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New Range of Indicators for Force Measurement: Type 1020-FMD

Penko Type 1020-FMD Force Measurement Indicators

Penko Type 1020-FMD Force Measurement Indicators

New force measuring instruments need to have more functions and features, be smaller and offer more value for the money. PENKO responds to this challenge with its new product range, Type 1020-FMD. These instruments are suitable for automatic as well non- automatic applications. They are an ideal interface between load cells with an integrated controller to the system for data processing.

The unique PENKO way of measuring with high-speed of 1600 conversions/sec and high internal resolution, 24 bit, guarantees a fast and accurate data transfer and/or cut-off. These characteristics allow application of the instruments for static and dynamic force measurement as well as destructive material tests. These applications are supported with zero adjustment, track recording, hold/peak, hold/valley, hold and overload protection.

As a standard, all Type 1020-FMD models are provided with USB to facilitate set-up and back-up functions. Additional models include RS232, RS485/422, Ethernet, CANBUS and Profibus. The range is completed with an analog output, 0/4 – 20/24 mA. Easy and fast calibration is done digitally. The force is displayed by means of a bright 2.8” TFT screen with 13 mm high figures, plus a color bar.

Choose from two enclosures, a compact panel model and stainless steel housing.

• The panel meter has a front of 150 x 76 mm and a depth of only 82 mm;
• The stainless steel enclosure size including the swivel bar is 180 mm x 145 mm x 153 mm (W x H x D).

For easy selection, a free brochure is available: 1020 Series Brochure.

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