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The Power of PR

PR Should Supplement (Not Replace) Your Advertising
By Shari VanZant

Up until the last couple of decades, industrial marketing meant placing print ads in trade magazines and periodically sending direct mailings to reinforce the message. Then along came the internet and the entire direct mail/PR process was completely revamped.

Standard practice previously involved sending press kits through the mail and then waiting for an appearance in print several months later. In this digital age, PR is sent by email and regularly appears the same day we send it – making PR a more valuable tool than ever.

While it is important to remember that PR should always be used as a supplement to advertising, and never in its place, it is a very effective way of increasing your company and product awareness.

At Bernard & Company, our PR program goes a step further. After a press release is sent, our team regularly searches for our clients’ PR appearances, both online and in print magazines and tracks each one that is found. An archive is built and presented to the client at the end of every quarter with a dollar value assigned to it as if it were paid advertising space, with most clients getting a return of many times the cost spent. This helps show the value of our program, and proves once again, the power of PR.