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Welcome to our newsletter, brought to you by our strictly industrial, full-service ad/PR agency in Chicago.

In this issue, you’ll see one client who’s moved aggressively into the emerging EV market with the addition of a laser line, as well as another client’s Tool of the Year announcement, a very prestigious award in the global machine tool market. Finally, our stamping press giant client is touting the next step in the Press Room of the Future, rapidly coming onstream at Porsche. We are proud to be associated with all these great clients. We celebrated 50 years with one client in 2020 and have entered our 63rd year in service to another. Both are the global leaders in their equipment categories. Hmmm.  

Our PR Coordinator runs down a list of upsides you can derive from working with us on her specialty.  

What’s changed over my 46 years in the business is neither the formulation of the message nor the target audience strategies we bring to your marcom efforts. They are the nexus of our PR service and what differentiates Bernard & Company from consumer or b2b agencies. We’re i2i, industry to industry, engineers talking to engineers. We speak your language…and your customers’.  

What HAS changed, of course, is the method of delivery, especially in Covid times. We’ve identified SEVEN ways industry gets its information and we help our clients in all those areas…including digital, social and experiential. If you want a needs assessment to be sure you’re achieving success on all those platforms, talk to us.  

Contact me for more details and stay safe,  

Tim Daro