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SencorpWhite and Minerva Associates Announce a Strategic Merger

Acquisition designed to deliver advanced logistics software offerings for manufacturing and distribution

ISSUED UNDER EMBARGO until Sept 1, 2018 – SencorpWhite (Hyannis, Massachusetts) announces the acquisition of Minerva Associates, a strategic merger designed to expand SencorpWhite’s complete warehouse logistics system solutions for the global market.

Since 1947, SencorpWhite’s automated storage and retrieval systems have been a leader in the North American market. With Minerva’s unique software design features and SencorpWhite’s expertise in material handling equipment, this powerful merger provides the supply chain industry with the widest available range of warehouse automation products and support services.

Minerva Associates, based in San Diego, CA, has provided warehouse management, warehouse control, and asset management system software since 1987. Serving a base of regional distributors to Fortune 500 customers, Minerva’s WMS, WCS, and AMS products are field-proven in distribution, manufacturing and 3PL billing & order management.

This merger complements SencorpWhite’s inventory storage and retrieval products and extensive field-service options. It strengthens SencorpWhite’s expanding software resources and allows the SencorpWhite family to offer comprehensive, turn-key hardware and software solutions; solutions that improve accuracy and efficiency, and satisfy unique customer needs with increased configuration choices. This acquisition further strengthens the company’s overall value proposition in the market, in tandem with the 2017 acquisition of Intek warehouse software and the partnership with ICAM for vertical lift modules.

“We are excited to be a part of this strategic merger,” said Lisa Minerd who will remain Minerva’s President. “SencorpWhite shares our dedication to provide customers with the highest level of service, and comprehensive system solutions that improve the customer’s bottom line.”

Our strategy is to be a great solutions company, and Minerva reinforces our position as a world-class provider of complete solutions for warehouse and storage automation,” said Frank Doyle, CEO of Connell Limited Partnership and chairman of its subsidiary SencorpWhite. “Minerva has a 31-year track record of providing great solutions to some of the world’s most recognizable companies, including large manufacturers and tech companies. This acquisition adds to our recently acquired Intek software bench strength multiple times over, and together we offer customers the strongest and most experienced WMS people in the business,” said Stan McLean, Intek’s VP System Sales & Implementation.

About SencorpWhite

SencorpWhite, a Connell Limited Partnership portfolio company, is a leading provider of unique end-to-end solutions for the packaging and management of high-value inventory. The company’s products and services – which range from innovative thermoformers and other packaging technologies to automated storage and retrieval systems and inventory management software – cover the entire supply chain spectrum, from the point-of-manufacture through distribution and to the point-of-use. For more information, call (508) 771-9400 or visit hwww. sencorpwhite.com and www.intek.com.

About Minerva Associates

Minerva Associates was founded in 1987 and is the sole owner, designer, developer, and provider of the Advanced Warehouse Logistics software platform, AWL. AWL provides measurable accuracy and efficiency improvements for distribution, manufacturing and 3PL billing & order management, from small regional distributors to Fortune 500 manufacturing enterprises. AWL installations can be found in North America, Western Europe, and the Pacific Rim. Minerva’s product offering and passionate talent are what make them stand out from other WMS software companies. For more information, call (858)-792-8626 or visit http://minerva-associates.com/.

400 Kidds Hill Rd | Hyannis, MA 02601 USA
508.771.9400 | info@sencorpwhite.com
Attention: Brian Urban

Minerva Associates
5910 Pacific Center Blvd. #330 | San Diego, CA 92121
858.792.8626 | info@minerva-associates.com
Attention: Lisa Minerd

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ICAM and SencorpWhite Announce a Strategic Distribution Partnership

Announcing an exclusive Distribution Agreement to deliver the Intelligent SILO VLM product line to the North American Market

ICAM and SencorpWhite are proud to announce a new strategic partnership for the exclusive distribution of the SILO VLM product line in the United States and Canada.

Since 1947, SencorpWhite’s White brand automated storage and retrieval systems has been a recognized leader in the North American market. With ICAM’s unique product features, and White’s unmatched network of sales and field service engineers, this powerful partnership provides the North American market with the widest available range of VLM products and services.

