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A Not-So New Face Adds Value

My name is Ioana and I’ve been a part of the Bernard & Company team for almost three years. My activities as a marketing information specialist help our clients increase their profits and become better-known within their industries.

One of my primary duties is to read magazines for our clients’ PR. Once identified, the appearances are scanned and archived online. When one of our clients meets with us to talk about the results of their PR campaign, they are presented with magazine clippings and online access to PR that appeared both online and in print. This benefits our clients in two ways. First, clients like Grieve and Suhner, who sell their products in many markets, see which magazines are most responsive to their PR. Secondly, it is very helpful for them to see their ROI. Some clients consistently realize ROI in the 15-20:1 range, depending on the quantity of releases, the occasion of success stories, and the breadth of their master media list.  We have clients who sell to very limited markets such as forge, foundry, tire and rubber molding, while others sell power tools, electric motors and industrial heat processing equipment to almost every industry.

Bernard & Company is not limited by geographic or language barriers when it comes to spreading our clients’ messages. As a proficient Spanish speaker, I frequently translate news stories and pitch them to Latin American magazines. Stories have appeared in Metalmecánica, Modern Machine Shop México, and Tecnología del Plástico, to name a few. My goal is to maximize the amount of exposure our clients receive, especially for those who have recently opened branch locations or full facilities in places like Monterey and Queretaro, Mexico, both thriving hubs of industrial activity.

Marketing in any industry means being a voice for clients and adapting to their needs. On more than one occasion, I’ve provided research for clients who wanted to survey the marketplace. Some of my inquiries included what companies provided similar products, how many total companies there were, their key personnel and their geographic location, plus sales and unit consumption data. As a result, clients have been better prepared for change and have discovered the viability of their options.

Last but certainly not least, Bernard & Company aids clients who participate in trade shows. We are there every step of the way, from initial brainstorming sessions, to show time. In an effort to get as many editors as possible to visit our clients’ booths, we send out email blasts weeks before the show and call editors as the date draws nearer. I have actively participated in this process, sending reminder emails and calling editors-especially those in Mexico and Brazil. Editors appreciate the personal contact and more than one client has had a story written on them after the show, as a result of my native language pitching.

These are just some of the ways in which my colleagues and I provide premium value to our clients.

Thank you!