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Make New Friends, But Keep The Old…

…for one is silver but the other is gold.  That was a song they sang in my mother’s Girl Scout Days.  She rose up the ranks in Chicago to District Chairman, when I was a kid.  Pioneered Operation Co-Ed, the first joint effort of Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, here in Chicago.  I can recall her out in a boat with a megaphone at night, chastizing the two camps who’d sneaked off to the island in the middle of the lake, where the sexes were housed on opposite shores.  Pretty radical for the late 50’s.  And my sister was one of the ring leaders of the secret meet-up!  The event caused controversy but it worked.  A life lesson I learned in my single-digit years.

Change is integral to life, and in our case, to the progress of manufacturing technology and its marketing messages and methods.

In this issue, you’ll read a column from our new social media director, Amie, who lives in Flint, MI and is the first employee I hired sight unseen.  That took some adjustment, but not much, as she’s proving her worth every day.  Social media has gone from a couple hours a week to full-time jobs at our agency.  Another of the seven ways engineers get info to do their jobs and engage their colleagues and the supply chain.

Likewise, you’ll see Stiefelmayer lasers, with their line of machines dedicated solely to the production of motor laminations for the electric vehicle (EV) market, which is changing the landscape of an entire industry rapidly.  We’ve handled several laser manufacturers in the past as clients, so we were a perfect fit for this company, who’s being represented by our “old” friends at GMTA in Ann Arbor.  Get the picture?

New business is the lifeblood of any ad or PR agency (we’re both for most clients) and that’s a given.  In this day of Covid, that’s also a tougher challenge than ever.  One new client reached out to the media covering their world for agency recommendations and our name came up on all the lists.  Kinda proud of that fact and it witnesses our expertise and 46 years as a strictly industrial agency.  

We speak your language, that’s a fact.  

From all of us at Bernard & Company, thanks to our old friends.  Be a new one?

The bottom line, as we said back in the day…what we do works and we can prove it.  That’s also a fact.  

Keep the rally going, 

p.s.  Thanks, mom, for showing me that you can change the way two things get done and make them both better.  Later on, I learned the word synergy, something our clients and we have, to the benefit of both!