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Social Media Post Ideas For Your Next Trade Show

By Amie Burke

Participating in a trade show can be a little overwhelming to think about social media when you’re busy with your trade show or expo responsibilities. You know that it is important to let your social media followers know that you are at a show, but what do you do when you are there? Sticking to a couple of these posting ideas can help make it less of a task and help highlight how important your company is to the industry.

Highlight your booth setup.
The first post to make while you are on location with your booth is to actually highlight your whole setup. If it is possible, a behind the scenes shot of the actual set up the day before a trade show would be a great way to remind your followers that you will be at a particular event along with directions to get to your booth. Posting the finished set up, in all of its glory, on the first morning of the trade show will remind your followers what booth they are looking for. Posting a couple of eye catching photos or time-lapse videos of the set up process, then finishing the story next morning with a nice photo of the whole setup or a less than a minute video walk through tour, is an effective way to kick off your first day.

Focus on the unique and important.
What makes your booth area unique? Do you have important clients or guests coming to visit? Are you doing a special giveaway that’s only at the trade show? These are great things to highlight when you are in full swing of the trade show. Posting a quick video tour of something unique about your setup or a photo of a meet up with a client will help in showing how inclusive and friendly your booth is to not only your followers on social media, but potential clients at the show as well. Make sure to use trade show specific hashtags in order to maximize this idea especially if you are doing a trade show specific giveaway or have a sponsorship of an event.

Take it to the next level.
While you are at a trade show, you will see all kinds of new technology or enjoy groundbreaking speeches and presentations. If you are able to share some of the next level information that you are learning, do it! Your followers will find it very interesting and it shows that you are the kind of company that is always looking forward to the next progression in your industry.

Trade shows and expos can be a great way to not only show off what your company can do for your clients and potential partners, it can highlight that your company is ready to make meaningful connections through your industry. While posting about trade shows on your company social media pages, always remember that those channels are an outreach to the rest of the world outside of the expo hall. Not only will the posts help with information inside the show, posts will help show others who could not be there, that you understand the importance of connection and keeping up with what’s new in your industry.