses to specialists for select niche markets.  The company has established a leading market position with innovative products in the fields of straightening machines, hydraulic presses and assembly machines, serving metals producers, rail, heavy equipment, energy and marine markets.

Straightening– MAE has the broadest portfolio of manual and automatically controlled straightening machines for handling round, profiled and complexly shaped workpieces available worldwide. Press forces from 15 to 25,000 kN make it possible to straighten workpieces with lengths from 40 mm to 30 m and weights from 5 g to 20 tons. Straightening accuracy to 0.01  mm is possible. In addition to the conventional bending-straightening method, MAE also offers peening-straightening for through-hardened workpieces and torsion-straightening for twisted section bars. The MAE straightening controller for the manual straightening presses in the S-RH and P-H RH Series guarantees precise and repeatable metalworking and does not necessitate specially trained operators. Measurement and straightening in one setting ensures optimal cycle times. The M-AH, ASV and ASRU Series enable automatic straightening of small, large and complex shaped workpieces. The software of the RICOS straightening controller is the result of decades of experience with various applications. Innovative MAE design ideas are further making the straightening process increasingly more powerful and faster. Various interlinking concepts allow continuous operation with low manpower requirements.

Series ASV Automatic Moving Frame Hydraulic Straightening Press

Hydraulic presses – The broad range of hydraulic standard presses in the S and DS Series with C- and O-frames as well as the four-column presses in the VS Series are based on a modular system. By recombining and adapting the individual modules, MAE finds an inexpensive, individually optimized solution with press forces up to 25,000 kN for customer needs. Hydraulic presses are exposed to considerable stresses in daily use. With 60 years of experience, MAE has a reputation for sturdy dimensioning on all components. Comprehensive calculation software in design, including the finite-element method, is a  further guarantee of exceptionally strong machine construction.

Assembly – Whether you want to assemble gear parts, rotor shafts or wheelsets, MAE offers many suitable solutions. The MAE machine Series S and M-S with hydraulic or mechanical servo drive are robust machines tailored to customer application. The OPUS controller with flexible software that can be modified to fulfill customer-specific requirements guarantees control and documentation of the entire assembly process. Our horizontally acting wheelset presses in the RADS Series with forces up to 8,000 kN are the industry choice for mounting and dismounting wheelsets from railway vehicles. They stand out primarily for their innovative underlying concept, rational interlinking systems and extensive control functions.

Service – An innovative and high-quality machine is only the basis for high customer satisfaction. Equally important for continuous duty with high availability are quick-response service from experienced technicians and spare parts available immediately from stock. North American installation and service is provided by American Wera service technicians in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Queretaro, Mexico.  Additionally, with our optimally staffed service centers at our headquarters in Erkrath, Germany and Beijing, China, we are able to respond quickly worldwide. Telephone support and remote diagnostics onboard the machines usually allow MAE to correct minor problems without complication or onsite service.  In partnership with American Wera, our North American master distributor, MAE seeks to continue as a powerful force in the industry.

During AISTech, the following individuals will be present to assist visitors:

Robert Singer, MAE Sales Manager for North America

Joseph Kemple, MAE Product Manager for North American distributor American Wera

For more information, please contact:

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Ann Arbor, MI 48108
Phone:  734-973-7800
Fax:  734-973-3053
Web:  www.gmtamerica.com
Email:  joseph@american-wera.com
Attention: Joseph Kemple, MAE Product Manager
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