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Hunter and Maus Have Successful GIFA Shows

Leading manufacturers of matchplate molding and grinding systems for metalcasters shine in Duesseldorf

 Schaumburg, Illinois (USA)-During the recent GIFA show in Duesseldorf, Germany, both Hunter Automated and its partner Maus reported successful exhibition of their machinery and related equipment.

Sandra Selwan, marketing manager for Maus (Padua, Italy), said the booth traffic was excellent throughout the show and that many current and potential customers visited.  At the booth, Maus displayed its SAM multi-axis grinding system for gate and riser removal on metal castings.  Owing to the offline programming station and rotating worktable, the SAM system from Maus enables cost-effective and high production rates.  Also present at the booth were managing director Roberto Sammartin, sales manager Claudio Cossalter and the new North American sales manager, Carlo Canevese.  Maus markets its machinery and related systems through Hunter Automated in North America and other select regions globally.

Meanwhile, at the Hunter (Schaumburg, Illinois-USA) booth, which was immediately adjacent to the Maus booth, activity was brisk throughout the event.  Hundreds of metalcasters from dozens of countries around the world visited and, in several cases, consummated deals with Hunter, the global leader in matchplate molding systems and mold handling lines for green sand casting.

Working the booth were company president Bill Hunter, sales vp Kevin Purdy, sales manager Dean Martin and most of the global agent network Hunter, as well as representatives from the other manufacturing locations besides Chicago, namely, Brazil and China.  As Purdy noted, “The strategy we’ve employed of manufacturing our machinery around the world, in key market areas for the foundry business, has proven both cost effective and customer-friendly.”  Hunter also partners with Space’ and Versatile, all manufacturers of foundry equipment, in addition to Maus.

During the show, Hunter also inked deals for other representatives in the global foundry market.  Details of these new arrangements will be forthcoming shortly, according to Hunter management.

Also a show highlight at the Hunter booth, they welcomed Ms. Janice Weiner, U.S. Consul General, along with Klaus Jonas, Communications Specialist for the U.S. Department of Commerce and representatives from the Messe Duesseldorf show management team, Eva Rowe and Ryan Klemm.

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