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For Almost 45 Years Anca Has Been on the Journey to Help Our Customers Move Towards a Smart Factory Solution

Visit ANCA at EASTEC at booth 1244 to learn more about how our world-first technology developments have helped reduce production costs by 50% through lights out manufacturing

From 3D simulation software to LaserPlus, an in-process measurement system, to RoboTeach, which makes robotic loaders accessible and easy to program – ANCA has been building a tool box of technology for our customers to reap the benefits of automation and Industry 4.0.

Visit us at Booth 1244 and learn more about how ANCA is enabling manufacturers to run ‘lights out’ and download our practical guide on how to build a Factory of the Future.

Thomson Mathew, Software Product Manager says: “Get a live demo of the soon to be released ToolRoom RN34 software and learn how it specializes in complex cutting tool geometries for the aerospace, die mould and power generation industry.”

ANCA’s latest ToolRoom RN 34 software release focuses on manufacturing the most complex tool geometries with a perfect balance. Visitors can get a demo of the endmill cycles for ballnose and corner radius, tool balancing and next generation fluting cycles.

Also at the show will be ANCA’s Management Suite, which either on the premise or in the cloud is a game changer for the CNC grinding industry. It provides customers the technology to monitor the performance of their machines no matter where they are in the world. The new software also enables companies to run smart factories by providing live production information to make data-based decisions on operational improvements. Also launching soon is a new USB WiFi dongle that will add seamless connectivity to machine users.

Email us at marketing@anca.com to book a free demo at EASTEC 2019 to see ANCA’s latest ToolRoom version or our Management Suite software.

Ideal for light manufacturing, regrinding and full production – see the FX7 Linear at EASTEC

For customers that require increased flexibility or more spindle power, or increased automation capacity that a robot can provide, the FX7 Linear offers these. The FX7 Linear offers a wide range of options for those looking to increase productivity and accuracy. Available as an option is the AR300 robot loader to increase efficiency by automating repetitive manual tasks.

Features include:

  • Linear motors on X and Y axes
  • AM5000 control system for faster processing
  • HSK40 taper provides increased rigidity and accuracy for improved tool surface finish results

Embrace automation with ANCA’s AR300 loader

With over 70% of ANCA customers buying machines with robotic functionality, it’s fair to say the age of the robots has come. Far from a nice-to-have add on, many CNC machines now come with operator panels that provide in-built control over both the grinding software and the robotics function, opening the door to greater automation efficiencies.

At ANCA we provide a complete solution to our customers, designing and manufacturing almost all our technology in-house. As part of this we developed our own low-cost solution for tool loading.

The 3-axes ANCA robot has a capacity of 380 tools and accommodates tool sizes up to Ø20mm (Ø3/4”) x 150mm (6”) long. The AR300 loader is contained within the compact FX Linear machine footprint, so there is no need for extra floorspace. In addition, there is no need to change gripper fingers between batches, which further maximizes productivity.

Utilizing the latest control technology from ANCA Motion, the AR300 loader is an excellent value-for-money auto tool loading solution for the FX5 Linear and FX7 Linear two-wheel changer machines. The loader provides quick tool loading, as the tool is passed directly from the pallet to the collet in a single gripping action.

For further information, please contact:

Johanna Boland
PR and Communications Manager, ANCA
M: +61 407799779

ANCA is a market leading manufacturer of CNC grinding machines. It was founded in 1974 in Melbourne, Australia where the company still has its global headquarters. ANCA has offices in the UK, Germany, China, Thailand, India, Japan, Brazil and the USA as well as a comprehensive network of representatives and agents worldwide.

ANCA CNC grinders are used for manufacturing precision cutting tools and components across a diverse range of competitive industries including cutting tool manufacture, automotive, aerospace, electronics and medical.

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Small Grinding Center Offers Big Productivity Boost

VLC 100 G Vertical Pick-up Grinder

VLC 100 G Vertical Pick-up Grinder

Automobile manufacturers all over the world were able to enjoy an increase in their sales figures, this year! The biggest increases were experienced in the USA, China, India and Russia. However, the rapidly increasing number of vehicles built also brought some production challenges – for instance, the sub-contractors must deal with the increasing output levels and also need to ensure that process safety and component quality do not suffer. In fact, even the smallest components with complex geometries must be produced with increasing levels of precision.  In the development of the VLC 100 G Vertical Grinding Center from EMAG, our grinding specialists have made sure that the machine concept offers efficient, error-free machining processes for the production of small chucked components.

