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Siemens Introduces Updated Converting Toolbox

Software solution combines maximum performance with minimal implementation time

Today’s converting industry requirements are continually increasing, due to higher production rates, more machine flexibility and optimum product quality, combined with new substrates and greater demand for fast changeovers. Industry-specific technologies also continue to demand more from the winding drive and automation systems. Siemens today announces its latest iteration of the popular Converting Toolbox to meet these challenges.   

The toolbox enables machine builders to achieve considerably faster time to market by reducing the time required for engineering, programming, commissioning and documentation as much as 80%.

The Siemens Converting Toolbox has separate modules for each of the Siemens product categories typically found on converting machines, including SIMOTION motion controllers, SINAMICS drives and SIMATIC PLCs.  SIMOTION is designed for high-performance motion control applications with centralized control in conjunction with the SINAMICS S120 drive system. SINAMICS is ideal for drive-based applications with process-related control implementation in the SINAMICS S120 drive system with graphical drag-and-drop programming. Lastly, the SIMATIC platform applies to centralized converting applications implemented in the PLC control to work in tandem with the SINAMICS S120 drive system.

Converting Toolbox for Simotion, Sinamics and SimaticComponents in the Converting Toolbox take the form of pre-programmed function blocks.  Sample applications demonstrate how each function can be efficiently and effectively incorporated into a machine design, whether a modification of a previous generation or an entirely new design. In addition, some applications are ready-to-use, after only minor modifications and include basic HMI functionality. Systems can be implemented in Ladder, Structured text or in a Graphical function block language.

Additional features of the Converting Toolbox include converting base applications such as: center winder, unwind flying splice control, sectional drive with tension/draw control, accumulator, rotary knife with print mark correction, flying saw, traversing control, synchronized multi axis drive control, load sharing, diagnostics Web pages, project generation tools and converting library process and logistic functions.  These function blocks can literally be cut and pasted into a new design, with minimal programming time.

Other specialized application blocks are available upon request.

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Siemens Industry Inc.
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