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SIGMA Engineering GmbH presents SIGMASOFT® Version 5.0 at the DKT Conference in Nuremberg

Thanks to a completely reengineered solver technology and a revolutionary meshing concept, with SIGMASOFT® Version 5.0, the simulation time required in elastomer applications can be reduced by up to 80%. With this dramatic speed-up, simulation can now be integrated in the elastomer processing on a daily-basis, both for part design and process troubleshooting. 

Figure 1 –With the new solver technology and the use of “unstructured meshes,” SIGMASOFT® Version 5.0 reduces the calculation time by up to 80% in the simulation of elastomer injection applications.

Schaumburg, IL, July 25, 2012 – At the DKT conference in Nuremberg, Sigma Engineering GmbH, Aachen, presented SIGMASOFT® Version 5.0, the latest release of its process-oriented simulation software. With a completely reengineered solver technology and a new meshing concept, calculation times have been dramatically reduced, while keeping all the advantages of accuracy and user friendliness of a complete 3D-simulation approach.

“With SIGMASOFT® Version 5.0, we have achieved a major breakthrough in injection molding simulation,” explains Dr. Marco Thornagel, Executive Manager at Sigma. “Some years ago, users had to wait sometimes days to get the results of a simulation. It was not viable to use simulation to support every-day production activities, or to quickly optimize products. Now, however, simulation can be part of the daily production tools used in the mold shop or in the production floor, to deliver reliable and profitable answers both to design new products and to optimize existing molds.”

SIGMASOFT® is still the only option available in the market to seamlessly integrate all elements in the mold within the simulation. Thanks to the implementation of “Finite Volume” numerical methods, not only can the cavity be considered in the simulation, but also the complete real mold configuration, including tempering channels, heating elements and inserts. SIGMASOFT® is and has always been based exclusively in 3D technology, developed over a quarter century. The mesh required to conduct the simulation is generated effortlessly by the user in only minutes, without requiring any manual optimization.

The new meshing technique in the latest version of the software uses “unstructured meshes.” These are basically “intelligent meshes,” which can automatically mesh finer regions where complex thermal and flow phenomena take place, such as part boundaries, thin walls or complex runner systems. It also can save mesh elements in regions where fewer interactions take place, such as mold boundaries. The calculation effort is reduced and the productivity of the software increases.

Through parallelization, the new solver architecture makes it possible to exploit the complete potential of multi-core technology in state-of-the-technology computers. Beyond a significant reduction in computational time, the technology now allows users to simulate more complicated injection molding processes. This will be now the focus of further developments in the software, according to Sigma sources.

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