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The Distinction With a Difference

We’re a full-service, strictly industrial ad/PR agency, started by Fred Bernard in 1975. I joined him shortly thereafter, bought the agency in 1982 and I’m still here. Lots has changed over the years, but one word hasn’t. INDUSTRIAL. 

Fred came out of Honeywell and Ryerson Steel, while my background was electrical and automotive. Once, we had a high concentration of pump, valve, filter and controls clients. Today, we have more machine tools, production equipment for discrete manufacturing and the market leader in motion control. Our longest-retained client (62 years!) is the global leader in industrial ovens and furnaces and, this year, we’re celebrating 50 years with the market leader in rubber molding machinery, a client we helped conquer the North American market, in which they had no presence in 1970, when they sold their first two presses to one of Fred’s filter clients.

Today, we remain a full-service, strictly industrial ad/PR agency, but we supply our clients social media, geotargeting, website development, full online marketing services, trade show work, video and our unique Special PR program, which nets our largest guys over a MILLION in equivalent ad space, every year. We create the content AND place it in all the right spots.

Being industrial, we do no broadcast, billboard, newspaper or other consumer advertising and we’re not even B2B, as we do no commercial biz. We are STRICTLY i2i, that is, industrial engineers, designers, manufacturing and production pros, talking to others of the same stripe.

Even our most generic equipment client could conceivably sell to less than 150,000 companies globally. One client has a market universe less than 700 in all of North America. 

This means we do pinpoint marketing to the right eyeballs, not mass marketing to the masses. 

That’s the distinction with a BIG difference between Bernard & Company and other agencies. 

Thanks for reading our agency newsletter, 

Tim Daro