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Flying optic design with dual shuttle tables, each 26’ x 8’, said to be only laser in industry with cutting head covering entire workspace without repositioning table

Han-Kwang USA announces the introduction of its largest laser model, built to date.  The FS8025 is a flying-optic CO2 laser cutting system with dual shuttle tables, each measuring 26’ long by 8’ wide.  This laser system is immediately available for sale in the North American market.

Powered by either a 2.5KW, 4KW or 6KW Panasonic laser resonator, the FS8025 is the only laser in industry on which the cutting head can cover the entire 26’ x 8’ worktable area without repositioning the table in process, according to the manufacturer.

All other currently available laser machines must reposition the table to process such a large area, resulting in longer cycle times and severe limitations on the cutting of very long, continuous part surfaces.  Also eliminated are the inherent inaccuracies that result from repositioning the table in process.

Other features on this new machine line from Han-Kwang include a Siemens 840D CNC, the builder’s unique Constant Beam Distance System (CBDS), automatic edge detection and sheet axis realignment, quick-piercing cross-jet system, multi-pulse piercing, high-speed cutting head and synchronized twin servo motors on the gantry with auto-focus control.

According to Robert Won, Han-Kwang vice president for North American operations, “Our company has developed this very large laser system, following years of research and testing.  The first several units have already been produced and installed at customer sites in Taiwan and Korea.  We are now in full production at our factories.  Another FS8025 will be installed soon.”

Won also detailed other models of the large table laser systems in this new line from Han-Kwang, including FS8020, FS6025, FS4025 and FS4020.  All models are currently in production.

Interested parties should contact the company or their local Han-Kwang dealer for details.

Full machine specifications may be found at http://hankwangus.com/fs8025.html

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Date:  May 1, 2010