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Geotargeting and Retargeting Advertising

By Kevin Koval

More and more companies are looking for effective ways to gain additional exposure for their respected brands. One of the best ways that Bernard & Company has been helping clients achieve this is by using Google’s Geotargeting and Retargeting. Many of our clients have had great success with one or both of these types of advertising.

We encourage our clients to use our Geotargeting service during their trade shows or any events that they will be attending. Geotargeting or Geo-fencing is a way to have ads appear within a city, region or country. One of the best features is that you can pinpoint a very small and precise location where you want your ads to show up. We create stunning ads with your company branding, a call-to-action, high-res images of tools or machines, a logo of the trade show and the booth number. We put this kind of information on the ads to entice customers, prospects and editors that are attending the show. By setting these ads up, you will see an increased amount of traffic to both your booth and website.

A great example that we have done for many of our clients in the past is to run Geotargeting ads during the highly anticipated trade show, IMTS that happens every 2 years in Chicago, IL. We create 12 ads that appear within a 5-mile radius around the McCormick Place Convention Center. All of our clients receive thousands of clicks on their ads which are linked to specific landing pages. Your results may vary depending on the size of the trade show. When people show up to your booth, be sure to ask them how they heard of your company and why they decided to come to your booth. You will hear from time to time that they saw your ad online.

Bernard & Company assures all clients that none of their ads will appear on any unwanted sites such as sexual content, racist groups and other inappropriate sites. We work very hard to make sure this never happens and we are diligent to find ways for future prevention.

Have you ever been searching online for a product and later noticing that ads of a similar product appeared on another site? Have you ever visited a website of a company and later seen ads of the same company follow you around the internet? Have you ever searched on Google and seen ads for what you are searching for at the top of the page? These are all examples of Retargeting. How it works is we create two different campaigns. One is a search and the other is a display.

With the search campaign, we must ask ourselves what will our customers or prospects type to search online and what kind of keywords will they be using? When you go to Google and type anything into the search engine, this is considered a keyword. We link keywords with ads that will appear at the top of Google search results. The great thing about these kinds of ads is we have total control of what the ads will say. The ads will have a call-to-action and will link to a landing page on your website. We can set up as many keywords as you would like, target a specific audience and run the ads for as long as you would like. With a Retargeting display campaign, we create 12 similar ads that will appear but since this won’t be linked to a trade show, we can take out the booth number and the event logo.

These ads will activate after the prospect visits your site. An ad will then follow their behavior and it will appear on the thousands of Google friendly websites. How it works is we provide a Global Site Tag that is generated and it will need to be added to every page of code on your website. Without this, the ads will not follow any of your visitors.

At Bernard & Company, we had a client that ran this program for 6 months. By the end of the campaign, they got hundreds of thousands of clicks on their ads, increased their sales, raised brand awareness and improved their Google ranking from page seven to number one.

In both Retargeting and Geotargeting, your ads can appear when people are searching on mobile devices, desktop computers and tablets. This is a Cost Per Click (CPC) type of advertising, where a portion of the budget is billed every time someone clicks on these ads. We manage your ads’ performances and the bidding system. We will make sure you get fantastic results within your budget. For more information, please reach out to Bernard & Company if you are interested to get started on one of these fantastic opportunities.