Small chucked components are typically produced in large quantities. The demand for components, such as gearwheels, planetary gears, chain gears and flanged components for cars, for instance, have necessary quantities that typically go into the millions; and short cycle times in the production of these components have become mandatory. For instance, the internal contour of a gearwheel must be ground in the shortest possible time and the machine’s workholding unit must be loaded with a new workpiece just as quickly. In many production environments, this represents a critical moment, because the idle time is commonly a decisive factor in establishing the economic viability of the whole process.

Automatic loading scores heavily

The VLC 100 G is equipped with three axes (X, Z, C). The machine uses its overhead pick-up spindle to load itself. The machining area features one or two grinding spindles for internal and/or external work.

The VLC 100 G is equipped with three axes (X, Z, C). The machine uses its overhead pick-up spindle to load itself. The machining area features one or two grinding spindles for internal and/or external work.

High output levels – short cycle times. This is exactly why the VLC 100 G Vertical Grinding Center from EMAG, for small chucked components with a maximum diameter of 100 mm, was developed. The machine utilizes its onboard pick-up system to load itself. And while one workpiece is being machined, the operator – or the automation system – is putting the raw-parts on the conveyor belt. This reduces idle time and increases output rates. Another benefit is the vertical machining concept; the design ensures that the grinding sludge falls to the bottom of the machine unhindered, where it is then transported out of the machine. (Click HERE for a video detailing the VLC 100 G Vertical Grinding Center)

Quality control is integrated

Measuring processes can also be integrated into the machine, making quality control an integral part of the whole process. The measuring probe is located between the machining area and pick-up station, where it is protected from contamination.

In use are two different grinding wheels

Dr. Guido Hegener, Managing Director EMAG Salach Maschinenfabrik GmbH

Dr. Guido Hegener, Managing Director EMAG Salach Maschinenfabrik GmbH

An important feature of the VLC 100 G is that it offers the possibility to use two grinding spindles, which can be used to perform different grinding operations, or to handle both rough- and finish-grinding work.  In other words, the first wheel performs the “rough” job of removing excess material from the raw-part at high feedrates (the CBN wheel is specially designed to absorb the necessary forces), while the second wheel (with different specifications) takes over the finishing work to guarantee a perfect surface finish on even the most challenging geometries. With the help of this intelligent tooling combination, EMAG design engineers have succeeded in drastically reducing the grinding time of even very complex components. “For the removal of large amounts, two wheels offer a shorter cycle time than one, with the first wheel designed to do the rough-grinding and the second one in charge of finish-grinding work,” explains Dr. Guido Hegener,  Managing Director of EMAG Salach Maschinenfabrik GmbH in Germany.

A convincing machine concept

Very easy access! Generously designed maintenance and service doors make the machine easy to access.

Very easy access! Generously designed maintenance and service doors make the machine easy to access.

The combination of fast loading and efficient grinding processes leads to a very compelling machine concept. The VLC 100 G works very well with the dynamic developments in automotive production. Now, with the rapid increase in required quantities, the demand is for new machine concepts that can be integrated into existing production without any problem. With the VLC 100 G, two features enable it to be integrated without any problems. “Programming the workpieces with our new EMAG NAVIGATOR software is simple and intuitive, saving valuable setup time. For many production environments, this is an advantage that should not be underrated,“ confirms Dr. Hegener. Furthermore, the exceptionally small footprint for the VLC 100 G should make the work of every production planner easier. The stand-alone machine occupies about 4.5 square meters (48 square feet), making sure that the growth of a production facility of this kind will not be limited by floor space requirements.

The advantages of the VLC 100 G

The dressing unit with diamond roll.

The dressing unit with diamond roll.

  • Compact grinder with the highest precision
  • The machine can accommodate both internal and external grinding spindles.
  • Integral automation, short travel times = short chip-to-chip times
  • Vertical machining = unhindered chip flow, with the grinding sludge falling to the bottom
  • Optimal access = fast setups
  • Great process safety through the use of an optional measuring probe
The workpieces are mounted on pallets and taken into the VLC 100 G by the conveyor belt. The pick-up spindle then further automates the whole loading and unloading process

The workpieces are mounted on pallets and taken into the VLC 100 G by the conveyor belt. The pick-up spindle then further automates the whole loading and unloading process

For more information:

Kristal Kilgore
38800 Grand River Avenue
Farmington Hills, MI 48335
Tel: (248) 875-0313
Fax: (248) 477-7784
E-mail: kkilgore@emag.com
Web: www.emag.com

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