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Do’s and Don’ts at Shows

I’ve previously written about the top ten do’s and don’ts at shows.  The basics remain: 

Bring people, including your reps, dealers and distributors.  Some large machine dealers are exhibiting again, showing all their lines on a co-op cost basis.  Bring your good tech people, as attendees want answers on the spot and they will appreciate the learning experience.  Don’t say “I’ll check the guys at the factory and get back to you.”  YOU are the guy from the factory the attendees came to see.  

Bring your product, whatever it may be.  THAT’S what people attend shows to see, in addition to those experts noted above.  An obvious exception would be our client who builds machines the size of a basketball court.  Show ‘n tell has as much value today as it did when the nuns had us do it in grammar school.  

Be open about pricing.  I know that’s difficult but even a ballpark number will lend clarity to the conversation.  

Engage the media.  At large shows with 1000+ exhibitors, use your agency (or us) to corral the media for meetings, a presser or other event.  It’s simply putting your head above the crowd.  (Tim has an Irish town crier in his family tree!)

Look sharp.  I was a rarity in a suit and tie, but that’s a personal choice.  My father went to work every day of his life in a suit, as my son does.  Restaurant and hotel moguls.  

And, lastly, bring candy…even when it’s not Halloween!  Our friends in other countries make shows much more of a social event than we do in America, but that’s a personal choice, too.  

Take time, talk to your agency or us to learn from our experience at many shows in many industries, each year.  You’ll be better prepped to max up the value of the events for your company.  

Make sense?  

Tim Daro