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Proof of Performance

In a digital age now, evaluating the performance of our advertising and PR has become more challenging, but we do it to a substantial level at our agency. 

Nobody reading this probably remembers the “bingo card” used long ago by trade magazines, which allowed the readers to request information from advertisers and PR producers.  Yes, kids, people waited 30 days to get catalogs in the mail vs. the scenario today, with 30-second access to company information.  However, the bingo card gave us hard information on the inquiry and keep in mind there was a bit of labor involved in filling out the card and sending it to the publisher, which reflected a more serious interest level.  As a result, we had trackable evidence of who had inquired, which could be subsequently used in the sales process and back-end assessment of publication lead quality.  I spent my earliest days here at the agency doing that, as well as using the follow-up info from rep and sales organizations to assess their performance for clients.  Made for some interesting presentations at client sales meetings! 

Today, we track all appearances of our clients’ ads and PR online, in print and on social media.  We assign an equivalent ad dollar value and can thus present the client with always impressive ROI.  This is done through a complex system of online searching and print magazine scans. 

The information is then made into pdf and/or link form and amassed in a data base archive in real time.  We also engage in CTS protocols to assess the performance of both individual publications and the clients’ sales organizations. 

The bottom line…all the content we create and place for our clients is carefully monitored for performance, in this new media environment.  You shouldn’t expect any less from an agency. 

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Tim Daro