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Siemens Expands Its Sinamics V20 Drive Family For Basic Applications

Siemens announced today the release of its new single-axis Sinamics V20 AC drive, frame size E, with both Low Overload (LO) and High Overload (HO) ratings.  The V20 family features easy setup and operation with excellent cost and energy efficiency.  With a power rating ranging from 1/6–40hp at 480V AC, Sinamics V20 drives are available in five frame sizes and are ideal for material handling, conveyor, pump, fan and compressor applications.Expanded Sinamics V20 Drive Family For Basic Applications | Siemens Drive Technologies

This compact drive can be connected and installed the conventional wall-mounting method or, optionally, mounted with heat sinks pushed through the enclosure wall.  Since no additional modules or add-on options are required for operation, installation time is minimized.

The integrated Basic Operator Panel (BOP) enables trouble-free commissioning and operation on-site.  Besides the universal serial interfaces that allow for easy connection to Simatic programmable logic controllers (PLCs), a Modbus interface is also included for communication with third-party controls.  Pre-built connection and application macros are used for facilitating application-specific settings.  For units with power ratings higher than 10hp, a braking resistor can be connected directly to the integrated braking chopper.

Operating the Sinamics V20 drive is just as easy as commissioning.  Parameters that have been optimized for one application can easily be transferred to other drive units using SD cards via the Basic Operator Panel or the battery-operated Parameter Loader.  The built-in display has the ability to list only those parameters changed from the factory default values rather than having to scroll through all of them.

Tailored inter-connectivity and application macros (i.e. for pumps, fans and compressors) provide the correct settings for the particular application.  The Keep Running Mode automatically adapts the V20 drive to the power supply to achieve higher availability when operated on unstable networks.  In this mode, line fluctuations are compensated for internally and error messages are acknowledged autonomously.  Thanks to enhanced cooling and coated PCBs and electronic components, the Sinamics V20 is extremely rugged, making the unit reliable even in harsh environments.

The demand-driven regulation of the motor speed also provides increased energy savings even for many applications. The Sinamics V20 is equipped with an energy-optimized control mode (ECO-mode) for increased energy efficiency.  ECO-mode automatically adapts the magnetic flux in the motor to the optimum operating point.  The DC link coupling enables efficient energy utilization of drives grouped together.  The Sinamics V20 can also be set to hibernation mode, which prolongs the service life of the motor and also reduces system component wear (i.e. pumps).  Additionally, by displaying real-time energy consumption on the operator panel display, the operator always has the drive’s energy and cost efficiencies in focus at all times.

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