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The Heim Group… A Family of Performers – FABTECH Booth 4363

Multiple machines and services from longtime leader in stamping presses to be displayed at FABTECH Booth 4363

The HEIM Group has been designing and manufacturing presses for over 65 years. The company’s HEIM and ROUSSELLE press brands are known worldwide for their quality construction and performance. Built in the Chicago factory, using American-made components, whenever possible, the presses have a reputation for dependable operation, competitive price and superior support from dealers and inside staff. HeimS2_400 Each Maxi Stamper (as shown in photos) straight side press is engineered with the latest CAD technology and built by experienced craftsmen. Every aspect of the machine is manufactured with high-performance, unmatched accuracy and years of reliable use in operation. This series of eccentric-geared tie rod straight side presses is available in the 300 to 1000-ton range. Users select the stroke, speed, shut height and bed area. Standard drive rating is .500” above bottom stroke, but other options are available to meet all applications and energy requirements. Likewise, customers may select a more rigid frame deflection from the standard .002”/ft. Please see our website for details. HeimMaxiStamper2 Smaller press requirements are served by our Maxi Stamper II series of C-frame, front-to-back shaft designed presses in the 90 to 300-ton range. Built with the same heavy-duty standard designs, these presses have similar features and performance to our straight side presses. Maxi Stamper II presses are also offered in a solid frame design for applications sensitive to frame deflection. In the Heim booth, a before/after remanufactured press and a battery of other services will be displayed. Heim maintains a considerable inventory of remanufactured presses, plus offers the capability to retrofit or rebuild any Heim, Rousselle or select other brand of presses in the market. Booth personnel will include company President Katie Heim and other executive team members, as well as technical and sales personnel.

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