Through this partnership, ICAM and White will enable North American companies to simplify day-to-day inventory storage and retrieval, optimize valuable floor space, and increase productivity. ICAM’s highly engineered, tailor-made VLMs are designed and manufactured to satisfy specific customer requirements, unlike standard, pre-configured solutions with limited choice of dimensions and configurations.

“This strategic partnership enables ICAM to bring the unique features of SILO VLMs to White’s extensive customer base in the North American market,” said Roberto Bianco, President and Chief Executive Officer, ICAM. “We are very pleased to partner with SencorpWhite. White is a respected brand throughout the industry, ideally positioning the company for rapid growth. With its technical sales and service capabilities, and multiple locations, SencorpWhite is able to provide customers with the highest level of service, which aligns with our own business philosophy”.

“ICAM and SencorpWhite share the same passion for innovation, quality, and value. This foundation provides a strong strategic and cultural fit for both businesses. We are pleased to partner with an established and innovative industry leader in Europe,” said Chris Lingamfelter, President of SencorpWhite’s White product line. “This strategic partnership leverages the strength of both ICAM and SencorpWhite to rapidly grow our existing footprint in North America, furthering our vision to offer uniquely configured, intelligent VLM solutions that provide value to our customers.”

About SencorpWhite

SencorpWhite, a Connell Limited Partnership portfolio company, is a leading provider of unique end-to-end solutions for the packaging and management of high-value inventory. The company’s products and services – which range from innovative thermoformers and other packaging technologies to automated storage and retrieval systems and inventory management software – cover the entire supply chain spectrum, from the point-of-manufacture through distribution and to the point-of-use. For more information, call (508) 771-9400 or visit http://sencorpwhite.com/.

About ICAM

For more than 50 years, ICAM has been designing and manufacturing automated-storage-and-retrieval (AS/RS) and filing systems for the European market. Today, ICAM is on the leading edge of Italian and European manufacturing, serving the industrial, retail, public administration and services markets. ICAM’s product range includes state-of-the-art automated vertical lift modules (VLMs); vertical carousels; mobile racking/shelving systems (di- vided into three distinct business lines: industrial, office and healthcare), and innovative, integrated inventory management software. ICAM is certified to ISO 9001 (certificate no. 191886); ISO 14001 (certificate no. 153853-2014 AE-ITA-ACCREDIA); and ISO 3834 (certificate no. IT246224), which assures product and procedure reliability and respect for the environment.



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SencorpWhite Announces Letter of Intent to Purchase Intek Integration Technologies Inc.

Acquisition will allow market leader in automated storage and retrieval systems to expand offerings for warehouse, inventory and supply chain management

HYANNIS, MASencorpWhite, a global leader in customized, end-to-end solutions for automated packaging and AS/RS systems, announced today that it intends to acquire Intek Integration Technologies Inc., a company specializing in software that helps manufacturers and distributors better manage their warehouses, inventory levels and supply chains. SencorpWhite’s White Systems brand and Intek have been collaborating in the material handling industry for the past 30 years.

Acquisition will allow White Systems customers to benefit from more coordinated product offerings, tighter solution integration and strengthened collaboration

Integrating White brand AS/RS solutions with Intek’s Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Warehouse Control Systems (WCS) will offer customers:

  • New supply chain management options. Intek’s Supply Chain Execution platform complements White’s automated storage and retrieval systems, allowing White Systems to provide a comprehensive selection of hardware and software designed to improve system performance and flexibility.
  • Enhanced customer service. Intek will continue operations in the Northwest, allowing both Massachusetts-based White Systems and Intek to deepen and extend service and engineering support coast to coast.
  • Shared history and expertise. White Systems and Intek have a 30-year history of working together in the material handling industry.

“Intek and White Systems have been working together for three decades to provide powerful, flexible solutions,” said Chris Lingamfelter, President, White Systems. “The breadth and depth of the Intek Supply Chain Execution platform is a strong addition to the White solution set, and this acquisition will allow us to continue to deliver complete, integrated business solutions for our valued clients.”

“As advanced automation has become the norm in all distribution sectors, we see distinct advantages to more freely integrating White automation systems with Intek supply chain execution software,” says Mac Cutchins, Chairman and CEO at Intek.  “The synergy of our two companies will bring formidable and flexible automation solutions to all distribution tiers, creating more robust competitive advantage in the industry.  Already a longtime partner to White, we at Intek see this enhanced level of cooperation as an engine for substantive evolution in both distribution automation and supply chain execution at our companies.”

