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STAMA Mill/Turn Centers with Twin Spindle Versatility

MC726/MT-2C machining center from Stama America; 30% smaller footprint than conventional mill/turn centers

Allows six-sided processing of parts in two independent operations in five axes on single machine; twice the speed of conventional MT centers with 30% less footprint

Stama America, Itasca, Illinois announces the introduction of its MC 726/MT-2C mill/turn, twin spindle machining centers for the automotive, fluid power, tooling, medical and other industries, where parts needs to be milled and turned in production operations.  This new machining center is the latest iteration of the popular TANDEM concept mill/turn centers, introduced by Stama in 2007.

Independent spindles simultaneously turn and mill in sequenced ops, often doubling productivity.

Two independent spindles are onboard, each on a traveling column assembly and each supporting an independent swivel table, one of which acts with a bar feeder mechanism.  Workpieces are introduced to the turning spindle, then transitioned by a conveyorized gripper assembly to the milling indexer and fed to the milling spindle, before finally exiting the work area.

Complete six-sided machining is possible between the two cutting operations, all on one machine with approximately twice the speed of a conventional m/t center in 30% less footprint.  Since the first part is being milled simultaneously to the next part being turned, the overall production operation is greatly enhanced, nearly doubling in many applications.

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Each of the spindles is served by a swivel unit, one acting with a bar feed mechanism.

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