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Making the Most Out of Each Trade Show

By Ioana Benea

Trade shows involve a lot of work. This isn’t limited to signing up for an event, making sure the right person/s and machines are displayed and preparing engaging presentations for your clients and potential customers. When all is said and done, how do you know that your company successfully delivered its message? 

With numerous years of trade show experience under our belt, we certainly know how to create a long-lasting impression so our clients not only stand out at an event, but are also remembered and discussed months after. 

Clients wanting to receive the maximum benefit from their participation at a show have two options. They can opt for Media Days or a press conference. The former involves editors from target publications visiting our clients’ booths for individual 30-minute sessions. The latter is an organized press conference, usually less than an hour, where all the invited editors are present. 

While both options have merit, there are certain situations where one works better than the other. For example, press conferences are best when announcing a new product to the market. 

Organizing these events involves several steps. First, we discuss with the clients what publications they are looking to target, then carefully create a list that includes the names and contact information of the editors. We send out the invitation by email, sometimes creating one if the client asks us to do so. This is often followed up by phone calls we make to the editors, reminding them of the invitation and encouraging them to visit our client.  Once we receive confirmation, the team creates a spreadsheet listing the time and date of each appointment. The client is consistently updated during this time, so they know how many people are coming and if the editors have a particular subject they’d like to discuss. Based on that information, our client makes sure that a subject matter expert is in the booth when certain editors drop by. Concurrently, the agency works to develop content that will be included in a press kit that editors will receive at the trade show. During the event, several members of Bernard & Company will be on hand to greet editors and hand out digitized press kits. 

Our work doesn’t stop once the event concludes. We follow up with the editors after the show to make sure that they have everything they need and don’t have additional questions. If so, we help set up interviews between interested parties. Furthermore, we also send out press kits to editors who were unable to attend. Lastly, we monitor all PR appearances, whether in print, online or on social media.  The latter is key, as many editors today post on sm from the booth or immediately thereafter.  At the end of a determined period, we provide reports to the clients, detailing their ROI and the value of our services.  

If you want to make sure your trade show is a success, reach out to us!