About SencorpWhite:

SencorpWhite, a Connell Limited Partnership portfolio Company, is a leading provider of unique end-to-end solutions for the packaging and management of high-value inventory. The company’s products and services—which range from Sencorp brand innovative thermoformers and CeraPak and CeraTek brand packaging technologies to White brand automated storage and retrieval systems and inventory management software—cover the entire supply chain, from the point-of-manufacture through distribution and to the point-of-use. For more information, call (508) 771-9400 or visit http://sencorpwhite.com/.


About Connell Limited Partnership:

Connell Limited Partnership is a family-owned business headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Connell has a history of owning and operating industry leading manufacturing and service companies that provide superior products, exceptional customer service and operational excellence. The Connell family is dedicated to supporting a wide range of philanthropic endeavors, with a large commitment to the medical field, including the William F. Connell School of Nursing at Boston College, the Connell and O’Reilly Families Cell Manipulation Core at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, the Connell Nursing Research Scholars Program at Massachusetts General Hospital, and the William F. Connell Emergency Department at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. More information is available at http://www.connell-lp.com/.


About Intek Integration Technologies, Inc.:

Every day, Intek’s customers collectively scan millions of bar codes, achieve labor efficiency in their operations, utilize space effectively, discover “impossible” inventory accuracy and deliver outrageous customer service to bring goods to homes, offices, people and companies all around the globe using Intek’s software suites. For more information, please visit http://www.intek.com.


Contact: Joseph Kennedy
Telephone: (508) 771-9400
E-mail: jkennedy@whitesystems.com

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Siemens at IMTS 2014: Integrated CNCs and Robots

DATE: Tuesday, September 9
TIME: 1:15 PM – 2:10 PM
ROOM: W-193B


Aerospace manufacturing is changing faster than ever before.  The Industry seeks cost-effective and increased productivity through multi-function machines, agile manufacturing processes and re-taskable automation.

To increase productivity, traditional CNC machines are being combined with more and more automation equipment.  Robots are playing an ever-increasing role in this automation.  Their flexibility, range of motion and efficient floor space utilization make them ideal automation partners for traditional CNC machines.

And most recently, CNC-controlled robots are beginning to perform some of the manufacturing operations previously reserved for more traditional CNC machines.

This presentation focuses on the integration of CNC and robotic technologies in aerospace manufacturing.  Topics covered include typical control architectures for various process needs, programming and synchronization.  Lastly, the importance of manufacturing process design using product lifecycle management (PLM) tools prepared for the integration and simulation of CNCs with robots is discussed.

Click here to view the Conference Details on the IMTS Website.

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Speaker Biography

Roger Hart is an Engineering Manager at Siemens Drive Technologies Motion Control R&D.
Roger has 29 years of experience in CNC architecture, design, and software engineering.
He has a BS in Math and Computer Science from Marietta College.


Please forward all inquiries to:

390 Kent Avenue
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
Phone: 847-640-1595
Fax: 847-437-0784
Web:  www.usa.siemens.com/cnc
Email:  SiemensMTBUMarCom.sea@siemens.com
Attention:  John Meyer, Manager, Marketing Communication

Follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/SiemensCNC or Twitter:  www.twitter.com/siemens_cnc_us.

Siemens Industry Sector is the world’s leading supplier of innovative and environmentally friendly products, solutions and services for industrial customers. With end-to-end automation technology and industrial software, solid vertical-market expertise, and technology-based services, the sector enhances its customers’ productivity, efficiency and flexibility. With a global workforce of more than 100,000 employees, the Industry Sector comprises the Industry Automation, Drive Technologies and Customer Services Divisions as well as the Metals Technologies Business Unit. For more information, visit http://www.usa.siemens.com/industry.

The Siemens Drive Technologies Division is the world’s leading supplier of products, systems, applications, solutions and services for the entire drive train, with electrical and mechanical components. Drive Technologies serves all vertical markets in the production and process industries as well as the infrastructure/energy segment. With its products and solutions, the division enables its customers to achieve productivity, energy efficiency and reliability. For more information, visit http://www.usa.siemens.com/drivetechnologies.

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