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1250ºF Electric Inert Atmosphere Batch Cabinet Oven from Grieve

805 GrieveNo. 805 is a 1250ºF (~677ºC) electric, inert atmosphere batch cabinet oven from Grieve, currently used for annealing copper motor coil parts at the customer’s facility.

Workspace of this unit measures 36” W x 96” D x 36” H.  60KW are installed in Incoloy sheathed tubular elements to heat the oven, while a 4,000 CFM, 3HP recirculating blower provides universal airflow to the workload.

This Grieve cabinet oven has 10” insulated walls throughout, comprising 2” of 1900ºF block and 8” of 10 lb. density rockwool, as well as a 16 ga. stainless steel interior and integral oven leg stand.  A 975 CFM blower is onboard to pull air through the air jacket of the inner oven for cooling.  The oven is constructed to JIC/NEMA 12 electrical standards.

As an inert atmosphere oven construction, No. 805 also includes a pressure regulator, flow meter, pressure gauge, internal high temperature gasket, bellows type seal in the doorway, 1/2” thick cellular silicone rubber atmosphere seal, blower shaft seal, positive latching door hardware, adjustable offset door hinges, outlet with pressure relief, interior seams welded gas-tight and all wall penetrations equipped with compression fittings.

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