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Chemcoaters Becomes Parent Company of Eco Green Coatings

Eco Green Coatings

Chemcoaters, a leading coil coater and manufacturer of proprietary coating chemistries, now owns Eco Green Coatings. Effective immediately, Eco Green Coatings has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Chemcoaters. The announcement was made by Chemcoaters at the company’s headquarters in Gary, Indiana.

Eco Green Coatings is the creator of InterReactive® coatings and the developer of the InterCoat® Chemguard family of coatings. As part of InterReactive® coatings, InterCoat® Chemguard is an innovative corrosion resistant and adhesion-enhancing coating that creates a permanent covalent reaction with any zinc or zinc-alloy coated substrate. InterCoat® Chemguard can be used as a stand-alone corrosion resistant coating or can be applied as a Hybrid Pretreatment that enhances corrosion resistance while simultaneously improving adhesion of prepaints, post paints and powder coatings.

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