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Micro-Poise Partners with Siemens to Provide the MTMS Tire Measurement System to Major American Tire Builder

The Modular Tire Measurement System (MTMS) is a tire uniformity, dynamic tire balance measurement and tire geometry inspection system combined in a single unit for optimum performance, minimal manpower hours and optimum floorspace utilization in tire plant facilites; system combines Micro-Poise tire measurement technology with advanced Siemens servo motors, drives and TIA Portal PLCs plus enhanced communications protocol to provide the best measurement and cycle time on the market.

Micro-Poise Measurement Systems, an Ametek company with over 90 years experience in service to the tire and auto industries and located in Streetsboro, Ohio, today announces plans to replace an existing tire measurement system at a production facility of a major American tire builder. According to John Clark, Director of Product Management for new machinery at Micro-Poise, the customer presented Micro-Poise with several challenges, including the replacement of an existing system within the same footprint, while providing the customer with the most advanced tire measurement and data communications technologies available. The selection of the MTMS from Micro-Poise will afford the end user complete tire testing in one unit, with the best measurement quality and cycle time available, while also providing a reduced footprint for optimum utilization of floor space and reduced manpower hours required.

The MTMS combines three proprietary technologies into a single system, including Micro-Poise ASTEC™ FX tire uniformity measurement, AkroDYNE™ FX dynamic balance measurement and TGIS-SL® tire geometry inspection. The resulting advantages for the end user, according to company sources, will be a minimum tire testing cycle time, reduction of manpower hours, installation of the entire system within the footprint of the existing D70 system installed globally at numerous tire plants and reduced downtime, due to the materials handling configuration and transfer mechanisms on the MTMS.

To help produce the required system, Micro-Poise engineering has turned to its longtime partner Siemens for assistance with the motion and machine control, plus a communications platform that will seamlessly transmit all data gathered upstream to the end user’s production management team. The Siemens product and software support onboard the MTMS will include TIA Portal Simatic S7 PLCs, Sinamics drives, Simotics motors, advanced fault detection and alarm sequencing, diagnostic prioritization software on the HMI for faster recognition by the operators, higher levels of data gathering for production management analysis and a seamless Profinet/Ethernet communications platform.

The new MTMS is currently in the build and test phases at Micro-Poise, with delivery to the customer slated for the Fall of 2016. During early 2017, additional linking of the machine to the entire production protocol will occur.

Modular Tire Test Measurement Systems (MTMS)

Modular Tire Test Measurement Systems (MTMS)


The main components of the MTMS design include:

  • Handler and Luber with centering device
  • ASTEC®PLUS Tire Evaluation Center
  • Drop Conveyor to Handler and Centering device for dynamic balance machine
  • AkroDYNE®Dynamic Balancing System with optional TGIS-SL®
  • Exit station with optional AkroMARK™ Hot Stamp Marker
  • Optional tire sorter to complete the testing operations


The Modular Tire Measurement System (MTMS) from Micro-Poise combines tire uniformity, dynamic balance measurement and tire geometry inspection into a single unit with full transfer mechanisms to speed cycle time, reduce manpower hours and conserve floor space. In its most efficient configuration, the total system cycle time is said to be the fastest in the industry. In addition, each individual measurement station insures the best measurement with no compromise in precision and accuracy. Siemens motion control technologies and software are key to overall machine performance and data communications, according to Micro-Poise sources.

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