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Rattunde – FABTECH Booth S-4179

Visit Rattunde at FABTECH Booth S-4179

UPDATE! See the video of Rattunde at FabTech HERE.

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For over 20 years Rattunde has been designing and building innovative solutions for tube and bar sawing and post cutoff value added processes. From mill length tube and bar to finished product; cleaned, inspected and neatly stacked, Rattunde’s fully automatic ACS Production Systems get the job done quickly, precisely and at lowest cost per part. Whether you are looking to simply recut mill length tube and bar, recut and brush, recut and end finish or recut and machine complex features, including threading, there is a Rattunde ACS Production System suited to your needs. Do you need 100% inspection, washing and drying or maybe automatic stacking of your finished parts? Rattunde’s ACS Production Systems can be fully integrated with any number of Rattunde’s inspection, washing and drying or automatic stacking systems.

Recent News: Rattunde Building New Facility to Manufacture in America

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