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SIGMASOFT and RJG announce training session at Plastics News: Plastics in Medical Devices conference in Boston May 13-15

B-Side_002SIGMA Plastic Services will partner with RJG to provide a detailed training session to educate plastic injection molding professionals on cutting edge technologies that will assist in more successful product launches.

Working together with RJG at the Medical Devices conference, the goal is to provide attendees with a demonstration on how to utilize currently available technology to their best advantage. Reducing time to market with higher quality and repeatable molding processes are key to the future success of injection molding professionals and OEM’s.

RJG and SIGMA will take you through the critical steps from product design to production with best practices for successful, profitable molding. Develop and merge the part design, the polymer, the mold, and the process in a virtual production environment where all of the critical aspects related to profitable part quality can be evaluated and optimized before the actual mold is ever built.

This is an actual workshop with worksheets and exercises that can be used to develop improved communications within your work environment.

Schnipke_Final_ImageWhat areas of the part design are the most critical?

Should the mold insert be P20, H13, or a Cu based alloy?

Where are the most critical areas for cooling?

What will the cycle time be?

Is the distortion related to fiber orientation or temperature?

Can it be controlled with packing?

Will it be pressure limited when the viscosity shifts?

How big is the process window?

Can the process be maintained?

Where do we need sensors?

How to contain parts produces outside of the process window

001Virtually develop and optimize the mold and the process together, before the mold is ever built. Verify the appropriate molding machines are capable and available. Ensure the best process is developed, used and repeated, in spite of day to day variation in the production environment.

If the mold is already built and the part dimensions from the quoted 30s cycle are out of spec, what are you going to do about it, other than lose money…..? There are more profitable ways of doing things.

For more information, contact:

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