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Siemens Introduces Four-Week Lead Time on Generation II Simotics® 1FK7 Servomotors

1FK7042-2AF71-1QG0Field-replaceable 24-bit encoders in 10 styles and reduced lead times highlight new line of servomotors; three inertia versions, seven shaft heights on highly-configurable line

Siemens Industry, Inc. announces reduced lead times for its Generation II Simotics 1FK7 servomotors.  Highly-configurable to suit a wide variety of applications, this new line features seven shaft heights, Quick-Connect power connector and  high-accuracy 20- and 24-bit field replaceable encoders in 10 styles, all combined with a four-week lead time beginning July 1, 2013 — and ultimately reduced to three-weeks beginning January 1, 2014 on all models.

The Generation II servomotor offers three inertia versions — standard, high-dynamic for rapid acceleration jobs, and high-inertia for maximum smooth running.  These motors are designed for operation without external cooling and the heat is dissipated through the motor surface.  With 10 styles of field-replaceable encoders, the 1FK7 Generation II servomotors provide easy maintenance in the field, with reduced downtime and operating cost savings.  Further, a 10 percent improvement in continuous (S-1) power is achieved since the encoders are mechanically and thermally decoupled from the motor.  The mechanical decoupling also means the encoder is more resistant to vibration conditions on the machine.  In addition, there is no need for battery back-up on the absolute encoders.

1FK7042-2AF71-1QG0Generation II Simotics 1FK7 servomotors provide users with  3x overload, 2.5 percent torque ripple, cross profiling for easier mounting, Siemens Drive-Cliq interface for easier field commissioning and unit recognition with the Siemens Sinamics S120 drive family, plain shaft or keyway design, three IP ratings and are supplied with or without holding brake.

The full application of engineering assistance and service of the global Siemens network supports this new line of servomotors.

For more information on these new Siemens servomotors, please visit www.usa.siemens.com/simotics.

For product information and inquiries, call +1 800 879 8079 ext. Marketing Communications or e-mail SiemensMTBUMarCom.industry@siemens.com.

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