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The rubber injection molding machine making REP technology accessible to all!


In the little world of rubber injection molding machines, the name of REP has been recognized for years as a synonym for performance and high technology. REP presses are known for being reliable, durable and adapted to the most sophisticated processes.

However the drawback of such reputation is that some customers think they cannot afford REP technology or don’t need advanced features knowing well they are unnecessary for their simple parts production.The G10 Core line was designed to target these customers’ needs.

Presented for the first time at the end of 2016, much less expensive than the G10 Extended, the G10 Core meets the needs of lean manufacturing, for uncomplicated and standard processes, while delivering the usual REP quality and reliability.

The G10 Core is available with clamping forces from 1 600 to 5 100 kN : V410 Core, V510 Core and V710 Core.

These machines feature all of the REP technology at optimized cost. The G10 Core is a G10, it has the same patented injection unit as the G10 Extended with separate injection and plasticization functions. Unlike other so-called budget machines, it is CE-certified . For customers who need simple solutions without stripping kit, process control customization or other particular features, it is the ideal solution!

For more information on this announcement, please contact:
REP Corporation
8N740 Tameling Court
Bartlett, IL 60103-8146
Phone: 847-697-7210
Attention: Tim Graham, President.

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REP Unveils New Machines, Technology at ‘K 2016

Responding to advancements in machine design and expanded market opportunities, industry leader in rubber injection presses adds to lineup

microjectREP international is preparing for the K2016 show
The largest plastics and rubber industry companies will be present in October for the “K Show”, held once every three years in Düsseldorf. As the leading manufacturer of rubber injection molding machines, REP international will exhibit their latest products (Hall 14 Booth B57).

G10 Core and G10 Extended Infinitely Smart!
New developments are announced in the G10 range with two new product lines of rubber injection molding machines, G10 Core and G10 Extended, highly adapted to specific customer needs in the rubber market.

The G10 Core machines are presses with all core functionalities, tailored to uncomplicated processes, available on the mid-range category (160 to 500t). A V410 Core will be running at K2016.
This machine is REP expertise at an optimized cost: equipped with a REP patented injection unit, a sturdy and ergonomic closing unit and a powerful process-control, bearing CE-certification, G10 Core presses are intended for customers who want economical, practical solutions to their rubber molding challenges.

The G10 Extended machines are presses with a clamping force from 160 to 1,000 tons, best suited to heavy-duty processes. This range extends even further the performance of the previous generations: energy efficiency, enhanced productivity, improved ergonomics and maintainability, plus smart technologies! A G10 Extended, in the bi-compound version, will be shown at the REP booth with a molding demonstration of dampers that perfectly illustrates material flow control and automatic demolding capabilities on the press.

Industry 4.0
To meet evolving Industry 4.0 challenges, REP will release a new app and software package called REP Pack 4.0 including Rep Net 4.0 and Rep Net App, the 4th generation of the RepNet supervision software and its mobile app. Comprising 11 modules, REP Pack 4.0 allows for real-time monitoring and plant floor modeling, centralized management of mold settings, productivity calculations, Statistical Process Control and many other functions that will be demo’d at the booth.  

Rubber Micromachine
REP will show a micromolding machine, the rubber version of the Microject M06R. This “Plug & Produce” micromachine is designed for molding and overmolding small parts. It can be easily integrated to automated assembly lines and suits all prototyping or lab testing. Perfectly adapted to very small precision parts, or small series, a version for plastic molding (M06P) or LSR molding (M06S) is also available. It will be presented in action at the booth with a molding demonstration of valves with metal inserts.

Laser Mold Cleaning Machine
The company continues broadening its product range: always focusing on useful solutions for their customers.  REP has developed, together with a laser-specialized partner, a laser technology matched to the cleaning of industrial parts and injection and compression molds for the rubber and polymer processing markets. The machine called “REP MLC 500 by Laselec” is now on available through the global REP distribution network. It will be presented in Düsseldorf.

This environmentally-friendly ecological solution guarantees a safe, optimal, quick and reproducible cleaning with low operating costs.

TYC Compression Press
REP will also show a compression press for molding rubber or composites by Tung Yu, their long-time Asian partner. Offering vacuum compression molding, hot-cold presses, sandwich molding, presses to mold friction parts, presses in clean rooms, SMC, BMC, etc., Tung Yu has broad and diverse experience in the market, which REP can now offer for molding composite, rubber and thermoset materials.

A total of five machines will be shown at the REP booth where an international team will engage visitors from all over the world.

For more information on this announcement, please contact:
REP Corporation, 8N740 Tameling Court, Bartlett, IL 60103-8146. Phone: 847-697-7210. Fax: 847-697-6829. Web: www.repinjection.com.  Email: tgraham@repcorp.com. Attention: Tim Graham, President.

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